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aa pia ahaa ki (kutegemea kiimbo) ah!

aalam* kv (Mungu pekee) the most knowledgeable: Allahu ~ Almighty God, the most knowledgeable. (Kar)

aali* kv (vitu) superior, great; exalted: Haya ni mambo ~ these are great (exalted) things. (Kar)

aalimu* nm [a-/wa-] 1 educated man (in islamic knowledge). 2 scholar. kv having profound islamic knowledge. (Kar)

aathari* nm relic, ruins. (Kar)

abaa! ki hallo! hey!

abadani!* ki not at all, never: Hutakubaliwa ~ you will never be accepted. (Kar)

abadi* kl forever, eternity, always, permanently: Tatizo hili sasa ~ this is now a permanent problem. (Kar)

abakusi pia abaki nm [i-/zi-] abacus.

abedari* nm [i-/zi-] pulley used on dhows. (Kar)

abee! pia bee! ki (wanawake) word used in response to summons or address.

abir.i1* kt [ele] sail, navigate, travel. (tde) abiria, (tden) abiriana, (tdew) abiriwa; (tdk) abirika; (tds) abirisha. (Kar)

abir.i2* kt [ele] forecast; foretell; predict. (tde) abiria, (tdn) abiriana, (tdew) abiriwa; (tdk) abirika; (tds) abirisha. (Kar)

abir.i3* kt [sie] learn from experince or incidents. (tde) abiria; (tdk) abirika; (tds) abirisha. (Kar)

abiria* nm [a-/wa-] passenger: Gari moshi la ~ passenger train; Gari la ~ bus; Mizigo ya ~ passenger luggage. (Kar)

abjadi* nm [i-/zi-] alphabet: ~ za Kiswahili Swahili alphabet; ~ za Kirumi Roman alphabet. (Kar)

ablauti* nm [i-/zi-] ablaut. (Kng)

abra* nm [i-/zi-] chance, opportunity, spare time: Sina ~ I have no time; Sijapata ~ ya kuongea nao I haven't had an opportunity to talk to them. (Kar)

abtali* nm [wa-] heroes, heroin (us. of war). (Kar)

abu* nm [a-/wa-] father. (Kar)

abud.u1* kt [ele] 1 worship: ~ Mungu mmoja worship one God. 2 idolize. 3 adore, love: ~ kazi adore work; ~ usingizi adore sleep. (tde) abudia, tden) abudiana, (tdew) abudiwa; (tdk) abudika; (tds) abudisha. (Kar)

abudu2* nm [a-/wa-] toy. (Kar)

abunusi* nm [u-/i-] ebony: Samani za ~ ebony furniture. (Kar)

abunuwasi* nm [a-/wa-] cunning character in Arabic tales. (Kar)

aburani nm [i-/zi-] pledge.

abuwabu* nm [i-] doors: ~ iko wazi the doors are open. (Kar)

abwe! pia ebo! ki wow!

abyadhi1* kv white: Shati ~ a white shirt. (Kar)

abyadhi2* nm [i-] playing card or dice which has no number on it. (Kar)

ach.a1 kt 1 quit/stop doing sth, recant, desist: ~ ulevi quit/stop drinking; ~ kazi quit job; ~ kukohoa stop coughing. 2 leave behind: Wasafiri wame~ mizigo yao nyuma passengers left their luggage behind. 3 abandon, discontinue, neglect, chuck in, come away, discard, desert: Watu wame~ mashamba yao people have neglected their farms; Kuku ame~ watoto wake the hen has deserted her chicks; ~na naye leave him/her alone. 4 abdicate. 5 acquit, release, pardon: ~ mfungwa huru pardon a prisoner; ~ mshtakiwa huru acquit a defendant. 6 allow, let, permit, forgo, give leave: ~ apite allow him/her to pass; ~ apumzike let him/her rest. 7 separate from, divorce: Amemw~ mkewe he has divorced his wife. 8 leave sth somewhere: ~ kitabu mezani leave a book on a table; ~ ujumbe ofisini kwangu leave a message at my office; ~ posta upande wa kushoto leave the post office on your left hand side. 9 abjure. 10 break: ~ tabia mbaya break bad habits. 11 yield. (nh) ~ mkono die. (tde) achia; (tdk) achika; (tdn) achana; (tds) achisha; (tdw) achwa.

acha2! ki an expression of surprise and happiness: ~ we! good for you!

acham.a kt [ele] 1 open the mouth wide. 2 gape. (tde) achamia, (tden) achamiana; (tdk) achamika; (tds) achamisha;(tdw) achamwa.

achan.a kt [sie] 1 separate, divorce. 2 differ. (tde) achania; (tdk) achanika; (tds) achanisha.

achanish.a kt [ele] disengage (from), uncouple, unlock. (tde) achanishia; (tdk) achanishika; (tdn) achanishana; (tdw) achanishwa.

achano nm [i-/zi-] (hesabu) variant.

achari* nm [i-] chutney. (Khi)

ache! ki an expression of wishing sb happiness and prosperity especially during wedding, initiation rites etc. (ms) ~ wana good luck.

achi.a kt [ele] 1 bequeath, cave in, concede, leave, slip. 2 release from: ~ huru manumit. (tde) achilia; (tdk) achika; (tdn) achiana; (tds) achisha; (tdw) achiwa.

achik.a kt [sie] be divorced.(tde) achikia;(tdk)achikika;(tds) achikisha.

achili.a kt [ele] acquit, discharge, excuse from, exempt. (tde) achililia; (tdk) achilika; (tdn) achiliana; (tds) achilisha;(tdw) achiliwa.

achish.a kt [ele] stop sb from doing sth: ~ ziwa wean a child; ~ kazi terminate sb from employment.(tde) achishia; (tdk) achishika; (tdn) achishana; (tdw) achishwa.

achw.a kt [sie] be divorced.

ada* nm [i-/zi-] 1 fee; school fees, impost, levy, wharfage. 2 customary present or fee, rite given to certain people for their service in certain activities, ceremonies or rites e.g., initiation, funeral, wedding etc. (Kar)

adaa* nm [i-/zi-] (katika dini ya Kiislamu) prayer or fast observed as specified. (Kar)

adabu nm [i-/zi-] good manners, proper behaviour, courtesy, etiquette. (ms) Hana ~ he has no

manners; Fanya ~ behave; Tia ~ punish, teach good manners.

Adamu nm [a-/wa-] Adam.

adana* nm [i-/zi-] musical instrument resembling a piano. (Kar)

adapta nm [i-/zi-] adapter.

adeade nm [u-] bodily weakness.

adesi* nm [i-/zi-] pea, lentil. (Kar)

adha* nm [zi-] trouble, discomfort. (Kar)

adhabu* nm [i-/zi-] 1 punishment, penalty, retribution, chastisement, correction. 2 torment, persecution. (Kar)

adhama* nm [i-] greatness, glory, majesty, honour, exaltation: Ilikuwa ni ~ kutembelewa na Rais it was a glory to be visited by the President. (Kar)

adhana1* nm [i-] Muslim’s call to prayer made by the muezzin. (Kar)

adharusi* nm [i-] 1 fighting, skirmish. 2 battle, war. (Kar)

adhib.u* kt [ele] 1 punish, correct, chastise. 2 persecute, torment. (tde) adhibia, (tden) adhibiana, (tdew) adhibiwa; (tdk) adhibika; (tds) adhibisha. (Kar)

adhifari* nm [i-/zi-] 1 perspiration of the armpit. 2 bad body odour. (Kar)

adhimish.a* kt [ele] 1 celebrate; commemorate. 2 glorify. (tde) adhimishia, (tden) adhimishiana; (tdk) adhimishika; (tdw) adhimishwa. (Kar)

adhimu* kv brilliant, eminent, glorious: Amepewa makaribisho ~ he/she was given a glorious reception. (Kar)

adhin.i* kt [sie] call Moslems to public prayers. (tde) adhinia, (tden) adhiniana, (tdew) adhiniwa; (tdk) adhinika; (tds) adhinisha. (Kar)

adhini.a kt [ele] make a special prayer: ~ mtoto make a usual call to prayer to newly-born child (to bear witness that he/she is a Moslem). (tdk) adhinika; (tdn) adhiniana; (tds) adhinisha; (tdw) adhiniwa.

adhir.i* kt [ele] put somebody to shame; bring into disrepute; debase. (tde) adhiria, (tden) adhiriana, (tdew) adhiriwa; (tdk) adhirika; (tds) adhirisha. (Kar)

adhirik.a kt [sie] be ashamed/debased by doing or by being affected by sth unpleasant.

adhuhuri* nm [i-]noon, the period between noon and 2 p.m, meridian. (Kar)

ad.i* kt [ele] escort sb: ~ mgeni escort a visitor. (Kar)

adia* nm [i-/zi-] gift; present. (Kar)

adib.u1* kt [ele] chastise, teach manners to sb. (tde) adibia, (tden) adibiana, (tdew) adibiwa; (tdk) adibika; (tds) adibisha. (Kar)

adibu2* kv 1 decorous; good manners. 2 polite. (Kar)

adid.i* kt [ele] 1 count, enumerate. 2 prepare; make ready. (tde) adidia, (tden) adidiana, (tdew) adidiwa; (tdk) adidika; (tds) adidisha. (Kar)

adil.i1* kt [sie] be impartial/just /righteous, reason. (tde) adilia; (tdk) adilika; (tds) adilisha . (Kar)

adili2*kv impartial, just, righteous. (Kar)

-adilifu* kv impartial, scrupulous, upright, upstanding, moral (righteous). (Kar)

adilish.a kt [ele] elevate; moralize. (tde)adilishia; (tdn) adidlishana; (tdw)adilishwa.

adimik.a* kt [sie] be scarce, be rare. (Kar)

adimish.a* kt [ele] cause sth to be scarce or unobtainable. (tde) adimishia; (tdk) adimishika; (tdn) adimishana; (Kar)

adimu* kv scarce, rare, hard to come by: Chakula ni ~ food is scarce. (Kar)

adinasi* nm [a-/wa-] child of a noble birth. (Kar)

admeri* nm [a-/wa-] admiral. (Kar)

adrenalini* nm [i-/zi-] adrenalin. (Kng)

adu.a* kt [ele] 1 make an offering to the spirits. 2 prepare a charm against the effects of the evil eye. 3 remove. (tde) adulia, (tden) aduliana, (tdew) aduliwa; (tdk) aduka; (tds) adusha. (Kar)

adui* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 enemy, foe. 2 opponent in games such as boxing, football, netball etc. (Kar)

advansi* nm [i-/zi-] advance. (Kng)

afa* nm ma- [a-/wa-] ill-omened person who usually brings bad luck; calamity. (Kar)

afadhali* kl 1 rather, better, prefarably: ~ uje kesho you better come tomorrow; ~ usafiri kwa ndege you better travel by air. 2 (afya) better condition. (Kar)

afande1* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 respectful or formal address used by a soldier to his/her superior. 2 respectful or formal answer of a soldier to his/her superior's call. (Ktu)

afande2 nm ma- [a-/wa-] one addicted to sodomy.

afasia* nm [i-/zi-] aphasia. (Kng)

afik.i* kt [sie] agree with, concur, correspond to: Wajumbe wame~ pendekezo the members have agreed with the proposal. (tde) afikia, (tden) afikiana, (tdew) afikiwa; (tdk) afikika; (tds) afikisha. maafikiano nm. mwafaka nm. (Kar)

afikian.a kt [ele,sie] agree together, coincide, compromise, come to an agreement, consort, contract, be reconciled.

afisa* pia ofisa nm ma- [a-/wa-] officer. (Kng)

afkani1* nm [a-/wa-] idiot, moron. kv be mentally deficient: Ana akili ~ he is mentally deficient. (Kar)

afkani2* nm [u-] heart disease. (Kar)

Afrika nm [i-] Africa.

afrikanaizesheni nm [i-] africanization.

afriti* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 genie who is malignant to people. 2 evily disposed, wicked malevolent person. 3 cunning person; impostor, cheat. (Kar)

afu1* nm [ya-] blossoms of the wild jasmine used for perfume. (Kar)

af.u2* kt [ele] 1 save, deliver, pardon, cure. 2 ask for pardon, mercy or salvation from God. (tde) afulia, (tdek) afulika, (tdes) afulisha, (tdew) afuliwa; (tdn) afuana. (Kar)

afu3* nm ma- [u-] God's forgiveness. (Kar)

afua* nm [i-] good health. (Kar)

afueni* nm [i-] (kwa mgonjwa) recovery from illness. (Kar)

afwaji nm [li-] 1 group of people. 2 group of armed people; troop.

afya1* nm [i-/zi-] 1 health; sound condition. 2 strength. (Kar)

afya2! ki (kwa mpiga chafya) bless you! (ms) Kwa ~! cheers!

afya3! ki a word used by children to entice each other to do sth: ~ tukafagie uwanja let us go and sweep the court yard.

afyuni* nm [i-] opium. (Kar)

ag.a kt [ele] take leave of, say goodbye. (nh) ~ dunia die. (tde) agia; (tdk) agika; (tdn) agana; (tds) agisha;(tdw) agwa. agano nm.

aga.a kt [sie] 1 slip off, slip out of one's hands. 2 be split, be scattered. (tde) agalia, (tdek) agalika, (tdes) agalisha.

agan.a kt [sie] 1 make an agreement. 2 exchange farewells. (tde) agania; (tdk)aganika; (tds) aganisha.

agano nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 promise. 2 agreement, contract.

Agano Jipya nm [li-] New Testament.

Agano la Kale nm [li-] Old Testament.

aghalabu kl usually, more often, as a rule: Watu wanaofanya mazoezi, ~ huwa na afya njema people who exercise are usually in good health.

agi.a kt [sie] befit, agree with: Mpango ule haukutu~ that plan did not befit us.(tde) agia;(tdk)agika;(tds)agisha.

agiz.a kt [ele] 1 order, charge, enjoin, prescribe, commission. 2 direct, give instructions. 3 call upon. (tde) agizia; (tdk) agizika; (tdn) agizana; (tds) agizisha; (tdw) agizwa.

agizi.a kt [ele] 1 order on behalf; order sth. 2 give instructions to sb to do sth on your behalf. (tdk) agizika; (tdn) agiziana; (tds) agizisha; (tdw) agiziwa.

agizo nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 order, commission. 2 directive, rescript, instruction, ordinance.

ago1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] encampment, camp.

ago2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] thigh.

Agosti* nm August. (Kng)

agronomia* nm agronomy. (Kng)

agu.a kt [ele] 1 treat medically; attend a sick person. 2 treat magically to remove a spell or witchcraft. 3 predict, foretell, divine, interpret dreams. (tde) agulia. (tdek) agulika, (tdew) aguliwa; (tdn) aguana. mwaguzi nm. mwuguzi nm. uaguzi nm.

aguzi nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 predictions, prophesies. 2 interpretations of dreams, omen etc.

ah! ki an expression of showing being disturbed or annoyed.

ahadharu* nm [i-] green. (Kar)

ahadi1* nm [i-/zi-] promise, promises, pledge, oblige, commitment, gage, resolute. (ms) Toa ~ make a promise; Vunja ~ break a promise; Timiza ~ keep a promise. (Kar)

ahadi2 nm [i-/zi-] death.

ahali* nm [i-/zi-] 1 wife: ~ zangu my wives. 2 family, kindred, relatives, connexion. (Kar)

ahamaru** kv red: Mauti ~ (a) killing involving blood shed. (b) a shocking sudden death. (Kar)

ahera* nm [i-/zi-] 1 future life after death. 2 paradise. (Kar)

aheri* nm [i-/zi-] 1 end, last stage, finish. (ms) Toka awali hadi ~ from beginning to the end. 2 bargain price. (Kar)

ahid.i* kt [ele] promise, engage, ahir.i contract, undertake. (tde) ahidia, (tden) ahidiana, (tdew) ahidiwa; (tdk) ahidika. (Kar)

ahir.i kt [sie] procrastinate. (tde) ahiria; (tdk) ahirika; (tds) ahirisha.

ahirish.a* kt [ele] 1 postpone, adjourn, suspend, defer. 2 delay, cause to wait. 3 shunt. (tde) ahirishia, (tden) ahirishiana; (tdk) ahirishika; (tdw) ahirishwa. (Kar)

ahsante!* pia asante! ki thanks! thank you! (Kar)

ahueni* nm [i-] better condition after illness or hardships. (Kar)

aibik.a* kt [sie] be disgraced, be put to shame. (tde) aibikia; (tdk) aibikika.(Kar)

aibish.a* kt [ele] embarrass, humiliate, discredit, disgrace, mortify, put sb to shame. (tde) aibishia; (tdk) aibishika; (tdn) aibishana; (tdw) aibishwa.(Kar)

aibishan.a* kt [ele] put one another to shame. (Kar)

aibishwa* kt [sie] abash, be disgraced, be dishonoured. (Kar)

aibu* nm [i-/zi-] shame, reproach, scandal, obloquy, compunction, disgrace. (Kar)

aidha* ku further, moreover, then: wa~ and moreover, and so. (Kar)

aidini* nm [i-] iodine. (Kng)

aila* taz. ahali. (Kar)

ail.i1* kt [ele] blame, accuse; find guilty. (tde) ailia, (tden) ailiana, (tdew) ailiwa, (tdk) ailika; (tds) ailisha.(Kar)

aili2* nm blame, charge, guilt. (Kar)

aina nm [i-/zi-] brand, category, genre, kind, order.

ainish.a kt [ele] classify, name species, break: ~ matumizi break down expenditure. (tde) ainishia; (tdk) ainishika; (tdn) ainishana;(tdw) ainishwa.

airisi* nm [i-/zi-] iris. (Kng)

aisee*! ki hey!, gosh! (I say). (Kng)

ajaa nm [i-/zi-] wonder.

ajabi.a* kt [ele] wonder, be surprised: Si jambo la ku~ it is not sth to be surprised of. (tdk)

ajabika; (tdn) ajabiana; (tds) ajabisha; (tdw) ajabiwa. (Kar)

ajabu* nm ma- [i-/ya-] wonder, uncommon, strangeness, surprising, amazing: Ma~ ya dunia the wonders of the world; marvel; sth unusual. kv extraordinary, stupendous, wonderful: Mtu wa ~ a wonderful person. kl strangely, extraordinarily; too much: Jua ni kali ~ the sun is just too hot. (Kar)

ajali* nm [i-/zi-] accident, fate: ~ imemfika na amekufa he met his fate and died; Alifariki kwa ~ ya gari he died in a car accident.

ajemi* nm [i-/zi-] round flat bread. (Kar)

ajenda* nm [i-/zi-] agenda: Dondoo la kwanza la ~ the first item of the agenda. (Kng)

ajenti* nm ma- [a-/wa-] agent. (Kng)

ajibu* kv wonderful. kl wonderfully. (Kar)

ajih.i* kt [ele] visit. (tde) ajihia, (tden) ajihiana, (tdew) ajihiwa;(tdk) ajihika; (tds) ajihisha. (Kar)

ajila* nm [i-/zi-] urgency, haste, rush.

ajili1* nm [i-/zi-] reasons, cause, sake: Pigana kwa ~ ya haki fight in the cause of justice; Kwa ~ ya for the sake of, because of. (Kar)

ajil.i2* kt [sie] rush, hurry. (tde) ajilia; (tdk) ajilika;(tds) ajilisha.

ajinabi* nm [a-/wa-] 1 foreigner. 2 stranger. (Kar)

ajinabia* kv foreign, strange. (Kar)

ajira* nm [i-/zi-] employment, work. (Kar)

ajir.i* kt [ele] employ, hire, engage, retain. (tde) ajiri, (tden) ajiriana,(tdew)ajiriwa; (tdk) ajirika; (tds) ajirisha.

ajira nm. ujira nm. (Kar)

ajizi*1 nm [i-] negligence, slackness, laziness. kv negligent, lazy, slack: Fanya ~ be lazy. (Kar)

ajiz.i*2 kt [sie] be lazy or negligent. (tde) ajizia;(tdk) ajizika; (tds) ajizisha. (Kar)

ajimaina* nm [u-] all people. (Kar)

ajua nm [i-/zi-] chess game played on a board with two rows of holes in which pebbles are put.

ajuza* nm [a-/wa-] very old woman: ~ mkali sana harridan; ~ mtabiri sibyl. (Kar)

ajuadi kv famous, distinguished.

ak.a kt [ele] 1 build (with stones, bricks or mortar). 2 make a fence of trees or thorn shrubs. (tde) akia, (tdk) akika; (tds) akisha; (tdw) akwa.

aka! ki no way! never!

akademia* nm [i-/zi-] academy. (Kng)

akali* nm [i-/zi-] a few, a little: ~ ya vitu a few things. kl in short: Kwa ~ kazi hii itahitaji watu watatu in short this work needs three people.

akani.a1* kt [ele] lead a horse by the bridle. (tdk) akanika; (tdn) akaniana; (tds) akanisha; (tdw) akaniwa. (Kar)

akania2* nm [i-/zi-] bridle. (Kar)

akari* nm [i-] alcoholic drink. (Kar)

akaunti* nm [i-/zi-] account, reserve: ~ ya akiba savings account; ~ ya amana deposit account; ~ ya hundi current account; ~ ya malipo charge account; Aliiba fedha zote kutoka ~ ya shule she/he stole all the money from the school account. (Kng)

-ake kv his, her, hers, its. (possessive adjectival root for the third person singular): Mtoto w~ his/her child; Tawi 1~ limeanguka chini its branch has fallen down.

akhiyari* kv better, more beautiful. nm good people. (Kar)

aki.a* kt [ele] swallow without chewing. (tde) akilia; (tdk) akika; (tds) akisha; (tdw) akiwa. (Kar)

akiba* nm [i-/zi-] savings, hoard, stock, supply, reserve: ~ ya chakula food reserve; Jeshi la ~ reserve army; Weka ~ make a saving. (Kar)

akida* nm ma- [a-/wa-] (zamani) 1 head of an army. 2 headman during colonial administration; messenger. (Kar)

akidi1* nm [i-/zi-] marriage ceremony: Funga ~ perform a marriage ceremony. (Kar)

akid.i2* kt [sie] 1 be enough (for), suffice for. 2 falsify, forge, fabricate. 3 complete, finish. (tde) akidia; (tdk) akidika; (tds) akidisha. (Kar)

akidi3* nm [i-/zi-] quorum. (Kar)

akidu* nm ma- [a-/wa-] contractor. (Kar)

akifi.a* kt [ele] entrust with. (tdk) akifika; (tdn) akifiana; (tds) akifisha; (tdw) akifiwa. (Kar)

akifish.a* kt [ele] prohibit, forbid. (tde) akifishia; (tdk) akifishika; (tdn) akifishana; (tdw) akifishwa. (Kar)

akika* nm 1 feast made during the first hair cutting of a child usually when it is eight days old. (Kar)

akiki1* nm [i-/zi-] prayer said at a funeral service of a child who died before his/her first hair cut. (Kar)

akiki2* nm [i-/zi-] ruby, cornelian. (Kar)

akiki3* nm [i-/zi-] gully.(Kar)

akili* nm [i-/zi-] intelligence, intellect, nous, reason, resource, wit, brain, ingenuity: ~ taahira mental retardation; ~ timamu sane. (Kar)

akina* nm [wa-] group of people of similar status, sex, interest etc.: ~ mama women; ~ baba men; ~ yakhe common people; ~ sisi the like of us, we. (Kar)

akiolojia* nm [i-/zi-] archaeology. (Kng)

akis.i kt [ele] 1 reflect, reverbarate: Maji ya bwawa yali~ nyumba na miti iliyoizunguka the water of the dam reflected the houses and trees surrounding it. 2 signal, symbolize sth or tell sth: Ukimya wake una~ jambo zito lililompata his/her silence symbolizes sth bad that befell him/her. (tde) akisia, (tden) akisiana, (tdew) akisiwa; (tdk) akisika; (tds) akisisha.-ako kv your (possessive adjectival akraba root for the second person singular): Mke w~ your wife; Shamba l~ your farm; Matunda ya~ your fruits; Chakula ch~ your food.

akraba* nm [a-/wa-] relatives. (Kar)

akrabu* nm [i-/zi-] 1 hand of a clock. 2 scorpion. 3 one of the four directions of a compass: ~ magharibi western direction; ~ mashariki eastern direction. (Kar)

akrama* kv respectful, respectable, honourable. (Kar)

akronimi* nm [i-/zi-] acronymy. (Kng)

akselereta* nm [i-/zi-] accelerator. (Kng)

akthari* nm [i-/zi-] 1 plenty. 2 gathering. (Kar)

aku.a kt [ele] 1 invade, assault, jump suddenly into sth. 2 bluster, affront, attack sb verbally.

akwami nm [i-] groups of people; big crowd of people.

ala1* kt [i-/zi-] sheath, scabbard: ~ ya kisu a knife's sheath. (Kar)

ala2* nm [i-/zi-] 1 tool: ~ za seremala cerpenter’s tools. 2 instrument: ~ za muziki musical

instruments; ~saidizi accompaniment. (Kar)

ala3!* ki oh! (Kar)

alaa1! ki oh!, I see (perceive (sth) with the mind),(understand (sth).

alaa2! kl (ms) ~ kulihali by all means.

ala ala* pia halahala kl 1 (katika kusisitiza jambo) don't miss (to attend), don't forget: ~ na maagizo yangu don't forget my requests/instructions. 2 carefully, cautiously; immediately: ~ na jirani handle your neighbour carefully/ cautiously; Fanya ~ do immediately.

alama* nm [i-/zi-] 1 sign, token, mark, clue, stamp, trace. 2 index: Tia ~ put a mark; ~ ya cheo a sign of one's rank e.g. a badge, a bar etc. 3 marks: Alipata ~ nzuri he got good marks. 4 seal. 5 smudge, speck, splotch. 6 stigma. 7



vestige. (Kar)

alamina nm [wa-] all creatures: (ms)

Rabbil ~ God of all creatures.

alamsiki* ki (kwa usiku) goodbye, goodnight. (Kar)

alamu* nm [i-/zi-] alarm, a warning sound or signal. (Kar)

alasiri* nm [i-] 1 late afternoon. 2 (Waislamu) late afternoon prayer. (Kar)

aleikum* ku to you all: Salaam ~ Greeting to you all, peace be with you. (Kar)

aleluya!* pia haleluya nm, ki alleluia, (Wakristo) praise to God: ~ Kristo amefufuka alleluia Christ is resurrected.

albino* nm ma- [a-/wa-] albino. (Kng)

albamu* nm [i-/zi-] albam. (Kng)

alfa* nm [i-] alpha (the beginning of something): ~ na Omega Alpha and Omega. (Kla)

alfaalfa* nm [i-/zi-] alfalfa. (Kng)

alfabeti* [i-/zi-] alphabet, ABC, abc. (Kng)

alfafa* nm [i-/zi-] bandage tied to a circumcised penis. (Kar)

alfajiri* nm [i-] 1 dawn, early

morning cock crow. 2 (Waislamu) early morning prayer. (Kar)

alfa nm [i-/zi-] alpha.

alhaji* pia haji nm [a-] hadji or hajji (pilgrim title for one who has been to Mecca). (Kar)

Alhamdulilahi* nm [a-] (Waislamu) Praise be to God. (Kar)

Alhamisi* nm [i-/zi-] Thursday. (Kar)

alhasili* ki in short: Harusi ile ilikuwa na vyakula na vinywaji vingi, muziki, madansa, wapiga tarumbeta n.k. ~ kulikuwa na raha tupu the wedding had a lot of food and drinks, music, dancers, trumpeters etc. in short it was utter comfort. (Kar)

ali1 nm children or grand children.

ali2 kv 1 beautiful, handsome. 2 honourable.

ali.a kt [ele] 1 put marks on the body usu by flogging. 2 dry fish in the sun or by smoking. 3 arrange fish in alif.u


a small pot.

alifu* nm [i-] first letter of the Arabic

alphabet. (Kar)

alif.u* kt [ele] write a book. (tde) alifia, (tden) alifiana, (tdew)alifiwa; (tdk) alifika; (tds) alifisha. (Kar)

alik.a1 kt [sie] explode. (tde) alikia, (tden) alikiana; (tdk) alikika; (tds) alikisha; (tdw) alikwa.

alik.a2 kt [ele] 1 invite, bid: Wageni walio~wa the invited guests. 2 advertise. (tde) alikia; (tdk) alikika; (tdn) alikana; (tds) alikisha; (tdw) alikwa. mwaliko nm. mwalishi nm.

alik.a3 kt [ele] 1 seclude sb: ~ mwari keep a maiden in seclusion; ~ msichana au mvulana seclude a girl or boy especially during initiation period. nm a young man/woman who has undergone initiation rites. (tde) alikia; (tdn) alikana; (tdk) alikika; (tds) alikisha; (tdw) alikwa.

alika 4 nm [a-/wa-]youngman /woman who has undergone initiation rites.

alikali nm [i-/zi-] bandage tied to a circumcised penis.

alik.i* kt [ele] hang sth, suspend. (tde) alikia; (tdn) alikiana; (tdk) alikika; (tds) alikisha; (tdw) alikwa. (Kar)

alimradi* pia ilimradi ku provided, so long as: Nitakukopesha ~ utaahidi kunilipa mwisho wa mwezi I'll lend you provided you promise to pay me by the end of the month. (Kar)

alimu* nm [a-/wa-] well educated and experienced person. (Kar)

alish.a kt [ele] crack, make an explosive sound, cause a crack. (tde) alishia; (tdk) alishika; (tdw) alishwa.

alizarini nm [i-/zi-] alizarin.

alizeti nm [i-] sunflower plant or seed.

aljebra* nm [i-/zi-] algebra. (Kar)

alkemia* nm [i-/zi-] alchemy.(Kng)

Allah* nm [a-] (Waislam) God: ~ u akbar God is great. (Kar)

Allahuma!* ki Oh God! (Kar)

almari* nm [i-/zi-] chest of drawers, commode. (Kar)

almaria* nm [i-/zi-] braid, embroidery of a hem. (Krn)

almasi* nm [i-/zi-] diamond. (Kar)

alofoni* nm [i-/zi-] (isimu) allophone. (Kng)

aloi* nm [i-/zi-] alloy. (Kng)

alomofu* nm [i-/zi-] allomorph. (Kng)

alpu* nm [i-/zi-] alp. (Kng)

altaneta* nm [i-/zi-] alternator. (Kng)

altare* nm [i-/zi-] altar. (Kng)

altimeta* nm [i-/zi-] altimeter. (Kng)

alumini* nm [i-/zi-] (kemia) aluminium. (Kng)

aluminiamu* nm [i-/zi-] aluminium. (Kng)

alumnasi* nm [a-/zi-] alumnus. (Kla)

alwatani nm [a-/wa-] townsman.

ama1 ku or: ~ sivyo? isn't it?

ama2! ki an expression of surprise.

am.a3 kt [ele] attach, affix. (tde) amia, (tden) amiana; (tdk) amika; (tds) amisha; (tdw) amwa.

ama.a kt [sie](kwa nguo mbichi) be dry: Shati lililolowa lime~ the wet shirt is dry. (tde) amalia; (tdk) amaka; (tds) amasha.

amagedoni* nm [i-/zi-] armageddon. (Kng)

amali1 nm [i-/zi-] charm, witchcraft, sorcery.

amali2* nm [i-/zi-] work, act, career, habit. (Kar)

amana1* nm [i-/zi-] pledge, deposit, gage, trust, security: Weka ~ put in pawn. (Kar)

amana2* nm [i-/zi-] precious thing. (Kar)

amani* nm [i-/zi-] peace. (Kar)

amani.a* kt [ele] expect. (tde) amanilia; (tdk) amanika; (tdn) amaniana; (tds) ananisha; (tdw) amaniwa. (Kar)

amari nm [i-/zi-] hawser, anchor rope/cable.

amb.a1 kt [ele ] 1 say, explain, talk: Wa~je? what do you say? 2 slander, abuse, speak ill of sb. (tde) ambia, (tden) ambiana; (tdk) ambika; (tds)ambisha; (tdw) ambwa.

amba2 kl may be, perhaps: ~ atanunua gari maybe he'll buy a car.

amba3 ki exactly, that's right.

amba-4 kv relative stem denoting who, which, where.

amba.a kt [sie] vamoose, skirt past, pass near: ~ huko! get lost. (tde) ambalia; (tdk) ambaka; (tdw) ambaza. mwambao nm.

ambacho nm ambavyo [ki-/vi-] which: Kitabu ~ amekipoteza the book which he lost.

ambao nm ambayo [u-/i-] which: Mti ~ umeanguka the tree which fell.

ambalo nm ambayo [li-/ya-] which: Kasha ~ amechukua the box which he took.

ambao nm ambazo [u-/zi-] which: Wimbo ~ anaimba the song which he is singing.

ambapo nm [pa-] where (specific position): Mahali ~ anaishi where he lives.

ambako nm [ku-] where (general position) Mahali ~ anajenga where she/he is building.

ambamo nm [mu-] where (inside position) Nyumba ~ anaishi the house in which she lives.

ambaye nm ambao [a-/wa-] who: Mtoto ~ analia the child who is crying.

ambari* nm [i-/zi-] ambergris. (Kar)

ambat.a kt [ele] stick sth together, attach together. (tde) ambatia; (tdk) ambatika; (tdn) ambatana; (tds) ambatisha; (tdw) ambatwa. kiambato nm.

ambatana kt [sie] cohere, stick together. (tde) ambatania; (tdk) ambatanika; (tds) ambatanisha.

ambatani nm [i-/zi-] compound, concomitant.

ambatish.a kt [ele] 1 (sarufi) bind, subjoin. 2 attach: ~ risiti zako attach your receipts. (tde) amfetamini ambatishia; (tdk) ambatishika; (tdn) ambatishana; (tdw) ambatishwa. kiambatisho nm.

ambi.a kt [ele] tell sb sth. 2 bid: Fanya unavyoambiwa do as you are bidden.(tde) ambilia; (tdk) ambika; (tdn) ambiana; (tdw) ambiwa.

ambik.a1 kt [ele] 1 make a fish trap by using reeds or nets. 2 put a bait on a fishing line. 3 soak in water. (tde) ambikia, (tden) ambikiana; (tdk) ambikika; (tdn) ambikana; (tds) ambikisha; (tdw) ambikwa.

ambik.a2 kt [ele] meddle into other people's affairs. (nh) Kaji~ ushehe asiokuwa nao he pretends to be what he is not. (tde) ambikia, (tden) ambikiana; (tdk) ambikika; (tdn) ambikana; (tds) ambikisha; (tdw) ambikwa.

ambilik.a kt [sie] be advisable.

ambish.a kt [ele] 1 (sarufi) affix : ~ mwisho suffix. 2 put a boat alongside another. (tde) ambishia, (tden) ambishiana; (tdk) ambishika; (tdw) ambishwa.

ambizan.a kt [sie] confer (with sb) (on/ about sth).

ambo1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] gum, glue, any sticky substance.

ambo2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] contagious disease.

ambrosi* nm [i-/zi-] ambrosia. (Kng)

ambu.a kt [ele] peel off, shed, decorticate; slough off: ~ gome peel off the bark; ~ ngozi shed skin. 2 profit from something: Safari hii haku~ kitu he didn't profit this time. (tde) ambulia; (tdk) ambuka; (tdn) ambuana; (tds) ambusha; (tdw) ambuliwa.

ambukiz.a kt [ele] 1 infect: Ugonjwa wa ku~ infectious disease. 2 affect sb's behaviour. (tde) ambukizia; (tdk) ambukizika; (tdn) ambukizana; (tdw) ambukizwa. ambukizo nm.

amdelahane nm [i-/zi-] soft silk.

ameta* nm [i-/zi-] ammeter. (Kng)

amfetamini* [i-/zi-] amphetamine. (Kng)

amfibia* nm [i-/zi-] amphibia. (Kla)

ami pia amu nm [a-/wa-] paternal uncle. (Kar)

ami.a* kt [ele] chase away, drive off (birds, pests from a farm). (tde) amilia; (tdk) amika; (tdn) amiana; (tds) amisha; (tdw) amiwa. (Kar)

amiba* nm [a-/wa-] amoeba. (Kla)

amid.i kt [ele] 1 make decision, decide. 2 depend on. (tde) amidia, (tden)amidiana,(tdew) amidiwa;(tdk) amidika; (tds) amidisha.

amikto nm [i-/zi-] amice. (Kla)

amil.i* kt [sie] 1 realize, know. 2 manage, bring about, make. 3 work. (tde) amilia, (tden) amiliana, (tdew) amiliwa; (tdk) amilika; (tds) amilisha; (Kar)

amin!* pia amina! kl amen, so be it. (Kar)

amin.i*1 kt [ele] 1 believe. 2 trust, have faith in, put confidence in; entrust. 3 imagine. (tde) aminia, (tden) aminiana, (tdew) aminiwa; (tdk) aminika; (tds) aminisha.

amini2* nm [a-/wa-] sworn friend /relative: Kaka wa ~ a sworn brother. (Kar)

aminifu* kv upright, trustworthy, clean, loyal, straight. mwaminifu nm. (Kar)

aminish.a kt [ele] 1 entrust to/with, commit to the care of. 2 brave through. (tde) aminishia; (tdk)

aminishika; (tdn) aminishana; (tdw) aminishwa.

amir.i1* kt [ele] begin a thing: ~ shule begin a new school. (tde) amiria, (tden) amiriana, (tdew) amiriwa; (tdk) amirika; (tds) amirisha. (Kar)

amiri2* nm ma- [a-/wa-] commander: ~ jeshi mkuu commander-in-chief. (Kar)

amirik.a kt [sie] be firm, be stable. (tde) amirikia; (tdk) amirikika; (tds) amirikisha.

amirish.a kt [ele] make strong, cause to flourish. (tde) amirishia; (tdk) amirishika; (tdn) amirishana; (tdw) amirishwa.

amis.a kt [ele] confine a girl at her first monthly period. (tde) amisia; (tdk) amisika; (tdn) amisana; (tds) amisisha; (tdw) amiswa.

amk.a kt [sie] 1 wake up,get up; be awake. 2 regain consciousness, be alert. 3 be aware. 4 rise. (tde) amkia. (tdk) amkika.

amki.a1 kt [ele] greet, accost, salute. (tdn) amkiana; (tdw) amkiwa.

amki.a2 nm [i-] come before: aliwasili usiku wa ku~ jana she/he arrived the night before yesterday.

amonia* nm [i-] ammonia. (Kng)

ampere* pia ampea nm [i-/zi-] ampere. (Kng)

amplifaya nm [i-/zi-] amplifier.

amrawi nm [i-/zi-] tripping line.

amri nm [i-/zi-] 1 command, order, ordinance, directive, edict. 2 authority, rule: ~ ya serikali statute. (Kar)

amrish.a kt [ele] give orders; command. (tde) amrishia; (tdn) amrishana; (tdk) amrishika; (tdw) amrishwa.

amsh.a kt [ele] 1 awaken sb. 2 arouse, enkindle, rouse, stimulate activate, vivify. chamshakinywa nm.

amu* taz. ami. (Kar)

amu.a kt [ele] 1 decide, judge, resolve. 2 end a dispute, stop a quarrel. (tde) amulia, (tden)

amuliana, (tdew) amuliwa; (tdk) mulika. mwamuzi mn. uamuzi nm.

amuali nm [i-] plenty of wealth.

amur.u* kt [ele] command, order, charge, enjoin, prescribe, direct. (tde) amuria, (tden) amuriana, (tdew) amuriwa; (tdk) amurika; (tds) amurisha. amri nm. (Kar)

amz.a kt [ele] greet sb in the morning. (tde) amzia; (tdk) amzika; (tdn) amzana; (tds) amzisha; (tdw) amzwa.

ana nm (ms) ~ kwa ~ face to face.

anagramu* nm [i-/zi-] anagram. (Kng)

analojia* nm [i-/zi-] analogy. (Kng)

anana1 kv soft, gentle: Upepo mw~ gentle breeze.

anana2 nm [i-/zi-] one sixteenth of a rupee. (Khi)

anamometa* nm [i-/zi-] anemometer. (Kng)

anasa* nm [i-/zi-] 1 pleasure, enjoyment, sensuality. 2 luxury. (Kar)

anatomia* nm [i-/zi-] anatomy. (Kng)

anda.a kt [ele] cater, provide, prepare, brew, put in order. (tde) andalia, (tdek) andalika, (tden) andaliana, (tdes) andalisha, (tdew) andaliwa. mwandalizi nm. uandaaji nm.

andam.a kt [ele] 1 succeed, follow: Mtoto anam~ mama yake kila mahali the child follows his mother every where. 2 begin: Mwezi wa pili ume~ the second month has begun. 3 pester, disturb: Malaria yanamw~ sana he is often pestered by malaria. (tde) andamia; (tdk) andamika; (tdn) andamana; (tds) andamisha; (tdw) andamwa.

andaman.a kt [ele] demonstrate; go in procession. (tde) andamania; (tdk) andamanika; (tds) andamanisha. maandamano nm. uandamaji nm. mwandamizi nm. uandamizi nm.

andamizi kv senior: Hakimu mw~ senior magistrate.

andazi nm ma- [li-/ya-] bun, doughnut, fried round sweet bread.

andik.a1 kt [ele] write, pen, chronicle, inscribe, jot sth down. (tde) andikia; (tdk) andikika; (tdn) andikana; (tds) andikisha. (tdw) andikwa. andishi kv. mwandishi nm. mwandiko nm. uandikaji nm. maandishi nm.

andik.a2 kt [ele] lay table for a meal. (tde) andikia, (tden) andikiana; (tdk) andikika; (tds) andikisha; (tdw) andikwa.

andika3 ~ tashtiti satirize.

andikish.a kt [ele] enrol, register; recruit: ~ uraia naturalize. (tde) andikishia; (tdk) andikishika; (tdn)

andikishana; (tdw) andikishwa.

andishi kv written: Fasihi ~ written literature.

andis.i1 kt [ele] think a lot. 2 direct, show how to do sth. (tde) andisia, (tden) andisiana, (tdew) andisiwa; (tdk) andisika; (tds) andisisha. mwandisi nm.

andis.i2 kt [sie] relax, enjoy. (tde) andisia; (tdk) andisika; (tds) andisisha.

androjeni* nm [i-/zi-] androgen. (Kng)

anemia* nm anaemia. (Kng)

anerobi* nm [i-/zi-] anaerobe. (Kng)

anga1 nm [i-/zi-] 1 sky: ~ la samawati blue sky. 2 the heavens.

ang.a2 kt [sie] 1 float, levitate, fly. 2 practise witchcraft at night. (tde) angia, (tden) angiana; (tdk) angika; (tds) angisha.

anga3 kt [ele] count: ~ fedha count money. (tde) angia, (tden) angiana; (tdk) angika; (tds) angisha; (tdw) angwa.

ang.a4 kt [sie] (katika vyombo vya majini) keep guard, anchor. (tde) angia; (tdk) angika; (tds) angisha.

angaang.a kt [ele] examine, observe.

angalau pia angalao ku although, even though.

angali.a kt [ele] 1 look (at), view. 2 pay attention (to), think, take thought for. 3 be careful, beware. 4 regard, take care of, review, take special note (of), tend: ~ kwa makini nota bene. (tde) angalilia; (tdk) angalika; (tdn) angaliana; (tds) angaliza; (tdw) angaliwa. angalifu kv. mwangalizi nm.

angalifu kv accurate, canny, careful, crupulous, cautious, circumspect, observant, careful, attentive.

angalili.a kt [sie] consult a soothsayer. (tdn) angaliliana; (tdk) angalilika; (tds) angalilisha.

angam.a kt [sie] be in mid-air, levitate, be suspended: Tiara yake ime~ angani his kite is suspended in mid-air. (tde) angamia; angamika; (tds) angamisha.

angami.a kt [sie] sink; be destroyed, perish: Watu wali~ baharini people perished in the sea. (tde) angamilia; (tdk) angamika; (tds) angamiza.

angas.a kt [ele] 1 hold sth back, push back. 2 chase, drive out. (tde)

angasia, (tden) angasiana; (tdk) angasika; (tds) angasisha; (tdw) angaswa.

angati.a kt [ele] carry shoulder high. (tdk) angatika; (tdn) angatiana; (tds) angatisha; (tdw) angatiwa.

angavu kv 1 transparent, limpid, lucent, pellucid, clear (as water), fine. 2 clever, quick witted, enlightened. 3 bright, luminous, shining, blaze.

angaz.a kt [ele] 1 give light, illuminate, irradiate, shine: Mwezi hu~ usiku the moon shines at night. 2 fix attention on, look intently (at): ~ macho fix eyes on sth. 3 remain awake and keep watch at night. 4 enlighten, throw light on, instruct. (tde) angazia, (tden) angaziana; (tdk) angazika; (tdn) angazana; (tdw) angazwa. mwangaza nm.

ange kl carefully, ready: Kaa ~ be careful; watch out.

angem.a kt [sie] despair. (tde) angemea; (tdk) angemeka; (tds) angemesha.

angik.a kt [ele] hang, suspend esp. against a wall, tree etc. (tde)

angikia, (tden) angikiana; (tdk) angikika; (tdw) angikwa. mwangiko nm.

anglikana nm anglican. (Kng)

-angu kv my, mine; possessive adjectival root for the first person singular: Kitabu ch~ my book; Nyumba hii ni y~ this house is mine.

angu.a kt [ele] 1 knock down, throw down. 2 hatch out: ~ mayai hatch out eggs. 3 reduce the size of sth by chopping off the top. (nh) (i) ~ kilio cry suddenly and loudly, burst out in tears. (2) ~ kicheko laugh loudly. (tde) angulia, (tdek)

angulika, (tden) anguliana, (tdes) angulisha, (tdew) anguliwa.

anguk.a kt [sie] 1 come down, fall down, drop, crash. 2 lose in a business. 3 fail: Ame~ mitihani yake he failed his examinations. (tde) angukia, (tden) angukiana, (tdew) angukiwa; (tdk) angukika. anguko nm.

anguki.a kt [ele] 1 fall into/on/ onto. 2 beg for forgiveness, plead. (tdn) angukiana; (tdw) angukiwa.

angus.a kt [sie] make haste, hurry, do sth fast. (tde) angusia, (tden) angusiana; (tdk) angusika; (tds) angusisha.

angush.a kt [ele] 1 drop. 2 topple, precipitate, spill, tumble, overbalance, overthrow esp a govemment or a ruler. 3 (ms) let sb down: Umeni~ sana leo you've really let me down today. (tde) angushia; (tdk) angushika; (tdn) angushana; (tdw) angushwa.

anik.a kt [ele] put out to dry, expose to the sun or air: ~ nguo zako hang out your clothes to dry. (tde) anikia, (tden) anikiana; (tdk) anikika; (tds) anikisha; (tdw) anikwa.

anis.i1* kt [sie] gratify, give pleasure to, indulge (in). (tde) anisia, (tden) anisiana, (tdew) anisiwa ;(tdk) anisika; (tds) anisisha. (Kar)

anisi2 kv luxurious; pleasing. (Kar)

anjali nm [i-/zi-] waist belt.

anjaz.a kt [ele] extend, expand, spread. (tde) anjazia; (tdk) anjazika; (tds) anjazisha; (tdw) anjazwa.

ankra nm [i-/zi-] invoice, bill of sale.

ansari nm [a-/wa-] humanitarian.

Antaktiki* nm [i-] Antarctic. (Kng)

antena* nm [i-/zi-] antenna. (Kng)

anthropolojia* nm [i-/zi-] anthropology. (Kng)

antifona* nm [i-/zi-] antiphon. (Kng)

antijeni* nm [i-/zi-] antigen. (Kng)

antiseptiki* nm [i-/zi-] antiseptic. (Kng)

antitoksini* nm [i-/zi-] antitoxin. (Kng)

anu.a kt [ele] take out of the sun, air, rain. (tde) anulia, (tden) anuliana, (tdew) anuliwa; (tdk) anuka; (tds) anusha.

anuk.a kt [sie] stop raining, clear up: Sasa kume~ it has stopped raining and it is clear again.

anuai* kv various. (Kar)

anwani* nm [i-/zi-] address (of a letter): Nipatie ~ yako give me your address. (Kar)

anz.a kt [ele] start, begin, initiate, launch, commence: ~ kuimba start singing; ~ na begin with. (tde) anzia; (tdk) anzika; (tdn) anzana; (tds) anzisha; (tdw) anzwa. mwanzo nm. mwanzilishi nm.

anzali* nm [a-/wa-] good for nothing, a despised person. (Kar)

anzi.a kt [sie] emanate.

anzish.a kt [ele] actuate, begin, commence, constitute, establish, initiate. (tde) anzishia; (tdk) anzishika; (tdw) anzishwa.

-ao kv their, theirs (possessive adjectival root for the third person plural): Mtoto w~ their child; Kitabu hiki ni ch~ this book is theirs.

aorta* nm [i-/zi-] aorta . (Kng)

ap.a kt [sie] swear, take an oath. (tde) apia, (tden) apiana; (tdk) apika; (tds) apisha.

apish.a kt [ele] administer an oath. (tde) apishia; (tdk) apishika; (tdn) apishana; (tdw) apishwa.

apiz.a kt [ele] curse, damn, imprecate, execrate. (tde) apizia; (tdk) apizika; (tdn) apizana; (tdw) apizwa.

apizo nm ma- [li-/ya-] curse, imprecation.

apostrofi* nm ma- [li-/ya-] apostrophe. (Kng)

aprikoti* nm ma- [li-/ya-] apricot. (Kng)

Aprili* nm [u-/i-] April. (Kng)

aproni* nm [i-/zi-] apron. (Kng)

apu.a* kt [ele] 1 break an oath. 2 retract an oath: Kuapa na ku~ vowing and then retracting the oath.

araka* nm [i-/zi-] arrack, a distilled liquor usually from aniseed drunk in the Middle East.

araknida* nm [i-/zi-] arachid. (Kng)

arbuni* nm [i-/zi-] down payment, deposit. (Kar)

ardhi* nm [i-/zi-] land; soil. (Kar)

ardhia* nm [i-/zi-] wharfage, port tax. (Kar)

ardhilhali nm [i-/zi-] 1 application. 2 resolutions.

ari* nm [i-/zi-] zeal, ethusiasm, eagerness, initiative, spirit. (Kar)

aria nm [i-/zi-] part of something; bunch.

ardha nm [i-/zi-] job application.

aridh.i1* kt [ele] annoy or disturb. (tde) aridhia, (tden) aridhiana, (tdew) aridhiwa; (tdk) aridhika; (tds) aridhisha. (Kar)

aridhi.a kt [ele] state. (tde) aridhilia; (tdk) aridhika; (tdn) aridhiana; (tds) aridhisha; (tdw) aridhiwa.

arifi.a kt [sie] bid (cards). (tde) arifilia; (tdk) arifika; (tds) arifisha.

arif.u* kt [ele] inform, tell, declare, explain, notice, predicate. (tde) arifia, (tden) arifiana, (tdew) arifiwa; (tdk) arifika, muarifu nm. (Kar)

arifiwa* kv well informed: Mtu ~ a well informed person. (Kar)

arihami* nm [a-/wa-] maternal relative. (Kar)

arijojo kl go astray, out of control, aimlessly.

ariki nm [i-/zi-] essence.

Arkadia nm [i-/zi-] Arcadia. (Kng)

armada* nm [i-/zi-] armada. (Kng)

armadilo* nm [i-/zi-] armadillo. (Kng)

arshi1* nm [i-/zi-] compensation for causing somebody to bleed. (Kar)

arshi2* nm [i-/zi-] 1 Gods' throne. 2 throne of the ruler. (Kar)

aruba* kv [i-/zi-] four. (Kar)

arubaini* nm [i-/zi-] 1 forty. 2 period of forty days after a woman has given birth. 3 commemoration held within forty days after somebody's death. (Kar)

arubatashara* nm [i-/zi-] fourteen. (Kar)

arubaishirini* nm [i-/zi-] twenty four. (Kar)

arubii nm [i-/zi-] fast, quick, rapid: Mwendo wa ~ fast speed.

arufu nm [i-/zi-] mane.

arudhi nm [i-/zi-] prosody.

arusi* pia harusi nm [i-/zi-] nuptials, wedding ceremony. (Kar)

arzaki* nm [i-] plenty of fortune. (Kar)

as.a1* kt [ele] warn, forbid. (tde) asia; (tdk) asika; (tdn) asana; (tds) asisha; (tdw) aswa. (Kar)

asa2 nm [i-/zi-] staff, walking stick.

asaa* ku (hutumika kuonyesha matumaini) may be, in case: ~ Mungu akinijalia if God grants me. (Kar)

asadi nm [a-/wa-] 1 lion. 2 hero/ heroine.

asali* nm [i-/zi-] honey: ~ ya miwa sugarcane syrup; ~ ya nyuki bee honey. (Kar)

asante!* ki thank you: ~ sana thank you very much. (Kar)

asasi1 nm [i-/zi-] the begining, or the essence of something.

asasi2 nm [i-/zi-] institution.

asbesto* nm [i-/zi-] asbestos. (Kng)

asfari kv yellow.

ashakum* pia hashakum ki word used before mentioning something vulgar or shameful. (Kar)

ashara* nm ten. (Kar)

asherati* nm [a-/wa-] prostitute. (Kar)

ashik.i1* kt [ele] have a passion for something (usu in the sexual sense), be enamoured of/with, be in love with. (tde) ashikia, (tden) ashikiana, (tdew) ashikiwa; (tdk) ashikika; (tds) ashikisha. (Kar)

ashiki2* nm ma- [a-/wa-] concupiscence, libido, strong desire, affection, fondness: ~ wa mpira football fanatic: Fulani ni ~ wa senema so and so likes movies very much. (Kar)

ashirafu* kv exalted, grand, glorious. (Kar)

ashiri.a* kt [ele] 1 signal to, make a sign, semaphore, gesticulate, spell, indicate by sign. 2 betoken: ~ kwa kugusa nudge. (tdk) ashirika; (tdn) ashiriana; (tds) ashirisha; (tdw)

ashiriwa. (Kar)

ashikirimu* nm [i-/zi-] ice cream. (Kng)

ashiya nm [i-/zi-] sunset, evening: Mfukize bukrata wa ~ light his evening incense.

ashukuri* nm plural for sahari.

as.i* kt [ele] 1 rebel, defy, infringe, insubordinate, recusant, renegade, revolt, kick over the traces, resist an order, disobey, betray, defect, fail to carry out instructions. 2 bolshy. (tde) asia; (tdn) asiana; (tdk) asika; (tds) asisha; (tdw) asiwa. maasi nm. mwasi nm. uasi nm. (Kar)

asidi* nm [i-/zi-] acid: ~ kaboliki carbolic acid. (Kng)

asighari kv small.

asilani kl (hutumika kutilia mkazo kukataa) never, not at all: Sitakwenda kwake ~ I will never go to his place.

asili1* nm [i-/zi-] 1 nucleus, origin, birth, bottom: Gundua ~ ya jambo go to the bottom of the issue. 2 a person's inborn behaviour/ character. 3 essence, genesis, rise, root, source of something. 4 (hesabu) divisor, common factor. (nh) Hana ~ wala fasili he is nothing. 5 fundamental. 6 property. (Kar)

asili2 kl never.

asilikumi nm [i-/zi-] one tenth, decimal.

asilimia nm [i-/zi-] percentage: ~ ishirini twenty percent.

asira1 nm [a-/wa-] war captive.

asira2 nm [i-/zi-] something extracted of its oil, taste and smell.

asiria kv modern, up to date. nm a modern person.

asis.i kt [ele] found, start, commence, begin, establish, plant. (tde) asisia, (tden) asisiana, (tdew) asisiwa; (tdk) asisika; (tds) asisisha. mwasisi nm.

asiya nm 1 [i-/zi-] 1 a portion or part of a thing; remainder. 2 symptoms.

askari1 nm [a-/wa-] 1 soldier. 2 guard: ~ jeshi soldier; ~ wa doria

police patrol; ~ kanzu plain clothes police; ~ polisi policeman; ~ wa farasi hussar.

askari2 nm [a-/wa-] ascar. (Kng)

askofu nm [a-/wa-] bishop, prelate.

asmini nm [li-/ya-] jasmine.

asparaga* nm [i-/zi-] asparagus. (Kng)

aspireta* nm [i-/zi-] aspirator. (Kng)

asprini* nm [i-/zi-] aspirin. (Kng)

asteaste* kl slowly, not in a hurry. (Khi)

asteroidi* nm [i-/zi-] asteroid. (Kng)

astrolabu* nm [i-/zi-] astrolabe. (Kng)

asubuhi nm [i-/zi-] morning.

asusa nm [i-/zi-] (kwa chakula) bites, snack.

atami.a kt [ele] sit on eggs, incubate, brood. (tdk) atamika; (tdn) atamiana; (tds) atamisha; (tdw) atamiwa.

ateri* nm [i-/zi-] artery. (Kng)

athari* nm [i-/zi-] effect, result, impact, prejudice. (Kar)

athir.i kt [ele] 1 effect, infect act: Hii dawa inaathiri moyo this medicine acts upon the heart. 2 convince someone to do something. 3 count

against. (tde) athiria, (tden) athiriana, (tdew) athiriwa; (tdk) athirika; (tds) athirisha.

ati! pia eti! ki (kuvuta usikivu) hey; (kuashiria shaka) indeed! hah!

atia nm [i-/zi-] 1 gift, present. 2 talent.

atib.u kt [ele] criticize, condemn. (tde) atibia, (tden) atibiana, (tdew) atibiwa; (tdk) atibika; (tds) atibisha.

atifali nm [a-/wa-] children.

atik.a kt [ele] transplant. (tde) atikia, (tden) atikiana; (tdk) atikika; (tds) atikisha; (tdw) atikwa.

atil.i kt [ele] waste time: Wakati ni mali si vizuri kuu~ time is money it is not proper to waste it. (tde) atilia, (tden) atiliana, (tdew) atiliwa; (tdk) atilika; (tds) atilisha.

atilik.a* kt [sie] 1 be injured, be deformed as a result of illness or accident. 2 be spoilt, be damaged, totter in a state of disrepair: Nyumba isipotumika ita~ when a house is not in use it will begin to totter. (tde) atilikia; (tdk) atilikika; (tds) atilikisha. (Kar)

atlasi1* nm [i-/zi-] satin. (Kar)

atlasi2* nm [i-/zi-] atlas. (Kng)

atomiki* nm [i-/zi-] atomic: bomu la ~ atomic bomb. (Kng)

atomu* nm [i-/zi-] atom. (Kng)

atu.a kt [ele] surprise, shock: Habari za kifo chake zimeni~ moyo news of his death has shocked me. (tde) atulia, (tdew) atuliwa; (tdk) atuka; (tdn) atuana; (tds) atusha.

au ku or: Chukua hiki ~ kile take this or that.

au.a kt [ele] 1 investigate carefully, inspect, examine, survey, 2 make out boundaries. 3 follow footsteps. 4 give fruits, produce. 5 (kwa mwanamke aliyejifungua) cleanse. 6 demarcate. (tde) aulia, (tdek) aulika, (tdew) auliwa; (tdn) auana; (tds) ausha.

aula* kv better, superior: Si ~ it is not good. nm priority. (Kar)

auladi* nm [a-/wa-] male children. (Kar)

aun.i1* kt [ele] give assistance; help. (tde) aunia, (tden) auniana, (tdew) auniwa; (tdk) aunika; (tds) aunisha. (Kar)

auni2 nm [u-/i-] assistance, help, subserve.

aunsi* nm [i-/zi-] ounce. (Kng)

aushi* nm [i-/zi-] for life, standing, permanent: Nguo za ~ permanent. (Kar)

auta nm [i-/zi-] house, residence.

aviz.a kt [ele] assist. (tde) avizia; (tdk) avizika; (tdn) avizana; (tds) avizisha; (tdw) avizwa.

avy.a kt [ele] 1 abort. 2 squander: ~ mali be extravagant; ~ fedha spend wastefully.

aw.a kt [ele] sweat. (tdn) awia, (tden) awiana, (tdew) awiwa; (tdk) awika; (tds) awisha.

awali* nm [i-/zi-] 1 first. 2 origin, cause. 3 above: Kama ilivyosemwa ~ as stated before. (Kar)

awamu nm [i-/zi-] phase.

awesia nm [li-/ya-] small ship of Oman with one or two masts, perpendicular stem and stern, now obsolete.

aya* nm [i-/zi-] paragraph. (Kar)

ayali* nm [i-/zi-] family. (Kar)

ayami kv many: Siku ~ many days.

ayari1* nm ma- [a-/wa-] cheat, rogue, humbug, impostor, knave. (Kar)

ayari2* nm [i-/zi-] tackle, anchor rope. (Kar)

azali* kv eternal. (Kar)

azim.a1 kt [ele] borrow, lend. (tde)



azimia, (tden) azimiana; (tdn)

azimana; (tdk) azimika; (tds) azimisha; (tdw) azimwa.

azima2 nm [i-/zi-] charm, amulet.

azimio nm [li-/ya-] declaration.

azim.u1* kt [ele] prepare a charm or talisman. (tde) azimia, (tden) azimiana; (tdk) azimika; ((tds) azimisha. (tdw) azimwa. (Kar)

azim.u2 kt [ele] decide, intend premeditate, resoleve. (tde) azimia, (tden) azimiana, (tdew) azimiwa; (tdk) azimika; (tds) azimisha; (tdw)


azir.i kt [ele] disrespect, disgrace, degrade, disparage. (tde) aziria, (tden)aziriana,(tdew)aziriwa;(tdk) azirika; (tds) azirisha. (Kar)

azizi1* nm [ki-/vi-] valuable thing, something rare, souvenir, rarity, treasure. (Kar)

azizi2* pia laazizi nm [li-/ya-] lover. (Kar)

azma nm [i-/zi-] intention; desire, purpose.

azmamu taz. zimamu.


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