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ch.a1 kt [sie] dawn, be morning: Kumeku~ it is dawning. (tde) chea.

ch.a2 kt [ele] be in awe of (God), be pious: Kum~ Mungu to fear God. (mt) (1) Ku~ Mungu si kilemba cheupe fear of God is not for show. (2) M~ Mungu si mtovu a pious person lacks nothing. (3) M~ mwana kulia hulia yeye he who fears to reprimand a child will later regret. (4) Uki~ kusemwa hutatenda jambo if you fear criticism you'll never succeed. (tde) chia, (tden) chiana, (tdew) chiwa; (tdk) chika; (tds) chisha.

chaa1 nm [i-] team, a group of people (working together).

chaa2 nm [i-/zi-] stable, barn, pen.

chaa3 nm [i-/zi-] seed-bed, nursery.

chach.a1 kt [sie] 1 ferment, turn sour: Pombe ime~ the beer has fermented. 2 be cross, be sour in temper, be irritated. 3 foam, froth: Bahari ime~uka the sea is frothy. 4 indulge in certain habits, aggrevate: Ame~ kunywa pombe siku hizi he has indulged himself in exessive drinking these days. (tde) chachia; (tdk) chachika; (tds) chachisha.

chacha2 nm [i-/zi-] grass growing in swampy areas.

chacha3 pia cha-cha-cha nm [i-] chachacha: a ballroom dance of latin-American rhythm.

chabang.a kt [ele] (michezo) defeat an opponent: Timu yetu imei~ timu yenu our team has defeated your team. (tde) chabangia; (tdk) chabangika; (tdn) chabangana; (tds) chabangisha; (tdw) chabangwa.

chachafy.a kt [ele] put pressure on sb. (tde) chachafyia; (tdk) chachafyika; (tdn) chachafyana; (tds) chachafyisha.

chachag.a kt [ele] wash clothes gently. (tde) chachagia; (tdk) chachagika; (tds) chachagisha; (tdw) chachagwa.

chachama.a kt [sie/ele] stand firm. (tde) chachamalia, (tden)


(tdek) chachamalika,

(tds) chachamalisha,

(tdew) chachamaliwa.

chachamu.a kt [ele] cause anger, cause ferocity. (tde) chachamulia, (tdew) chachamuliwa; (tdk) chachamuka; (tdn) hachamuana; (tds) chachamusha.

chacharik.a kt [sie] 1 be restless. 2 be busy. (tde) chacharikia; (tdk) chacharikika; (tds) chacharisha.

chachatik.a kt [sie] sizzle: (tde) chachatikia; (tdk) chachatikika; (tds) chachatikisha.

chachaw.a1 kt [sie] 1 frisk, skip, jump about with pleasure or excitement. 2 (damu mwilini) boil: Damu ilim~ his blood boiled. (tde) chachawia; (tdk) chachawika; (tdn) chachawana; (tds) chachawisha.

chachaw.a2 kt [sie] be adamant (about sth). (tde) chachawia; (tdk) chachawika; (tds) chachawisha.

chachawiz.a kt [ele] interrupt, interject, down sb's words by making noise; confuse. 2 entangle, complicate, cause chaos. (tde) chachawizia; (tdk) chachawizika; (tdn) chachawizana;

(tds) chachawizisha;

(tdw) chachawizwa.

chache1 nm [a-/wa-] fish with red


chache2 kv few in number, small

(little) in quantify, not much, not many, slight, hardly: Mara ~ seldom. kl rare; scarce. uchache nm.

chachish.a kt [ele] make sth turn sour. (tde) chachishia; (tdk) chachishika; (tdw) chachishwa.

chachu nm [i-] yeast, leaven. 2 thing or action which provokes/causes exasperation.

chachu.a kt [ele] cause to ferment; make something go bad. (tde) chachulia, (tdew) chachuliwa; (tdk) chachuka; (tds) chachusha.

chachuk.a kt [sie] go bad, ferment, turn sour. (tde) chachukia; (tdk) chachukika; (tds) chachukisha.

chafi nm [a-/wa-] broad black sea

chafu kv 1 dirty, filthy, (nywele)

unkempt: Nguo ~ dirty clothes. 2

impure, obscene; bad: Lugha ~ obscene/bad language. 3 crummy.

uchafu nm.

chafu.a kt [ele] 1 make dirty, smirch, soil, spoil: Ame~ maji she spoiled the water. 2 disarrange, ruffle, make a mess, make disorder. 3 annoy, cause anger. 4 pollute. (nh) (1) ~ roho cause nausea; (2) ~ jina defame sb. (tde) chafulia, (tdew) chafuliwa; (tdk) chafuka; (tdn) chafuana; (tds) chafusha. chafuo nm. machafuko nm.

chafuk.a kt [sie] 1 cause problem/ pain: Tumbo limem~ she has an upset stomach. 2 (bahari) be stormy, be rough. (tde) chafukia; (tdk) chafukika; (tds) chafusha.

chafuo nm [a-/wa-] tsetse-fly.

chafya nm [i-/zi-] sneeze. (nh) piga/enda ~ sneeze.

chag.a kt [sie] 1 act/work with renewed vigour. 2 be prevalent; persist. 3 form a habit. (tde) chagia; (tdk) chagika; (tds) chagiza.

chaga.a kt [sie] work hard.

(tde) chagalia, (tdek) chagalika;

(tds) chagasha.

chagiz.a kt [ele] insist, persist, pester (esp. with questions). (tde) chagizia; (tdk) chagizika; (tdn) chagizana; (tdw) chagizwa.

chago nm [i-/zi-] headboard. mchago nm.

chagu.a kt [ele] 1 choose, pick, pick out: Ana~ mchele she is picking out husks and small stones from rice. 2 select. (mt) (1) M~ jembe si mkulima a good farmer does not blame his hoe. (2) M~ nazi hupata koroma one who is too choosy ends up with a bad thing. (ms) ~ vibaya waigizaji miscast. (tde) chagulia, (tdew) chaguliwa, (tdek) chagulika, (tdes) chagulisha; (tdn) chaguana; (tds) chaguza.

chaguo nm [ li-] the selected, choice.

chai* nm [i-] 1 tea. 2 tea-leaves. 3


(ms) bribe. (nh) (1) toa ~ offer a bribe. (2) pata ~ accept a bribe. (Khi)

chaj.i1* kt [ele] (betri) charge. (tde)

chajia, (tdew) chajiwa; (tdk) chajika; (tds) chajisha.(Kng)

chaj.i2* kt [ele] charge (sb with); accuse sb of a crime. (Kng)

chaji3* nm [i-/zi-] electrical charge. (Kng)

chajio nm [ki-] supper.

chaka1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] clump of trees, thicket.

chaka2 nm [i-] hot season (December to February).

chaka.a kt [sie] 1 wear out: Nguo ime~ the cloth is worn out. 2 lose strength, get old: Gari lile lime~ the car is old. (tde) chakalia; (tds) chakaza. chakavu kv.

chakach.a1 kt [sie/ele] 1 rustle (as of dry grass when walked on). 2 pound, break into small pieces, mash. (tde) chakachia, (tden) chakachiana; (tdk) chakachika; (tds) chakachisha; (tdw) chakachwa. mchakacho nm.

chakacha2 nm withered betel-plant; dry grass/leaves.

chakacha3 nm [i-] coastal music which accompanies belly-dancing.

chakachaka kl fast, at once, in a hurry.

chakapu nm [a-/wa-] wild cat.

chakaramu nm [a-/wa-] naughty person, droll/mischievous person. kv mad, naughty.

chakari1 nm [a-/wa-] hang-man, executioner, electrocutioner.

chakari2 kl much, very, excessively: Amelewa ~ he is dead drunk.

chakarish.a kt [ele] 1 rattle, cause to make a rusting noise: Acha ku~ gazeti hilo! stop rustling the newspaper! 2 stir up (an animal, bird). 3 startle, rouse. (tde) chakarishia; (tdk) chakarishika; (tdn) chakarishana; (tdw) chakarishwa.

chakavu kv old, worn out, shabby.

chakaza kt [sie] 1 trounce badly (esp in sports), make old, cause to wear


out, pound (away) at/on.

chake kv taz. –ake. her(s), his:

Kitabu hiki ni ~ this book is hers/his.

chaki*nm [i-/zi-] chalk. (Kng)

chako kv taz. –ako. your(s): Kitabu hiki ni ~ this book is yours.

chakubimbi nm ma- [a-/wa-] rumour-monger.

chakula nm vy- [ki-/vi-] food, feed, meal: ~ cha asubuhi breakfast; ~ cha mchana lunch; ~ cha jioni supper; ~ bora healthy food; ~ kikuu staple food, main food; main course; ~ cha ng'ombe au farasi silage; ~ cha nguruwe slop; Jinyima ~ starve.

chakur.a kt [ele,sie] 1 rifle, search by turning everything upside down. 2 scratch (like a fowl). 3 make a mess of well arranged things. (tde) chakuria; (tdk) chakurika; (tdn) chakurana; (tds) chakurisha; (tdw) chakurwa.

chale1 nm [a-/wa-] clown, jocker.

chale2 nm a sea insect with strong poison.

chale3 nm [i-/zi-] incision (on the human body).

chali kl on the back: Lala ~ lie on the back.

chalo nm vy- [ki-/vi-] sugarcane farm.

chama nm vy- [ki-/vi-] party; association, guild: ~ cha siasa political party: ~ cha wakulima farmer's association.

chamb.a1 kt [ele/sie] wash oneself after calls of nature. (mt) Ku~ kwingi ni kuondoka na mavi when you overdo an action you risk making a mess of it. (tde) chambia; (tdk) chambika; (tds) chambisha; (tdw) chambwa.

chamb.a2 kt [ele] use obscene language; use abusive language. (tde) chambia; (tdk) chambika; (tdn) chambana; (tds) chambisha; (tdw) chambwa.

chambarare nm [i-/zi-] a vessel (of

moderate dimensions).

chambega nm ma- [a-/wa-] conman.

chambele nm [i-/zi-] ante.

chambembe nm [i-/zi-] pit of the



chambi nm [i-/zi-] rubbing of stomach done by two dancing partners in a special local dance.

chambilecho nm as said/written by: Wengi wao, ~ Mwalimu Nyerere walikuwa "Wazungu Weusi" many of them, as said by Mwalimu Nyerere; were "Black Europeans."

chambish.a kt [ele] afflict, cause trouble/pain/anxiety; punish. (tde) chambishia; (tdk) chambishika; (tdn) chambishana; (tdw) chambishwa.

chambo nm vy- [ki-/vi-] 1 bait: ~ cha kuvulia samaki fish bait; Tia ~ katika ndoana bait a hook. 2 anything used as a bait in order to achieve some aims.

chambochambo nm [i-/zi-] end of sth; edge.

chambu.a1 kt [ele] sort out, pick out (unwanted things): ~ samaki fillet fish; ~ pamba clean cotton by removing seeds etc. (tde) chambulia, (tden) chambuliana, (tdew) chambuliwa; (tdk) chambuka; (tds) chambusha.

chambu.a2 kt [ele] criticize, pull to pieces. (tde) chambulia; (tdew) chambuliwa; (tdk) chambuka; (tdn) chambuana; (tds) chambusha.

chamburo nm [i-/zi-] jeweller's pliers.

chamchela nm [i-] 1 whirlwind, tornado: Pepo za ~ circling winds. 2 spirit believed to cause a whirlwind.

chamk.a kt [sie] 1 relapse; recur (esp. sickness, headache). 2 spread (of disease, wounds etc). 3 explode, be dispersed, be scattered. (tde) chamkia; (tdk) chamkika; (tds) chamkisha.

chamkano nm [ki-/vi-] dispersing crowd; section of a dispersing group.

chamko nm [i-/zi-] 1 relapse, recurrence (of fever, disease). 2 the spreading of sth; scattering.

championi* nm ma- [a-/wa-] champion. (Kng)


chamshakinywa nm [ki-] breakfast.

chan.a* kt [ele] 1 slit, tear, separate: ~ nguo tear clothes. 2 comb: ~ nywele comb hair. (tde) chania; (tdk) chanika; (tdk) chanisha; (tdn) chanana; (tdw) chanwa. (Kaj)

chanda1 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] finger, toe. (nh) ~ na pete amicably. (mt) ~ chema huvishwa pete a good person/thing/action deserves to be rewarded/adorned.

chanda2 nm vy-[ki-/vi-] coconut leaf.

chandarua* nm vy- [ki-/vi-] mosquito net. (Khi).

chando1 nm [ki-] dance in which partners meet in the centre of the circle and dance before they return to their places.

chando2 nm [a-/wa-] first person to be circumcised amongst peer group; leader.

chane1 nm [i-/zi-] bunch (bananas, grapes).

chane2 nm [i-/zi-] slip of leaf (used for plaiting mats and cords).

chang.a1 kt [sie] 1 contribute, collect: ~ fedha collect money by voluntary contributions. 2 shuffle, mix: ~ karata shuffle cards.

(tde) changia; (tdk) changika;

(tds) changisha/changiza;

(tdw) changwa.

chang.a2 kt [sie] have joint pains (as in rheumatism). (tde) changia; (tdk) changika; (tds) changisha.

changa3 kv young, infant, immature: Embe ~ unripe mango; Mbegu ~ immature seeds; Mimba ~ young pregnancy; Mtoto m~ baby, infant.

chang'aa nm [i-] illicit spirits.

changaman.a kt [sie] 1 be mixed

up. 2 join together in a society; mix with people. 3 be adjoined to.

changamano nm [li-] 1 mixture; state of being mixed together. 2 cooperation, understanding amongst people. 3 neighbourliness, nearness.

changamfu kv cheerful, good-

humoured, convivial, jolly, jovial.

changamk.a kt [sie] be cheerful, be in good spirits, look bright and happy: ame~ he is cheerful. (tde)




changamki.a kt [ele] (ms) go for it.

(tdn) changamkiana;

(tdw) changamkiwa.

changamko nm [li-]

amusement, entertainment, cheerfulness, anything that raises the spirits.

changamsh.a kt [ele] gladden, exhilarate, revive the spirits, cheer up, stimulate. (tde) changamshia; (tdk) changamshika;

(tdn) changamshana;

(tdw) changamshwa.

changamsho nm 1 challenge, sth that brings cheerfulness.

changanu.a kt [ele] 1 separate what is mixed up; simplify what is compound. 2 analyse, make a critique (of some writings): ~ picha scan. (tde) changanulia, (tdew) changanuliwa; (tdk) changanuka; (tdn) changanuana; (tds) changanusha.

changany.a kt [ele] 1 mix, mingle: ~ maji na maziwa mix milk with water. 2 muddle sth up, confuse, make a mess: ~ mawazo muddle up thoughts. (nh) (1) ~ maneno talk unintelligibly; (2) ~ macho look sb straight in the eyes; (3) ~ miguu run, go very fast. (tde) changanyia; (tdk) changanyika; (tdn) changanyana; (tds) changanyisha; (tdw) changanywa.

changanyika kt [sie] mingled, be mixed together. (tde) hanganyikia; (tdk) changanyikika.

changanyikiw.a kt [sie] be confused; be muddled up.

changarawe nm [i-/zi-] grit, fine gravel, pebble.

changi.a kt [ele] 1 contribute towards sth. 2 increase conditions already existing, contribute: Mahudhurio

mabaya yame~ kufeli kwake poor attendance contributed to his failure.

changish.a kt [ele] collect contributions, raise (money etc).

(tde) changishia; (tdk) changishika; (tdn) changishana; (tdw) changishwa.

changizo nm [i-/zi-] 1 money


contributions. 2 membership fees.

chango1 nm mi- [u-/i-] 1 small intestine. 2 stomach disease. uchango nm.

chango2 nm [u-/i-] womb; umbilical cord.

chango3 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] peg, hook, rail (for suspending sth).

changu1 kv see -angu. mine, my: Kitabu ~ my book; Chungu (hiki) ni ~ this pot is mine.

changu2 nm [a-/wa-] kind of sea fish.

changu.a kt [ele] 1 separate, put apart anything collected together. 2 dismember (an animal), take to pieces, dissect: ~ msitu cut down trees in a forest (for cultivation). 3 (askari, manoari) demobilize/ demob. (tde) changulia, (tdew) changuliwa; (tdk) changuka; (tdn) changuana; (tds) changusha.

changuk.a kt [sie] be dismantled; fall apart; break into pieces. (tde) changukia; (tdk) changukika; (tds) changukisha.

chani1 nm [a-/wa-] sea porcupine.

chani2 nm [i-/zi-] coastal area with shallow water.

chanik.a kt [sie] 1 be torn. 2 (si-rasmi) grow fat. (tdn) chanikia; (tdk) chanikika; (tds) chanikisha.

chanikiwiti nm [ki-] green, green grass.

chanj.a1 kt [ele] 1 cut up, split in pieces: ~ kuni split logs for firewood. 2 incise, cut a gash: ~ mti make cuts in a tree to obtain sap. (tde) chanjia, (tden) chanjiana; (tdk) chanjika; (tdn) chanjana; (tds) chanjisha; (tdw) chanjwa.

chanja2 nm [i-/zi-] grid-iron; frame for drying utensils, meat etc; rack.

chanja3 kt [ele] vaccinate, innoculate: ~ ndui vaccinate against small-pox. (tde) chanjia, (tden) chanjiana; (tdk) chanjika; (tdn) chanjana; (tds) chanjisha; (tdw)


chanjagaa nm [a-/wa-] crab.

chanjama.a kt [sie] be cheerful.

chanjari* kl following each other, in column formation. (Kaj).


chanjian.a kt [ele] make incision in each other (in making a sworn friendship).

chanjo nm [i-/zi-] 1 incision, cut, gash. 2 vaccination, innoculation: ~ dhidi ya kifaduro vaccination against whooping cough.

chano nm vy- [ki-/vi-] round wooden tray.

chanu.a kt [sie] bloom, blossom, flower: (tde) chanulia; (tdk) chanuka; (tds) chanusha.

chanuo nm [li-/ya-] comb.

chanya kv 1 positive. 2 hopeful: Mawazo ~ optimistic thinking.

chanyat.a1 kt [ele] slice up into small pieces: ~ ndizi slice up bananas. (tde) chanyatia, (tden) chanyatiana; (tdk) chanyatika; (tds) chanyatisha; (tdw) chanyatwa.

chanyat.a2 kt [ele] wash clothes gently but hastily. (tde) chanyatia, (tden) chanyatiana; (tdk) chanyatika; (tds) chanyatisha; (tdw) chanyatwa.

chanyatia1 nm [a-/wa-] small fish found in mangrove ponds.

chanyati.a2 kt [sie] tip-toe, skip. (tde) chanyatilia; (tdk) chanyatika; (tds) chanyatisha.

chanzo nm vy- [ki-/vi-] 1 source, origin. 2 reason: ~ cha maradhi source of illness.

chao1 nm [i-/zi-] roller used to launch a boat.

chao2 nm ny- [i-/zi-] area around a plant for putting manure and water.

chao3 kv taz. –ao. their, theirs: Kitabu ~ their book; Kitabu hiki ni ~ this book is theirs.

chap.a1 kt [ele] 1 beat, hit, strike,

swat, whip. 2 defeat by goals: Wame~wa magoli matatu they were defeated by three goals. (nh) (1) ~ kazi work hard. (2) ~ maji drink excessively. (3) ~ miguu

walk, mark-time. (tde) chapia; (tdk) chapika; (tdn) chapana; (tds) chapisha; (tdw) chapwa.

chapa2 nm [i-/zi-] 1 brand, trade mark, printer's type. 2 drawing,

decoration, design. 3 photoprint.


chap.a3* kt. [ele] 1 print (by using a printing machine): ~ kitabu print a book: ~ vibaya misprint. 2 type. (tde) chapia, (tden) chapiana; (tdk) chapika; (tds) chapisha; (tdw) chapwa. (Khi)

chapaasili nm [i-/zi-] archetype.

chapachapa kv wet, soaked, sodden, soggy: Lowa ~ be completely soaked; wet.

chapasi kv sociable; active, diligent.

chapati nm [i-/zi-] pastry.

chapish.a kt [ele] publish. (tde) chapishia, (tden) chapishiana; (tdk) chapishika; (tdw) chapishwa.

chapu.a kt [ele] 1 (ngoma) beat faster to increase sound. 2 accelerate. (tde) chapulia, (tdew) chapuliwa. (tdk) chapuka; (tds) chapusha. kichapuzi nm.

chapuk.a kt [sie] 1 stay off the road. 2 accelerate: (tde) chapukia; (tdk) chapukika; (tds) chapukisha.

chapuki.a kt [sie] 1 (chakula) be savoury, pleasant. 2 be charming to sb; enjoy the company of sb. 3 (ngono) come, reach climax.

chapuo nm [i-/zi-] small two headed drum.

chapuz.a kt [ele] accelerate; increase speed. (tde) chapuzia, (tden) chapuziana; (tdk) chapuzika; (tds) chapuzisha; (tdw) chapuzwa.

chapwa kv insipid, unpalatable; nasty, jejune, vapid.

charaz.a kt [ele] 1 play well a musical instrument. 2 do anything with vigour or skill or without a break: ~ tapureta type skilfully. 3 talk continuously without a pause. 4 slog, beat: ~ viboko thrash/beat by

stick. (tde) charazia; (tdk) charazika; (tdn) charazana; (tds) charazisha; (tdw) charazwa.

charo nm vy- [ki-/vi-] caravan; company of travellers.

charu.a kt [ele] 1 annoy sb, pester, importune sb. 2 bully, vex someone, distress. (tde) charulia, (tdew) charuliwa; (tdk) charuka; (tdn) charuana; (tds) charusha.

charuk.a kt [ele] 1 take up a habit (with vigour); start a habit

chechesh a

vigorously: Wazimu umem~ madness has attacked him/her again. 2 cause disturbance, begin mischief.(tde) charukia; (tdw) charukwa.

chat.a kt [sie] 1 make sizzling sound (as of termites). 2 be happy.

chati* nm [i-/zi-] chart. (Kng)

chatu nm [a-/wa-] python.

chauchau nm [i-/zi-] bribe; enticement.

chavua nm [i-] pollen.

chawa nm [i-/zi-] louse.

chawe nm [li-/ya-] coral-rag.

chawu nm ma- [li-/ya-] pit used for burying coconut husks.

chaza* nm [a-/wa-] oyster. (Kaj)

chazi nm [u-] liane (cissus rotundifolia).

chazo nm [a-/wa-] sucker-fish (used as a bait).

che nm (nh) morning: Walizungumza mpaka ~ they talked until morning.

chech.a kt [ele] slice into thin pieces. (tde) chechea; (tdk) checheka; (tdn) chechana; (tds) chechesha; (tdw) chechwa.

cheche1 nm [i-/zi-] 1 slice or small piece of sth. 2 spark: ~ ya moto a spark of fire.

cheche2 [a-/wa-] fish with poisonous bones.

cheche3 nm [i-/zi-] collective responsibility.

chechele1 nm [a-/wa-] caterpillar believed to cause forgetfulness when stepped-on. (nh) (1) Chukuliwa na ~ be attacked by forgetfulness; (2) Kanyaga ~ lose one's direction/way.

chechele2 nm [i-/zi-] 1 forgetfulness.

chee kv cheap: Leo bei ~ the price is cheap today.

checheme.a kt [sie] limp. (tde) chechemelea; (tdk) chechemeka; (tds) chechemesha.

chechemu.a kt [ele] cause someone to desire/long for sth. (tde) chechemulia, (tdew) chechemuliwa; (tdk) chechemuka;

(tdn) chechemuana; (tds) chechemusha.

chechesh a. kt [ele] soothe a child; chechevu


play with a child. (tde) checheshea; (tdk) chechesheka; (tdn) checheshana; (tdw) checheshwa.

chechevu nm [i-/zi-] hiccup.

cheg.a1 kt [ele] 1 shave off, cut the hair. 2 harvest cereal. (tde) chegea; (tdk) chegeka; (tdn) chegana; (tds) chegesha; (tdw) chegwa.

chega2 nm [li-/ya-] bang.

chegam.a kt [ele] 1 confront sb. 2 go near sb, fight, be in a leaning position. (tde) chegamia; (tdk) chegamika; (tdn) chegamana; (tds) chegamisha; (tdw) chegamwa.

chege kv 1 uncooked, not well cooked: Viazi ~ potatoes are not well cooked. 2 weak: Mtu ~ a weak person. 3 watery: Muhogo ~ watery cassava. 4 soaked, wet.

chegele nm looseness.

cheichei nm form of greeting used by children.

chek.a kt [sie] laugh: ~ kidogo kidogo snigger. (tde) chekea,

(tden) chekeana; (tdk) chekeka; (tdn) chekana; (tds) chekesha; (tdw) chekwa. cheshi kv. cheko nm. kicheko nm. mchekeshaji nm. mcheshi nm. ucheshi nm.

chekacheka kv giggle.

chekea nm [ki-] sty(e), pustule on eye-lid.

chekeamwezi nm [a-/wa-] water-dikkop, stone curlew (Burhinus vermiculatus).

chekech.a kt [ele] 1 sift: Chungio la ku~ unga a sieve for sifting flour. 2 sort, separate.

chekeche pia chekecheke nm ma-

[li- /ya-] sifter, sieve, riddle.

chekechea1 nm [a-/wa-] fire-crowned bishop-bird (Euplectes hordacea).

chekechea2 nm [a-/wa-] little things; children under the age of five years: Shule ya ~ nursery school, pre-school, kindergarten.

chekehukwa nm [a-/wa-] dotterel.

cheko nm [i-/zi-] laughter.

chekwa pia chekwachekwa kl plenty,

in abundance, full.

chekele.a kt [sie] rejoice at; feel happy; exult; smile at, rejoice at one's victory. (tde) chekelelea;


(tdk) chekeleka; (tds) chekelesha.

chele.a kt [sie] be apprehensive about, fear for: Na~ kuchelewa I am apprehensive about being late.

chelebuni nm [u-] coffee-berry disease.

cheleko nm [i-/zi-] 1 upper part of a prow in a sailing boat. 2 mast step.

cheleo nm [li-] delay; lateness.

chelew.a1 kt [sie] be late, be behind schedule, lag: (tde) chelewea; (tdk) cheleweka; (tds) chelewesha. uchelewesho nm.

chelewa2 nm [i-] hangover.

chelewa3 nm [i-/zi-] rattle used in dances (made by putting stones or seeds in a tin).

chelewa4 nm [i-/zi-] vein in a leaf: Ufagio wa ~ sweeping broom made from coconut-leaf veins.

chelewesh.a nm [ele] delay sb/sth. (tde) cheleweshea; (tdk) chelewesheka; (tdn) cheleweshana; (tdw) cheleweshwa.

chelez.a1 kt [ele] cause to remain, leave behind. (tde) chelezea; (tdk) chelezeka; (tds) chelezesha; (tdw) chelezwa.

chelez.a2 kt [ele] unload cargo from a ship; off-load cargo on coast. (tde) chelezea, (tden) chelezeana; (tdk) chelezeka; (tds) chelezesha; (tdw) chelezwa.

chelez.a3 kt [sie] grow thick (as of rhizome like cassava, potatoes etc).

chelezo1 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] something that causes delay.

chelezo2 nm grindstone, sharpening machine.

chema nm [ki-] anything good; person of outstanding character. (mt) (1) ~ hakidumu a good thing does not last

long; (2) ~ chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza a good wine needs no bush.

chemba nm [i-] seclusion, privacy: Twende ~ let's seclude ourself for privacy.

chembe1 nm [i-/zi-] 1 grain, morsel, single small thing, separate part of a thing: ~ ya nafaka grain of corn. 2 scintilla, iota, none at all, slight: Hana akili hata ~ he/she has no chembe

brains whatsoever.

chembe2 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] spear-head, head of an arrow: ~ cha moyo depression between cartilage of false ribs, pit of the stomach.

chembechembe nm [i-/zi-] cell: ~ za damu bloodcells.

chembelele nm [i-/zi-] bread crumbs.

chembeo nm [i-/zi-] wedge.

chembeu nm [i-/zi-] 1 blunt chisel (for caulking). 2 special knife for poking out copra.

chembeuzi nm [i-/zi-] tissue.

chemchemi nm [i-/zi-] water-spring.

chemk.a kt [sie] 1 boil, bubble up: Maji yana~ the water is boiling. 2 be serious in doing sth. 3 be furious. (tde) chemkia; (tdk) chemkika.

chemsh.a kt [ele] 1 heat up, warm up sth; boil. 2 (si rasmi) be harsh on sb. (tde) chemshia; (tdk) chemshika; (tdn) chemshana; (tdw) chemshwa.

chemshabongo nm [i-/zi-] 1 puzzle. 2 crossword puzzle.

chemni* nm [i-/zi-] lamp-chimney. (Kng)

chemu.a kt [sie] sneeze. (tde) chemulia; (tdk) chemuka; (tds) chemuza.

chenene nm [a-/wa-] large cricket with a screeching noise at night.

cheneo nm vy- [ki-/vi-] area, extension.

chenezo nm vy- [ki-/vi-] measure,

measuring-rod, line; anything used

for measuring.

cheng.a1 kt [ele] 1 cut into small pieces. 2 cut, trim, lop trees (for building or for making fire). (tde)

chengea; (tdk) chengeka; (tds) chengesha; (tdw) chengwa.

cheng.a2 kt [ele] dodge, avoid by trickery, evade. (tde) chengea; (tdk) chengeka; (tdn) chengana; (tds) chengesha; (tdw) chengwa.

chenga3 nm [i-/zi-] dodging; act of

evading/avoiding: Piga ~ dodge, avoid; Nilimwona anakuja nikampiga ~ I saw him/ her coming and I dodged him/her.

chenga4 nm [i-/zi-] morsel, chips,


crumps: Unga wenye ~ nyingi flour which has not been well ground.

chenge nm [i-] 1 cleared forest set on fire. 2 big fire on the farm.

chengechenge nm [zi-] very small pieces; cells.

chengeu nm vy- [i-/zi-] lamp-shade.

chengo1 nm vy- [i-/zi-] house, household; dwelling, village. 2 caravan camp.

chengo2 nm [i-] assortment of small fish(es).

chenj.i1* kt [ele] change money (into smaller denomination). (tde) chenjia, (tden) chenjiana, (tdew) chenjiwa; (tdk) chenjika; (tds) chenjisha. (Kng)

chenji2* nm [i-] 1 small money, money changed into smaller denomination. 2 change, money given back to a buyer after payment. (Kng)

chenza nm ma- [li-/ya-] tangarine, mandarin, satsuma.

cheo1 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] 1 rank, status, position: Panda ~ be promoted to a higher rank/status. 2 size (of shoes, clothes etc); measurement, dimension, measure: Kupita ~ beyond measure, excessively.

cheo2 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] 1 wand. 2 board used when plaiting leaf strips of palm leaves. 3 piece of wood used when husking coconut.

chepe1 nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 person who

is inconsiderate, ill-bred and mannerless. 2 clown, jester.

chepe2 kv arch.

chepechepe kv sodden, soggy. uchepechepe nm.

chepeo nm vy- [ki-/vi-] broad-brimmed hat, cape.

chepu.a [sie] divert (from). (tde) chepulia; (tdk) chepuka; (tds) chepusha.

chepuk.a kt [sie] make a detour, swerve. (tde) chepukia; (tdk) chepukika; (tds) chepukisha.

cherehani* nm vy- [ki-/vi-] sewing-machine. (Kaj)

cherehe* nm vy- [ki-/vi-] grindstone. (Kaj)

chereko nm [i-/zi-] happiness, cherema

excitement (in celebrations). ki expression of joy.

cherema kv (muhogo, viazi) watery, without starch.

cherewa1 nm [u-] entertainment where listeners enjoy listening to parables or proverbial songs.

cherewa2 nm [i-/zi-] 1 veins of palms or sticks used for catching fish or making brooms. 2 pieces of reeds left behind when making baskets.

-cheshi kv full of humour/wit/laughter; warm, amusing.

chete nm vy- [ki-/vi-] 1 market day. 2 market.

chetezo nm vy- [ki-/vi-] censer, thurible.

cheti nm vy- [ki-/vi-] 1 certificate: ~ cha ualimu teacher's certificate. 2 note, chit; record card: ~ cha daktari prescription note; ~ cha kuthibitisha afya bill of health.

cheu nm ma- [a-/wa-] person who likes chewing. kv ruminant.

cheu.a kt [ele/sie] 1 eructate; belch: Mtoto ame~ maziwa the child has belched. 2 ruminate, chew the cud: Wanyama wanao~ ruminant animals. (tde) cheulia, (tdew) cheuliwa; (tdk) cheuka; (tds) cheusha.

cheuzi nm [i-/zi-] pair, definite number of playing cards.

chewa1 nm (salamu ya asubuhi) good morning.

chewa2 nm [zi-] (baharini) morning easterly winds.

chewa3 nm [a-/wa-] giant rock-cod

fish: Ana kinywa kama ~ he/she has a large mouth.

chewale kl without much effort, easily.

chez.a kt [ele/sie] 1 play. ~ mpira play football; ~ na mtoto play with

a child. 2 dally with sth, waste time: Acha ku~ na wakati stop wasting your time. 3 dance (to the tune of drums, music etc). 4 shiver (because of fever, illness): Mwili wote unam~ the whole body is shivering. 5 be loose, waver, totter: Kitasa kina~ the door-lock is


loose. 6 (askari) drill, be drilled: ~ kwata drill. 7 mock sb, make fun of: Usi~e na kisu don't play with a knife. 8 bewitch. (nh) (1) ~ bangu fight, cause war; (2) ~ kamari gamble. (tde) chezea, (tden) chezeana; (tdk) chezeka; (tds) chezesha; (tdw) chezwa. mchezo nm. mchezaji nm.

chibuku nm [i-] beer brewed from cereals (maize, beans etc).

chicha1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 remains of grated coconut after the milk has been squeezed out of it. 2 residue, lees, dregs.

chicha2 nm secretion from prepuce of uncircumcised person.

chich.a3 kt [sie] give-up, resign. (tde) chichia; (tdk) chichika; (tds) chichisha.

chichi nm [i-/zi-] (chombo, meli) side facing dry land; the top side.

chichiri nm [i-/zi-] 1 bribe, enticement. 2 trivial thing.

chifu* nm ma- [a-/wa-] chief. 2 (Kenya) location officer. (Kng)

chigi nm [a-/wa-] small yellow bird.

chikich.a kt [ele] cut with a blunt knife. (tde) chikichia; (tdk) chikichika; (tdn) chikichana; (tds) chikichisha; (tdw) chikichwa.

chikichi nm ma- [li-/ya-] palm-oil fruit; nuts producing palm-oil.

chilumbo nm vi- [ki-/vi-] debate, discussion, congress, argument.

chimb.a1 kt [ele] 1 dig, excavate bore: ~ shimo dig a hole; ~ madini exploit/excavate minerals.

2 (si rasmi) read extensively (esp. during examinations).

(tde) chimbia, (tden) chimbiana; (tdk) chimbika; (tds) chimbisha; (tdw) chimbwa. chimbo nm.

chimb.a2 kt [ele] 1 cause trouble or

misfortune. 2 wish evil to others. 3 spy sb, be on sb's back.

(tde) chimbia, (tden) chimbiana; (tdk) chimbika; (tdn) chimbana; (tds) chimbisha; (tdw) chimbwa. mchimbi nm. mchimvi nm. uchimvi nm.

chimbi.a kt [ele] bury in a hole.

(tdw) chimbiwa.


chimbu.a kt [ele] 1 dig up, excavate, disinter. 2 look for the source of sth; find out. (tde) chimbulia,(tdew) chimbuliwa; (tdk) chimbuka; (tds) chimbusha.

chimbuko nm [li-] origin, source, beginning, provenance.

chimbo nm ma- [li-/ya-] pit, mine.

chin.a1 kt [sie] 1 be stale; be overdue: Chakula kime~ the food has gone bad. 2 fail to get the expected, be disappointed, fail to materialize. 3 delay, be late in getting sth: Mwali ame~ the girl has remained single too long. (tde) chinia.

china2 kl simultaneously: Akitabasamu ~ akilia she/he was laughing and crying simultaneously.

chingirish.a kt [ele] pour liquid gently leaving sediment behind. (tde) chingirishia, (tden) chingirishiana; (tdk) chingirishika; (tdw) chingirishwa.

chini nm [i-/zi-]1 on the ground/floor; down: Teremka ~ go down. 2 below (earth, vessel); in a lower place. 3 (ms) genital organs: ~ ya under, below; ~ ya himaya ya Uingereza under the protection of British Govt; ~ ya ulinzi be in custody; chinichini secretely; ~ ya bahari sea bed.

chinj.a1 kt [ele] 1 slaughter, slay, cut the throat. 2 kill ruthlessly. 3 cut level the rim of a clay vessel in making it. (tde) chinjia;

(tdk) chinjika; (tdn) chinjana;

(tds) chinjisha; (tdw) chinjwa.

machinjioni nm.

chinj.a2 kt [sie] cheat, swindle (by

giving less). (tde) chinjia;

(tdk) chinjika; (tdn) chinjana;

(tds) chinjisha; (tdw) chinjwa.

chinjan.a kt [sie] kill one another (esp. in fighting). (tde) chinjania.

chinyango nm vi- [ki-/vi-] piece of meat (big enough for one bite).

chipu.a kt [sie] 1 sprout, shoot-up (of any plant). 2 stir up, excite. (tde) chipulia; (tdk) chipuka; (tds) chipuza.

chipubodi* nm [i-/zi-] chipboard. (Kng)


chipuk.a kt [sie] sprout, shoot-up. (tde) chipukia; (tdk) chipukika; (tds) chipukisha.

chipukizi nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 shoot, sprout. 2 young plant growing on another plant, parasite. 3 youngster, young pioneer.

chir.a1 kt [ele] harm a child by

breaking taboos. (tde) chiria;

(tdk) chirika; (tds) chirisha;

(tdw) chirwa.

chira2 nm [i-/zi-] curse.

chirwa nm [i-] marasmus.

chipsi* nm [zi-] chips, French-fries. (Kng).

chiriku nm [a-/wa-] 1 finch-songbird. 2 chatterer.

chirimiri nm [i-/zi-] bribe.

chiriwa nm [i-] child disease believed to be caused by breaking taboos.

chirizi kv trickling; creeping (like a snake).

chirizik.a kt [sie] trickle, drain off. (tde) chirizikia; (tdk) chirizikika; (tds) chirizikisha.

chizi1* nm [i-] cheese. (Kng)

chizi2 nm [a-/wa-] 1 profligate person, lawless person. 2 crazy person.

cho!1 nm whole night: Kesha ~ be awake the whole night.

cho!2 kl lo! hey!

choa1 nm vy- [i-/zi-] mark or dot on the skin.

choa2 nm [a-/wa-] ringworm.

chobe.a kt [ele] dance by facing each

other in the middle of a dancing group. (tde) chobelea, (tdew) chobelewa; (tdk) chobeka;

(tdn) chobeana; (tds) chobesha.

choch.a kt [sie] 1 poke, prod, stir up (sth in a hole). 2 drink excessively;

get drunk. (tde) chochea;

(tdk) chocheka; (tdn) chochana; (tds) chochesha; (tdw) chochwa.

choche.a1 kt [ele/sie] 1 prod, stir up; provoke, incite. 2 agitate, arouse, stimulate, excite, impel.

(tde) chochelea; (tdk) chocheka; (tdn) chocheana; (tds) chochesha; (tdw) chochewa.

choche.a2 kt [ele] kindle.

(tde) chochelea; (tdk) chocheka; chochole

(tdn chocheana; (tds) chochesha; (tdw) chochewa.

chochole kv destitute, poor.

chochote taz. -o-ote. 1 anything. 2 bribe: Alitoa ~ ili aajiriwe he/she paid a bribe in order to be employed.

chochot.a kt [sie] (kidonda) itch, iritate (as an effect of medicine on a wound). (tde) chochotea; (tdk) chochoteka; (tds) chochotesha.

chogoe nm [ki-/vi-] 1 hooked stick/pole (for plucking fruit). 2 golf club.

chok.a1 kt [ele/sie] 1 be tired; be fatigued, get weary. 2 get bored, be in need of change, lose interest in sth. 3 (vitu) lose strength, stop being useful: Shamba lime~ the farm is no longer productive.

(tde) chokea; (tdk) chokeka;

(tdn) chokana; (tds) chokesha, (tdw) chokwa. mchovu nm. uchovu nm.

choka2 nm [a-/wa-] striped snake.

chokaa nm [i-] lime, whitewash, whiting: Choma ~ burn coral rag: Paka ~ whitewash.

choki nm [i-/zi-] liane with yellowish white flowers (strophanthus Kombe).

chokiro nm [u-/zi-] tuft of black and white hair.

choko.a kt [ele] poke, pick at, prod at: ~ meno clean teeth with a toothpick; ~ pweza poke out a

cuttle-fish from rocks. (tde) chokolea, (tdew) chokolewa; (tdk) chokoka; (tdn) chokoana; (tds) chokosha. mchokoo nm.

chokochoko nm [i-/zi-] 1 squabble, quarrels. 2 dissension, provocation.

chokoleti* nm [i-/zi-] chocolate. (Kng)

chokomea nm [i-/zi-] inner most area; furthest corner.

chokomeani kv innermost.

chokomez.a kt [ele] stuff inside

(a sack); push lightly into a sack. (tde) chokomezea; (tdn) chokomezana; (tdk) chokomezeka; (tds) chokomezesha (tdw) chokomezwa.


chokono.a kt [ele] 1 poke sth out of

sth. 2 harass, taunt; pry into other's affairs (through leading questions);

get information from sb by devious means. 3 pick: ~ meno pick one's teeth.

chokora1 nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 boy. 2 kitchen servant. 3 street child: ~ wa jikoni scullion.

chokora2 nm [i-/zi-] curse.

chokoz.a kt [ele] provoke sb, tease sb, get sb riled up. (tde) chokozea; (tdk) chokozeka; (tdn) chokozana; (tds) chokozesha; (tdw) chokozwa. chokozi kv. mchokozi nm. uchokozi nm.

chom.a kt [ele] 1 pierce, stab; cause pain; singe: ~ kisu stab with a knife; ~ sindano give an injection. 2 itch (inside the body). 3 burn, roast, toast: ~ mkaa burn charcoal; Nyama ya ku~ roast meat. 4 produce a burning sensation on sth, hurt: Maneno yake yalini~ his words hurt me. (tde) chomea;

(tdk) chomeka; (tdn) chomana; (tdw) chomwa. mchomo nm.

chombez.a kt [ele] 1 entice sb to give information. 2 sooth,

quieten: ~ mtoto sooth a child. (tde) chombezea; (tdk) chombezeka; (tdn) chombezana; (tdw) chombezwa.

chome.a kt [ele] 1 insert, stuff a

bag with wood/grass. 2 solder. (tde) chomelea, (tdew) chomelewa,

(tdk) chomeka; (tds) chomesha.

chombo nm vy- [ki-/vi-] 1 tool,

equipment, instrument: ~ cha seremala a carpenter's tool. 2 furniture. 3 golden ornament for women. 4 kitchen untensil. 5 (baharini) vessel: Funga ~ ufukoni

moor; Ingia ~ni embark on a vessel; Shuka ~ni disembark. 6 agency, organ: ~ cha serikali government agency. 7 equipment; container; ~ cha kupigia nzi flapper; ~ cha kuwekea makaa ya mawe coal-scuttle; ~ cha kutenganisha (agh. krimu toka kwenye maziwa) separator; ~ cha maji matakatifu stoup; ~ cha chomek.a

kuwekea maua vase. (mt) ~

hakiendi ila kwa nyenzo a vessel does not go without sth to send it along.

chomek.a kt [sie] 1 stick into: ~ kisu kiunoni stick a knife into waistband (girdle); 2 insert, stab. 3 be burnt. (tde) chomekea, (tden) chomekeana; (tdk) chomekeka; (tds) chomekeza; (tdw) chomekwa.

chomeke.a kt [ele] stick into, tuck into, insert: ~ shati tuck in a shirt. (tdk) chomekeka; (tdn) chomekeana; (tds) chomekeza; (tdw) chomekewa.

chomeo nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 skewer. 2 gridiron, barbecue. 3 frying pan.

chomo nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 iron slag. 2 stab, prick. (ms) ruka ~ dive into water.

chomo.a kt [ele] 1 draw out, take out, pull out, snatch away: ~ mkuki draw out a spear; ~ msumari ukutani draw out a nail from the wall; ~ mwiba extract a thorn. 2 get something by cheating:

Nimem~ shilingi kumi I have

cheated him of ten shillings. 3 steal from someone's pocket. (tde) chomolea, (tdew) chomolewa; (tdk) chomoka; (tdn) chomoana; (tds) chomoza.

chomoz.a kt [sie] 1 appear, rise: Jua

lina~ the sun is rising. 2 stick out. (tde) chomozea; (tdk) chomozeka; (tds) chomozesha.

chonda nm [i-/zi-] grief, sorrow, distress. 2 jealousy, envy.

chonde chonde kl polite expression to oblige one to act ~ niambieni huyu ni mgeni wa nani? please tell me whose guest is this?

chondo1 nm vy [ki-/vi-] drum beaten to spread death news or to call people for a meeting.

chondo2 nm vy- [a-/wa-] hard shelled oyster living in reefs.

chondo3 nm vy [ki-/vi-] strapped sisal fibre basket or small travelling bag.

chong.a kt [ele] 1 carve, whittle, hew, hack, sharpen: ~ sanamu make a statue/figure; ~ boriti trim a pole, ~ kijiti cut a stick to a


point. 2 run. (nh) ~ ulimi speak

rudely. (tde) chongea,

(tden) chongeana; (tdk) chongeka; (tds) chongesha; (tdw) chongwa. mchongo nm.

chonganish.a kt [ele] set at odds. (tde) chonganishia;

(tdk) chonganishika;

(tdn) chonganishana;

(tdw) chonganishwa.

chonge1 nm [i-/zi-] 1 canine tooth. 2 sharp pointed rock.

chonge2 nm [i-/zi-] coconut disease caused by insects or birds.

chonge.a kt [ele] 1 betray, slander, discredit, tattle on. 2 cause a loss or harm: Pombe ndiyo iliyom~ akafukuzwa kazi alcohol is what caused his dismissal.

(tde) chongelea; (tdk) chongeka; (tdn) chongeana; (tds) chongesha; (tdw) chongewa.

chongezi nm [i-/zi-] innuendo.

chongo1 kv [a-/wa-] one eyed: (mt) Akipenda ~ huita kengeza love is blind.

chongo2 nm [i-/zi-] hunch, hump.

chongo.a kt [ele] sharpen to form a point. (tde) chongolea,

(tdew) chongolewa; (tdk) chongoka; (tds) chongosha.

chongok.a kt [sie] be sharp pointed,

be pointed, be jagged.

(tde) chongokea; (tdk) chongokeka; (tds) chongokesha.

chonjo nm [i-/zi-] incitement to quarrel, words that incite a quarrel between individuals. (nh) (1) kaa ~ beware, watch out, be on your guard; (2) tia ~ incite a quarrel or fight.

chonjomo.a kt [ele] cause a condition to reoccur, stir up, incite. (tde) chonjomolea, (tdew) chonjomolewa;(tdk)chonjomoka; (tdn) chonjomoana;

(tds) chonjomosha.

chonyot.a1 kt [sie] feel raw, smart. (tde) chonyotea; (tdk) chonyoteka; (tds) chonyotesha.

chonyot.a2 kt [sie] drip, drizzle: mvua in a ~ it is drizzling.

(tde) chonyotea; (tdk) chonyoteka; chonza

(tds) chonyotesha.

chonza nm [i-/zi-] disorder, commotion; dispute: Tia ~ cause disorder.

choo1 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] 1 toilet, restroom, latrine. 2 faeces: Sampuli ya ~ stool, specimen. (nh) (1) ~ kikubwa faeces; (2) ~ kidogo urine; (3) Funga ~ be constipated; (4) pata/enda ~ have a motion, defecate.

choo2 nm [a-/wa-] light-brown worm used as fish bait.

chop.a1 kt [ele] 1 scoop out. 2 vend, retail, hawk. (tde) chopea,

(tden) chopeana; (tdk) chopeka; (tds) chopesha; (tdw) chopwa.

chopa2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] luggage or bundle of anything: ~ la kuni a bundle of firewood: ~ la udongo a heap of soil.

chope.a1 kt [sie] 1 limp. 2 walk sideways. 3 dent a soft surface. 4 dip/plunge legs in water.

(tde) chopelea; (tdk) chopeka;

(tds) chopesha.

chopea2 nm [ki-/vi-] slime, mud.

chopek.a kt [ele] 1 cook carelessly. 2 dip in water, soak. (tde) chopekea, (tden) chopekeana; (tdk) chopekeka; (tds) chopekesha; (tdw) chopekwa.

chopi kl 1 limply: Enda ~ limp. 2

much, excessively: Amelewa ~ he

is totally drunk.

chopo.a kt [ele] pull out: ~ kuni pull out firewood from a bundle. 2 snatch, pick pocket. (tde) chopolea; (tdew) chopolewa; (tdk) chopoka; (tdn) chopoana; (tds) choposha.

chopok.a kt [sie] slip from the hands, slip out. 2 escape. (tde) chopokea; (tdk) chopokeka; (tds) chopokesha.

chopsi nm [i-/zi-] croquette.

chor.a kt [ele] draw, design, sketch, paint: ~ mstari sambamba hatch; ~ picha katika kitabu illustrate; ~ mstari outline; ~ ovyoovyo scrawl. (tde) chorea, (tden) choreana; (tdk) choreka; (tdn) chorana; (tds) choresha; (tdw) chorwa.

choroa nm [a-/wa-] fringe-eared oryx.


choroko nm [i-/zi-] green gram.

chorombozi nm [ki-/vi-] reward for finding a lost item.

chosh.a kt [ele] cheese off, cause to be fed up, satiate, make tired.

(tde) choshea; (tdk) chosheka;

(tdn) choshana; (tdw) choshwa.

chot.a kt [ele] scoop up/out; ladle: ~ maji fetch water: (tde) chotea, (tden) choteana; (tdk) choteka; (tds) chotesha; (tdw) chotwa. choto nm. mchotaji nm. mchoto nm.

chotara nm [a-/wa-] 1 half caste, mulatto. 2 mixed breed, crossbreed (of seeds or animals): Kuzaa watoto ~ miscegenation; Mbwa ~ mongrel/mutt; ~ wa Kiberiberi na Kiarabu Moor.

choti nm [i-/zi-] wooden fence.

choto nm [i-/zi-] something scooped out.

chovy.a1 kt [ele] 1 dip into, dunk, put into, plunge into, immerse in. 2 tie and dye. 3 gild: Nguo za mchovyo tie and dye clothes. (tde) chovyea; (tdk) chovyeka; (tdn) chovyana; (tds) chovyesha; (tdw) chovywa. mchovyo nm.

chovya2 nm [i-/zi-] 1 plated item. 2

disease that causes swelling of the


choyo kv mean, tightfisted, self-seeking, selfish, egoistic, mingy.

choza nm [i-/zi-] secret.

chozi1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] tear; tear drop: Lia ma~ weep, cry.

chozi2 nm [a-/wa-] sunbird.

chu.a kt [ele] 1 rub. 2 massage, chafe. 3 lure, entice. 4 fig, of

quarrelling: (mt) ji~ masturbate. (tde) chulia, (tdek) chulika, (tdew) chuliwa; (tdn) chuana;

(tds) chusha.

chuan.a kt [sie] compete.

(tde) chuania, (tdew) chuaniwa; (tdk) chuanika; (tds) chuanisha.

chubu.a kt [ele] bruise, abrade, chafe, excoriate. (tde) chubulia, (tdew) chubuliwa; (tdk) chubuka; (tdn) chubuana; (tds) chumbusha.

chubuko nm mi- [u-/i-] bruised area, abrasion.

chubuw.a kt [ele] sip.


(tde] chubuwia, (tdew) chubuwiwa;

(tdk) chubuwika;

(tds) chumbuwisha.

chubwi nm [i-/zi-] plummet, plonk, a sinker attached to a fishing-line.

chuch.a kt [ele] throw down, knock down: ~ maembe knock down the mangoes. (tde) chuchia,

(tden) chuchiana; (tdk) chuchika; (tds) chuchisha; (tdw) chuchwa.

chuchi.a kt [ele] 1 rock, exorcise: Kuchu~ pepo to call a spirit; Kum~ mtoto to put a child to sleep by rocking it.

chuchio nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 act of rocking. 2 exorcism.

chuchu1 nm [i-/zi-] nipple, dug, teat. (Khi)

chuchu2 nm [a-/wa-] coward.

chuchuk.a kt [sie] grow tall.

(tde) chuchukia; (tdk) chuchukika; (tds) chuchukisha.

chuchuli kl shoulder high.

chuchuma.a kt [sie] squat.

(tde) chuchumalia,

(tdek) chuchumalika,

(tdes) chuchumalisha.

chuchumi.a kt [sie] tiptoe, reach up. (tdk) chuchumika;

(tdn) chuchumiana;

(tds) chuchumisha;

(tdw) chuchumiwa.

chuchunge nm [a-/wa-] sword fish.

chudere nm [a-/wa-] first born.

chugachug.a kt [sie] walk about as in a state of worry or discomfort.

(tde) chugiachugia;

(tdk) chugikachugika;

(tds) chugashachugisha.

chuguza1 nm [i-/zi-] fringe.

chuguz.a2 kt [ele] drum.

(tde) chuguzia, (tden) chuguziana; (tdk) chuguzika; (tds) chuguzisha; (tdw) chuguzwa.

chui nm [a-/wa-] 1 leopard. 2 cruel person.

chuj.a kt [ele] 1 filter, purify. 2 squeeze: ~ nazi squeeze coconut, sieve. 3 separate, choose, isolate. (tde) chujia, (tden) chujiana;

(tdk) chujika; (tdn) chujana;

(tds) chujisha; (tdw) chujwa. mchujo nm. chujio nm. chujo nm.


chujio nm ma- [li-/ya- ] filter, sieve,


chuju.a kt [ele] 1 (rangi) cause to fade/faint. 2 dilute: ~ pombe dilute alcohol: (tde) chujulia, (tdew) chujuliwa; (tdk) chujuka; (tdn) chujuana; (tds) chujusha.

chujuk.a kt [sie] (rangi) fade out; (chakula) be bland or tasteless.

(tde) chujukia.

chuki nm [i-/zi-] hatred, animosity, dium, spite: ~ ya watu misanthropy.

chuki kv morose.

chuki.a kt [sie] hate, detest, abhor. (tdk) chukika; (tdn) chukiana;

(tds) chukiza; (tdw) chukiwa.

chukiz.a kt [ele] 1 be hateful, be disgusting. 2 be unattractive, be repulsive, be displeased.

(tde) chukizia; (tdk) chukizika; (tdn) chukizana; (tdw) chukizwa.

chukio nm ma- [li-/ya-] act of hatred.

chukizo nm ma- [li-/ya-] abomination.

chuku nm [i-/zi-] 1 cupping horn: Piga ~ draw blood. 2 overstatement. (nh) Piga ~ exaggerate.

chuku.a kt [ele] 1 carry, take, withdraw. 2 transport. 3 steal. 4 contain: Ina~ siku nzima it takes a

whole day; Kazi ita~ saa moja the

work will take one hour. 5 pleasing. 6 attractive: Gauni linam~ the dress fits her well. 7 bear responsibility, take care: ~ hadhari be on the safe side; ~ nafasi ya

supersede, sustain. (tde) chukulia, (tdes) chukulisha; (tdew) chukuliwa; (tdk) chukuka; (tdn) chukuana.

chukuan.a kt [sie] 1 help each other. 2 be alike, be compatible.

chukuchuku kv unspiced: Nimekula ugali na dagaa la ~ I have eaten stiff porridge with unspiced sardines.

chukuli.a kt [ele] 1 accommodate. 2 consider it as, take it that: ~ kuwa hivyo ndiyo tabia yake take it that this is his habit. (tdk) chukulika; (tdn) chukuliana; (tds) chukulisha; chukuzan.a

(tdw) chukuliwa.

chukuzan.a kt [sie] 1 carry by turns.

2 accompany (especially by force): Nime~ naye hadi kituo cha polisi I went with him/her up to the police station. (tde) chukuzania.

chule nm [i-/zi-] white salt water marks on skin.

chuma1 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] iron, metal: ~ cha pua iron, steel: bamba la ~ a strip of metal. 2 (ms) a weapon such as a pistol or gun: Kofia ya ~ helmet; ~ cha kidole cha kupigia gita plectrum; Mavi ya ~ slag.

chuma2 nm [a-/wa-] strong person; one who can be dependable, hero.

chum.a3 kt [ele] 1 pick, pluck, gather from a tree (flower or fruits). 2 make money, earn: ~ fedha earn money. (tde) chumia, (tden) chumiana; (tdk) chumika; (tds) chumisha; (tdw) chumwa.

chumba nm vy- [ki-/vi-] room: ~ cha kulala bedroom; ~ cha kulia dining room; ~ cha maiti mortuary; ~ kidogo cha gereza cell; ~ cha kupangisha room to let; ~ cha kuoshea vyombo vya nyumbani scullery.

chumbi.a kt [ele] engage a girl:

(tdk) chumbika; (tdn) chumbiana; (tds) chumbisha; (tdw) chumbiwa.

chumo nm [i-/zi-] 1 plucking. 2

produce, yield, profit, gain, income.

chumu nm [i-/zi-] good luck.

chumvi nm [i-/zi-] 1 salt. 2

exaggeration: (nh) (1) Tia ~ exaggerate; (2) Amekula ~ nyingi

s/he has lived long, she/he is very old.

chumwi nm [i-/zi-] cowries or shells used in games.

chun.a kt [ele] 1 skin. 2 strip off bark or covering: (nh) (1) ~ jogoo be circumcised; (2) ~ ngozi have sexual intercourse; (3) ~ uso act without shame. (tde) chunia; (tdk) chunika; (tdn) chunana; (tds) chunisha; (tdw) chunwa.

chung.a kt [ele] 1 herd or graze animals, look after, tend. 2 guard someone or something. 3 lead spiritually. 4 sift out/from.


(tde) chungia; (tdk) chungika;

(tdn) chungana; (tds) chungisha; (tdw) chungwa.

chungi.a kt [ele] 1 beware, watch out. 2 be afraid. (tdk) chungika; (tdn) chungiana; (tds) chungisha; (tdw) chungiwa.

chungu1 kv bitter, acrid, sour, pungent: ~ kama shubiri bitter as aloes; dawa ~ bitter medicine.

chungu2 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] earthen cooking pot: Funua ~ open the pot.

chungu3 nm [a-/wa-] common black ants.

chungu4 nm [i-/zi-] pimples.

chungu5 nm [i-] lot, heap, pile: (ms) ~ nzima a lot; ~ ya kuni ya kuchomea maiti funeral pile.

chungu.a kt [ele] 1 examine, inspect. 2 investigate, inquire, scan.

(tde) chungulia,

(tdew) chunguliwa,

(tdek) chugulika; (tdn) chunguana; (tds) chunguza.

chunguchungu kl abundantly.

chunguli.a kt [ele] peep at, peek at. (nh) ~ kaburi be at the jaws of death. (tde) chungulilia;

(tdk) chungulika;

(tdn) chunguliana;

(tds) chungulisha;

(tdw) chunguliwa.

chungwa nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 orange: rangi ya ~ orange (colour).

chunguz.a kt [ele] 1 examine,

scrutinize, inspect. 2 research, inquire, investigate. (tde)

chunguzia; (tdk) chunguzika;

(tdn) chunguzana;

(tdw) chunguzwa. uchunguzi. nm mchunguzi nm.

chunguzi kv curious.

chuni nm [i-/zi-] provocation: Shikilia ~ provoke.

chunjua nm [i-/zi-] (kidoleni) corn.

chunu.a kt [ele] scrape off skin, skin. (tde) chunulia, (tdew) chunuliwa, (tdek) chunulika; (tdn) chunuana; (tds) chunusha.

chunusi1 nm [a-/wa-] hypothetical animal believed to attack and draw people into water.

chunusi2 nm [i-/zi-] pimple.


chunyu nm [i-] white dried salt marks on the ground.

chuo1 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] 1 college: ~ cha Ualimu Teachers' Training

College; ~ cha Ufundi Technical College; ~ cha Uhazili Secretarial College; ~ cha Jeshi Military Academy. 2 Quranic school. 3 Muslim book written in Arabic script. 4 (wanawake waislamu) marriage: Hiki ni ~ chake cha pili kuolewa this is her second marriage.

chuo2 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] instrument for scooping coconut.

chuo kikuu nm vy-vi- [ki-/vi-] university.

chup! kl shut up, be silent.

chupa1 nm [i-/zi-] bottle: ~ ya chai vaccum flask, thermos; ~ kubwa ndani ya mfuko wa mianzi demijohn; ~ kubwa jar; ~ ya uturi scent bottle.

chupa2 nm [i-/zi-] amniotic membrane; waters. (nh) Vunja ~ break the amniotic membrane/waters.

chup.a3 kt [sie] 1 jump down across, hop, leap. 2 (nguo) be short.

(tde) chupia; (tdk) chupika;

(tds) chupisha.

chupi nm [i-/zi-] underpants, panties,


chupi.a kt [ele] 1 jump on, pounce on; dash off, run away. 2 snatch. (tde) chupilia, (tdew) chupiwa; (tdk) chupika; (tdn) chupiana; (tds) chupisha; (tdw) chupwa.

chupio nm [i-/zi-] hairpin, hair clip.

chupuchupu kl narrowly: ponea ~ a

narrow escape.

chura1 nm vy- [a-/wa-] frog.

chura2 nm [a-/wa-] (mchezo wa watoto) someone who comes last in a play.

chur.a3 kt [ele] 1 cause bad omen. 2 do something abnormal. (tde) churia, (tden) churiana, (tdew)

churiwa; (tdk) churika; (tds) churisha.


chura4 nm [a-/wa-] lavatory cleaner,

sewage attendant.

churo kv ill luck, ill omen, misfortune: Mtoto m~ a child whose acts may cause ill luck.

churupuk.a kt [sie] slip away, escape. (tde) churupukia; (tdk)

churupukika; (tds) churupukisha.

churur.a kt [ele] trickle, drain, flow. (tde) chururia; (tdk) chururika; (tds) chururisha; chururiza;

(tdw) chururwa.

chururu1 kv watery: Mchuzi ~ watery stew.

chururu2 nm [a-/wa-) spider-like insect living underground.

chururu3 nm [i-/zi-] steady flow.

churusi nm [i-/zi-] chisel.

churuz.a kt [ele] slaver.

(tde) churuzia; (tdk) churuzika; (tdn) churuzana; (tds) churuzisha; (tdw) churuzwa.

churuzik.a kt [sie] 1 trickle, drain off, flow away. 2 fade away.

(tde) churuzikia; (tdk) churuzikika; (tds) churuzikisha.

chusa1 nm vy- [ki-/vi-] harpoon, trident.

chus.a2 kt [ele] cause to dislike, offend, put out, disgust.

(tde) chusia; (tdk) chusika;

(tdn) chusana; (tds) chusisha;

(tdw) chuswa.

chushi kv uninspired.

chutam.a kt [sie] squat.

(tde) chutamia; (tdk) chutamika; (tds) chutamisha.

chuuz.a kt [ele] vend, hawk, retail,

peddle. (tde) chuuzia;

(tdk) chuuzika; (tdn) chuuzana; (tds) chuuzisha; (tdw) chuuzwa. mchuuzi nm.

chuya nm [i-/zi-] unhusked rice in clean rice/millet.

chw.a kt [sie] be sunset: Kumeku ~ it is sunset. (tde) chwea.

chwago nm [i-/zi-] small sea-shore crab.

chwechwe nm [i-/zi-] annulet, annual ring.


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