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daa nm [a-/wa-] mud worm used as a bait.

daathar.i kt [ele] 1 endanger. 2 destroy, break. (tde) daatharia, (tden) daathariana, (tdew) daathariwa; (tdk) daatharika; (tds) daatharisha.

daawa* nm [i-/zi-] 1 lawsuit, litigation, legal claim. 2 matters that bring disputes; act of speaking behind someone's back. (Kar)

dabali* kl twice, double. (Kng)

dabir.i kt [ele] 1 imagine. 2 find out, investigate, examine, scrutinize. 3 abandon; escape. (tde) dabiria, (tden) dabiriana, (tdew) dabiriwa; (tdk) dabirika; (tds) dabirisha.

dab.u kt [ele] 1 control. 2 frighten, terrify, terrorize: Hani~ he/she does not frighten me. (tde) dabia, (tden) dabiana, (tdew) dabiwa; (tdk) dabika; (tds) dabisha.

dabwadabwa kv saturated with water or oil; soft, flabby: Wali wa ~ soft, watery boiled rice.

dachia nm [a-/wa-] heifer.

dada nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 elder sister: ~ wa kambo step sister. 2 any female relative. 3 term of respect to a girl or a woman.

dadavu.a kt [ele] resolve a problem: Tatizo lisilodadavulika inextricable problem. (tde) dadavulia; (tdk) dadavuka; (tdn) dadavuana; (tds) dadavusha; (tdw) dadavuwa.

dadis.a kt [ele] wrap cloth around the waist. (tde) dadisia; (tdk) dadisika; (tdn) dadisana; (tds) dadisisha; (tdw) dadiswa.

dadis.i* kt [ele] pry, be curious,

snoop into; be inquisitive, query. (tde) dadisia, (tden) dadisiana, (tdew) dadisiwa; (tdk) dadisika; (tds) dadisisha. mdadisi nm. udadisi nm. (Kar)

dadu* nm [i-/zi-] dice.

dafi* nm [i-/zi-] tambourine. (Kar)

dafina* nm [i-/zi-] 1 buried treasure. 2 unexpected present. (Kar)

dafrao* nm [i-/zi-]head-on collision. 2

(magari n.k.) shield, bumper. (Kar)

daftari* nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 copybook, an exercise book. 2 ledger, cash book, journal. (Kar)

dafu nm ma- [li-/ya-] unripe coconut: ~ la urambe a coconut just beginning to form a soft layer of nutty substance in the shell which can be licked or easily scraped off; tonga la ~ a coconut whose nutty substance has become thick and tough. (nh) fua ~ succeed.

dagaa* nm [a-/wa-] 1 sardines, anchovy. 2 contemptuous person or thing. (Kar)

dagaapapa nm [a-/wa-] pilchard.

dagla* nm [i-/zi-] a long coat ornamented with gold braid or thread. (Khi)

dago nm [i-/zi-] fishermen's camp.

dahalia nm [i-/zi-] dormitory.

dahari1* kl 1 always, every day, constantly, ever. 2 since long. (Kar)

dahari2* nm [i-/zi-] aeon, eon. (Kar)

dahil.i1* kt [ele] pry, inquire. 2 interfere, intervene. (tde) dahilia, (tden) dahiliana, (tdew) dahiliwa; (tdk) dahilika; (tds) dahilisha. mdahalo nm. mdahili nm. udahili nm.

dahili2 nm [i-/zi-] business income. (Kar)

dahu.a kt [ele] repeat uttered words.

(tde) dahulia, (tden) dahuana, (tdew) dahuliwa; (tdk) dahuka; (tdn) dahuana; (tds) dahusha.

da.i1* kt [ele] claim, demand: ~ pesa claim money; ~ talaka demand a divorce; ~ deni kwa nguvu dun. 2 assert, state; advocate, profess. (tde) daia, (tden) daiana, (tdew) daiwa; (tdk) daika. mdai nm. mdaiwa nm. (Kar)

dai2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 assertion, allegation; plaint, postulant. 2 (agh. katika wingi) claims: ~ kinzani counter-claim.

daima* kl perpetually, permanently, continually, always, for ever: Dumu ~ last forever, forever and ever. kv continuous, permanent, lasting. (Kar).


dainamo* nm [i-/zi-] dynamo. (Kng)

daini* nm [i-/zi-] dyne. (Kng)

dak.a1 kt [ele] catch, snatch, seize: ~ mpira catch a ball; ~ maneno interject. (tde) dakia; (tdk) dakika; (tdn) dakana; (tds) dakisha; dakiza; (tdw) dakwa.

daka2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] recess, receptacle, niche in a wall; cupboard.

dakawa* nm [i-/zi-] 1 towing-line, tow-rope: Vuta ~ pull the tow-rope. 2 rope for lifting cargo from a ship. (Kar)

daki.a kt [ele] 1 tiptoe. 2 jump on to a vehicle when in motion. 3 do sth in a hurry. 4 interject. (tde) dakilia; (tdk) dakika; (tdn) dakiana; (tds) dakiza; (tdw) dakiwa.

dakika* nm [i-/zi-] minute: ~ hii this very minute. (Kar)

dakiz.a kt [ele] interrupt speech, cut in on a conversation; raise a new


dakizo nm ma- [li-/ya-] interruption, interjection.

daktari* nm ma- [li-/ya-] medical doctor/officer; (GB) general practitioner: ~ mpasuaji surgeon; ~ wa macho eye-specialist, oculist; ~ wa meno dentist; ~ wa mifugo a veterinarian. 2 doctor of philosophy. udaktari nm.

daku* nm [i-] last meal before dawn. (Kar)

daladala nm ma- [li-/ya-] (T) urban shuttle bus.

dalali* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 auctioneer /broker. 2 agent. 3 (pesa) one who offers loans/credits. udalali nm. (Kar)

dali nm [i-] end, limit, terminus.

dalia* nm [i-] aromatic yellow powder, used by women for personal adornment. It is also used in preparing a dead body for burial. (Kar)

dalihini kl immediately, at once, quickly.

dalili* nm [i-/zi-] 1 sign, symptom, presage, indication: ~ za ugonjwa wa akili brain storm. 2 mark, trace,


token, clue: ~ ya miguu foot-mark/print. (Kar)

dalji nm [i-/zi-] 1 (punda/farasi) amble, even pace (neither quickly nor slowly). 2 graceful walk: Kwenda ~ walk gracefully. (Kar)

daluga nm [zi-] spikes.

dama* nm [i-] draughts. (Krn)

dambra nm [i-] cabin hold.

damir.i kt [sie] be devastated, be annihilated. (tde) damiria; (tdk) damirika; (tds) damirisha.

damisi* nm [a-/wa-] 1 clown, light-hearted/jolly/amusing person. 2 argumentative person; obstinate person. (Kar)

damk.a kt [sie] get up very early in the morning. (tde) damkia; (tdk) damkika; (tds) damkisha.

dampo* nm [i-/zi-] dump. (Kng)

damu* nm [i-] blood: Nyama na ~ flesh and blood; Hana ~ she is anaemic/weak/unhealthy; Toka ~ bleed; Ndugu wa ~ a relative. (Kar)

damu ya mzee nm [i-/zi-] (rangi) maroon.

danadana1 kl 1 shoulder-high: Alichukuliwa ~ he was carried in the palm of the hand. 2 joyfully, whole heartedly. 3 in a stretched out position.

danadana2 nm [zi-] 1 (mpira) dribbling. 2 cheating sb.

dand.a kt [ele] 1 pass over sth. 2 jump on sth in motion (e.g. a vehicle). (tde) dandia, (tden) dandiana, (tdew) dandiwa; (tdk) dandika; (tds) dandisha.

dandala nm [a-/wa-] Little Egret.

dandalo nm [i-/zi-] 1 local coastal dance played by men holding sticks. 2 tall pole.

dandi.a kt [ele] climb/scramble into, stow away.

danga1 nm [li-/ya-] 1 white yam. 2 unripe fruit: (nh) ~ la mwana well mannered youngster, a youth.

dang.a2 kt [ele] 1 scoop up/out a small quantity: ~ maji scoop up water. 2 look for sth scarce. (tde) dangia; (tdk) dangika; (tds)


dangisha; (tdw) dangwa.

dang'a nm [i-/zi-] bee stings, colostrum.

dangany.a kt [ele] lie, deceive, cheat, delude, beguile, dupe, falsify; spoof. (tde) danganyia; (tdk) danganyika; (tdn) danganyana; (tdw) danganywa. udanganyifu nm. mdanganyifu nm.

danganyifu kv false; deceitful insincere, mendacious.

dangirizi* nm ma- [i-/zi-] dungarees. (Khi)

dango nm ma [li-/ya-] target.

danguro* nm ma- [li-/ya-] brothel, bawdy-house. (Kre)

dansi* nm [i-/zi-] dance. (Kng)

danzi nm ma- [li-/ya-] bitter orange.

dapa nm ma- [li-/ya-] leaf of Deleb or Palmyra palm.

dapi.a kt [ele] jump from one tree branch to another as the small black monkey does. (tde) dapilia; (tdk) dapika; (tds) dapiza; (tdw) dapiwa.

dar.a* kt [ele] 1 touch gently. 2 test sth; tempt sb. (Kaj)

daraba* nm [i-/zi-] (jahazi) toilet.

darabi* nm [i-/zi-] rose apple. (Kaj)

darahani nm [i-/zi-] star very near to the moon; journey star.

daraja nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 bridge, viaduct. 2 stairs, staircase, tier. 3 rank, post, dignity, position: Amepandishwa ~ she has been promoted to a higher rank. 4 dock. 5 jetty.

darasa nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 classroom. 2 class. 3 lesson : ~ la Kiswahili Swahili lesson. 4 instructions, usually Islamic, given in the mosque or another special place. (Kar)

dari* nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 ceiling, attic, loft. 2 place in a sailing-vessel where passengers are seated or cargo is kept. (Kaj)

darij.i kt [ele] 1 arrange. 2 do sth step by step. (tde) darijia, (tden) darijiana, (tdew) darijiwa; (tdk)

darijika; (tds) darijisha.



darizi1* nm [i-/zi-] 1 embroidery. 2 incision marks. (Kar)

dariz.i2* pia tarizi kt [ele] embroider. (tde) darizia, (tden) dariziana, (tdew) dariziwa; (tdk) darizika; (tds) darizisha. (Kar)

darubini* nm [i-/zi-] telescope, binoculars. (Kaj)

darubiniakisi nm [i-/zi-] reflecting telescope.

darumeti* nm [i-/zi-] ceiling or interior planks of a vessel. (Kar)

dasi*1 nm [i-/zi-] 1 rope sewn into the edge of a sail: ~ ya bara on the upper side; ~ ya chini on the lower side; ~ ya joshini/ ~ ya demani on the lower and broader ends. 2 thread used in making sails. (Kaj)

dasi2 nm [i-] sickness of donkeys. (Kaj)

dasili* nm [i-] powder of jubejube tree leaves. (Kar)

dasta* nm [i-/zi-] duster. (Kng)

dasturi* nm ma- [li-/ya-] bowsprit. (Kaj)

dat.a1 kt [ele] 1 crackle, snap. 2 miss what you want. (tde) datia; (tdk) datika; (tds) datisha; (tdw) datwa.

dat.a2 kt [ele] stick to/on. (tde) datia; (tdk) datika; (tdn) datana; (tds) datisha; (tdw) datwa.

data3* nm [i-/zi-] data: ~ ghafi raw data. (Kng).

datam.a kt [ele] double up, cower,

crouch. (tds) datamia, (tden) datamiana, (tdew) datamiwa; (tds) datamisha.

dati.a kt [sie] stumble along/ around/about; walk boastfully. (tde) datilia; (tdk) datika; (tds) datisha.

dau1* nm ma- [li-/ya-] dhow, a small sailboat. (Kar)

dau2* nm ma- [li-/ya-] (kamari) pool. (Kar)

dawa* nm [i-/zi-] 1 medication, medicine, medicament, drug: ~ ya mitishamba herbal medicine. 2 insecticide: ~ ya kuogesha mifugo

dip. 3 remedy; help; panacea. 4 talisman, charm: ~ ya uwongo nostrum. (Kar)



dawamu kl always, continually, eternally: Daima ~ for ever and ever.

dawati* nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 desk, bureau (GB). 2 drawer, davenport. (Kar)

dawari nm [i-/zi-] rope used to tie the cow's legs when milking.

dawir.i kt [ele] weave skilfully in a circular manner. (tde) dawiria, (tden) dawiriana, (tdew) dawiriwa; (tdk) dawirika; (tds) dawirisha.

dayani* nm [a-] (Waislamu) Almighty Judge. (Kar)

dayosisi* nm diocese. (Kng)

dazeni* nm a dozen. (Kng)

debe* nm ma- [li-/ya-] tin container of 20 litres. (Khi)

debwani nm [i-/zi-] turban cloth, mostly of silk, with red or brown stripes.

dede kl (kwa kusimama) uncertainly/ shakily as a child does: Simama ~ stand shakily.

dege1 nm [i-] stomach pains or dropping of food while eating

believed to be caused by envious look.

dege2 nm [i-] pia degedege convulsions.

dege la watoto nm [li-] fern (pteris longifolia)

degi nm ma- [li-/ya-] large brass cooking pot.

dehen.i1 kt [ele] 1 apply, smear (e.g. ointment). 2 seal/caulk joints of a vessel. (tde) dehenia, (tden) deheniana, (tdew) deheniwa; (tdk) dehenika; (tds) dehenisha.

deheni2 nm mixture of lime and fat, applied on native vessels to prevent rust.

dek.a kt [sie] 1 demand attention. 2 show conceit, be arrogant. 3 hope to get sth from sb you are sure could help. (tde) dekea; (tdk) dekeka; (tds) dekeza.

dekez.a kt [ele] spoil a child,

pamper. (tde) dekezea; (tdk) dekezeka; (tdn) dekezana; (tdw) dekezwa.



dek.i kt [ele] mop/wash the floor. (tde) dekia; (tdk) dekika; (tds) dekisha.

deku.a kt [ele] 1 bring down with one shot e.g. a bird with a stone, fruit off a tree with a stick. 2 strike suddenly and coarsely. (tde) dekulia, (tdew) dekuliwa; (tdk) dekuka; (tdn) dekuana; (tds) dekusha.

dele* nm long large brass coffee pot. (Kar)

delta* nm [i-/zi-] delta. (Kng)

dem.a1 kt [sie] 1 totter along. 2 walk with a limp. (tde) demea; (tdk) demeka; (tds) demesha.

dema2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] wickerwork fish trap.

demadema kt [sie] toddle. (tde) demademea; (tdk) demademeka; (tds) demademesha.

demani* nm [i-/zi-] 1 sheet/rope of mainsail of a native sailing-vessel. 2 the leeward. 3 wind blowing from the sea. 4 season of the year from end of August to beginning of November. (Kaj)

demokrasi* nm [i-] democracy. (Kng)

demu nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 rag. 2 (zamani) old piece of cloth or rag worn round the loins or around a woman's breasts, esp. when working in a field.

dend.a1 kt [ele] obtain deceitfully; scrounge. (tde) dendea; (tdk) dendeka; (tdn) dendana; (tds) dendesha; (tdw) dendwa.

denda2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] drool, spittle.

denge nm [i-/zi-] hair-cut leaving a patch of hair on the top of the head: ~ la mbuzi (a) billy-goat; (b) goat pen built on poles, raised off the ground.

dengelua nm [i-] local brew made from sugar/sugar cane.

dengu* nm [zi-] lentils, chick peas. (Kaj)

dengu.a1 kt [ele] shave the head from

side to side across the front. (tde) dengulia; (tdk) denguka; (tdn) denguana; (tds) dengusha; (tdw) dengu.a



dengu.a2 pia nengua kt [ele] 1 sway hips. 2 dance elegantly. (tde) dengulia; (tdk) denguka; (tds) dengusha; (tdw) denguwa.

deni nm ma- [li-/ya-] debt, loan,

money obligation : Lipa ~ pay off a debt, repay a loan.

depo* nm [i-/zi-] 1 depot. 2 warehouse, godown. 3 place for training police. (Kng)

deraya* nm [i-/zi-] armour, cuirass, panoply mail; (za miguuni) greaves.

dereli* nm [i-/zi-] drill. (Kng)

dererek.a kt [sie] trickle like thick oil. (tde) dererekea; (tdk) dererekeka; (tds) dererekesha.

dereva* nm ma- [a-/wa-] driver, chauffeur. (Kng)

des.a kt [sie] show off, put on airs. (tde) desia; (tdk) desika; (tds) desisha.

Desemba* nm [i-/zi-] December. (Kng)

desimali* nm [i-/zi-] decimal. (Kng)

deski* nm ma- [li-ya-] desk. (Kng)

deste nm ma- [li-/ya-] dish for serving sweetmeat.

desturi1 nm [i-/zi-] 1 custom, tradition, regular practice, currency. 2 norms; principles: Fuata ~ follow the principles. (Kaj)

desturi2 nm [ i-] bowsprit.

detepwani nm [a-/wa-] pied kingfisher.

deu.a kt [ele] remove from the fire. 2 turn, esp. the head in a scornful or proud manner; treat with scorn. (tde) deulia, (tden) deuliana, (tdew) deuliwa; (tdk) deuka; (tds) deusha.

deuli nm [i-/zi-] 1 cloth for holding a sword to the waist. 2 pall, cloth for covering a bier.

dezo nm [i-/zi-] sth obtained free-of-charge.

dhaa nm [i-] lack of happiness, the

state of being worried.

dhabih.u1* kt [sie] sacrifice, offer a sacrifice. (tde) dhabihia; (tdk)



dhabihika; (tds) dhabihisha. (Kar).

dhabihu2* nm [i-/zi-] 1 sacrifice, offering, 2 abattoir. (Kar)

dhahabu* nm [i-/zi-] gold: ~ bandia pinchbeck. (Kar)

dhahania nm [i-/zi-] abstract.

dhahiri1* kl evidently, perspiciously, clearly, apparently; above board. (Kar)

dhahiri2* kv distinct; evident, plain.

dhaifu* kv 1 faint, weak, feeble, spineless; decrepit. 2 of poor quality, frail, deficient, base. (Kar)

dhakari nm [i-/zi-] penis. (Kar)

dhalala1 nm [i-] 1 dishonest character. 2 depravity, perversion.

dhalala2 kl without any reason; for nothing.

dhalili1 nm [a-/wa-] wretch.

dhalili2* kv wretched, abject, contemptible. (Kar)

dhalilish.a kt [ele] humiliate, snub, bring low. (tde) dhalilishia; (tdk) dhalilishika; (tdn) dhalilishana; (tdw) dhalilishwa.

dhalimu* nm ma- [a-/wa-] unjust/oppressive/tyrannical person. kv cruel, unjust, violent. (Kar)

dhamana* nm [i-/zi-] surety, guarantee; bail, pledge: Weka ~ find bail, give surety. mdhamini nm. udhamini nm.

dhamani nm [i-/zi-] last month of S.E. Monsoon.

dhambi* nm [i-/zi-] 1 sin, fall; crime; offence: ~ ya Adam na Hawa the fall of man. 2 (mchezo) foul. Kar)

dhamin.i* kt [ele] 1 give surety. 2 bail up/out. 3 guarantee. (tde) dhaminia, (tden) dhaminiana, (tdew) dhaminiwa; (tdk) dhaminika; (tds) dhaminisha. mdhamini nm. udhamini (Kar)

dhamira* nm [i-/zi-] intent/purpose, will: ~ kuu leitmotif. (Kar)

dhamiri nm [i-/zi-] superego.

dhamiri.a kt [ele] premeditate,

intend: ~ madhara mean mischief. (tde) dhamirilia; (tdk) dhamirika; (tds) dhamirisha; (tdw) dhamiriwa.



dhana* nm [i-/zi-] concept, idea, staple, notion; belief: ~ yenye kosa fallacy. (Kar)

dhan.i* kt [ele/sie] think, surmise, suppose, guess; calculate. (tde) dhania, (tden) dhaniana, (tdew) dhaniwa; (tdk) dhanika; (tds) dhanisha. (Kar)

dhani.a* kt [ele] imagine. (tde) dhanilia; (tdk) dhanika; (tdn) dhaniana; (tds) dhanisha; (tdw) dhaniwa.

dhara* nm ma- [i-/zi-] harm, hurt, loss; detriment. (Kar)

dharau*1 kt [ele] 1 despise, treat with contempt; insult. 2 slight; snub; disregard, disdain. (tde) dharaulia, (tden) dharauliana, (tdew) dharauliwa; (tdk) dharaulika; (tds) dharaulisha. (Kar)

dharau*2 nm [i-/zi-] scorn, contempt, snub. (Kar)

dhariri nm [i-/zi-] radiation dust.

dharuba nm [i-/zi-] impact; jab.

dharubia* nm [i-/zi-] stroke, blow. (Kar)

dharura* nm [i-/zi-] 1 exigency; emergency, urgency: Mkutano wa ~ an emergency meeting. 2 need, request, problem: Sitakuwepo leo ofisini, nina ~ I won't be in the office today, I have a problem. (Kar)

dhati* nm [i-/zi-] essence; sincerity, resolve, free will: Shukurani za ~ sincere appreciation. (Kar)

dhibu nm [zi-] reinforcement forces.

dhibit.i* kt [ele/sie] control, sensor, manage; bridle, coerce, curb. (tde) dhibitia, (tden) dhibitiana, (tdew) dhibitiwa; (tdk) dhibitika; (tds) dhibitisha. (Kar)

dhidi kv dhidi ya contra; against: Vita ~ ya UKIMWI war against AIDS.

dhifa nm [i-/zi-] banquet: ~ ya taifa a state banquet.

dhihaka* nm [i-/zi-] mockery, ridicule, joke, irony; teasing; hoax: Kicheko cha ~ sardonic laughter. (Kar)



dhihak.i* kt [ele] mock, ridicule, make fun of; laugh at, deride, scoff. (tde) dhihakia, (tden) dhihakiana, (tdew) dhihakiwa; (tdk) dhihakika; (tds) dhihakisha. (Kar)

dhihir.i* kt [sie] make clear, be evident. (tde) dhihiria; (tdk) dhihirika; (tds) dhihirisha. (Kar)

dhihirik.a* kt [sie] be evident/clear. (tde) dhihirikia; (tdk) dhihirikika; (tds) dhihirikisha. (Kar)

dhihirish.a* kt [ele] exhibit; substantiate, clarify, verify; debunk. (tde) dhihirishia, (tdk) dhihirishika; (tdn) dhihirishana; (tdw) dhihirishwa. (Kar)

dhihirisho* nm clarification, substantiation, verification. (Kar)

dhi.i*1 kt [sie] 1 waste away, pine away, be consumed. 2 be hard driven; be distressed. (tde) dhilia; (tdk) dhiika; (tds) dhiisha. (Kar)

dhii2* nm [i-] state of being wasted away.

dhiki1* nm 1 [i-/zi-] distress, oppression. 2 lack of basic needs; difficulty. (Kar)

dhik.i2* kt [sie] distress, put in difficulties. (tde) dhikia; (tdk) dhikika; (tds) dhikisha. (Kar).

dhikir.i1* kt [sie] 1 (Waislamu) mention the name of God. 2 chant and dance God's praises. (tde) dhikiria; (tdk) dhikirika; (tds) dhikirisha. (Kar)

dhikiri2* nm [i-/zi-] (Waislamu) act of dancing and chanting God's praises. (Kar)

dhikish.a kt [ele] distress. (tde) dhikishia; (tdk) dhikishika; (tdn) dhikishana; (tdw) dhikishwa. (Kar)

Dhilhaji* nm [i-/zi-] the 12th month in the Islamic calendar. (Kar)

dhil.i1* kt [ele] 1 lower, set at nought;

torture. 2 abase, degrade, humiliate. (tde) dhilia, (tden) dhiliana, (tdew) dhiliwa; (tdk) dhilika; (tds) dhilisha. (Kar)

dhili2* nm [i-/zi-] shadow. (Kar)

dhilifu* kv poor, mean, insignificant. (Kar)

dhilkaadi* nm [i-/zi-] the 11th month in the Islamic calendar. (Kar)

dhima nm [i-/zi-] 1 duty, responsibility, role; obligation,

liability. 2 (uhasibu) debt.

dhiraa* nm [i-/zi-] cubic, measure of length, from elbow to finger-tip: ~ konde half a yard. (Kar)

dhoofik.a kt [sie] become weak/infirm/feeble; lose strength. (tde) dhoofikia; (tdk) dhoofikika; (tds) dhoofikisha.

dhoofish.a kt [ele] weaken, debilitate, devitalize; emaciate, enfeeble, enervate, sap. (tde) dhoofishia; (tdk) dhoofishika; (tdn) dhoofishana; (tdw) dhoofishwa.

dhoof.u* kt [sie] become weak /infirm/feeble. (tde) dhoofia; (tdk) dhoofika; (tds) dhoofisha.

dhoruba* nm [i-/zi-] tempest; storm, hurricane; blizzard, gale. (Kar)

dhuha* nm [i-/zi-] 1 period between sunrise and noon. 2 Moslem prayer of that period. (Kar)

dhuk.u* kt [ele] taste, try the taste of sth. (tde) dhukia; (tdk) dhukika; (tds) dhukisha. (Kar)

dhukuria nm [i-/zi-] sons.

dhukur.u* kt [sie] 1 remember, understand. 2 articulate. 3 consider. 4 (Uislamu) mention the name of God; take part in a ritual where the name of God is mentioned in chorus. (tde) dhukuria; (tdk) dhukurika; (tds) dhukurisha. (Kar)

dhuli1* nm [a-/wa-] weak or suffering person; wretch. (Kar)

dhuli2 nm [i-/zi-] disappointment.

dhul.u* kt [sie] come to light; be discovered; be known. (tde) dhulia; (tdk) dhulika; (tds) dhulisha. (Kar)

dhuluma* nm [i-/zi-] injustice,

oppression. (Kar)

dhulum.u kt [ele] 1 treat unjustly; oppress, afflict/cause pain. 2 rob off sb's right/belonging/wealth, maltreat. (tde) dhulumia, (tden)



dhulumiana, (tdew) dhulumiwa; (tdk) dhulumika; (tds) dhulumisha.

dhumma* nm [i-/zi-] Arabic vowel "u" written on top of consonant script. (Kar)

dhumna* nm [i-/zi-] dominoes, game of dice. (Kar)

dhunubu nm [i-/zi-] mercilessness, cruelty. 2 foolishness, ignorance.

dhuria nm [i-/zi-] descendants. (Kar)

dhurik.a kt [sie] be affected/harmed/ hurt/damaged. (tde) dhurikia; (tdk) dhurikika; (tds) dhurikisha.

dhur.u kt [ele] 1 hurt, damage: Tendo la ku ~ maleficent act. 2 injure: hai~ it is of no harm; it does not matter. (tde) dhuria, (tden) dhuriana, (tdew) dhuriwa; (tdk) dhurika; (tds) dhurisha. (Kar)

dhurub.u kt [ele] strike a blow, clobber. (tde) dhurubia, (tden) dhurubiana, (tdew) dhurubiwa; (tdk) dhurubika; (tds) dhurubisha.

dia* nm [i-/zi-] 1 compensation for causing death. 2 payment for getting protection from an authority in a country. (Kar)

dialisisi* nm [i-/zi-] (Kemia) dialysis.

dibaji1 nm [i-/zi-] preface, preamble; prologue.

dibaji2 [i-/zi-] good quality woollen/silk material.

didimi.a kt [sie] 1 sink. 2 lose in business. (tde) didimilia; (tdk) didimika; (tds) didimiza.

didimiz.a kt [ele] 1 submerge. 2

cause a loss/damage. (tde) didimizia; (tdk) didimizika; (tdn) didimizana; (tdw) didimizwa.

difensi* nm [i-/zi-] defence. (Kng)

difu1* nm [i-/zi-] piece of bone used as pen or pencil. (Kar)

difu2* nm [i-/zi-] fibre binding the

young leaf of a coconut tree round a

growing stem. (Kar)

difu3* nm [i-zi-] differential. (Kng)

digali nm [i-/zi-] stem of a hookah/tobacco pipe. (Kar)

digrii* nm [i-/zi-] degree. (Kng)



diko nm ma- [li-/ya-] wharf, quay, landing-pier. (Kar)

dikoni* nm [i-/zi-] (Kikristo) deacon. (Kng)

dikteta nm ma- [a-/wa-] dictator. (Kng)

dila* nm [i-/zi-] bailing scoop. (Kar)

dimba1 nm ma- [li-/ma-] 1 entrance to women's initiation camp. 2 court for initiation rites. (nh) Fungua/funga ~ open/close an event.

dimba2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] recultivated fallow.

dimbwi nm ma- [li-/ya-] pool, puddle; mere.

dinari* nm [i-/zi-] dinar. (Kar)

dinosau* nm [a-/wa-] dinosaur. (Kng)

dind.a kt [sie] 1 stand firm, be firm or taut. 2 have an erection of the penis. (tde) dindia, (tden) dindiana, (tdew) dindiwa; (tdk) dindika; (tds) dindisha.

dindi.a1 kt [sie] stoop in a dance. (tde) dindilia; (tdk) dindika; (tds) dindisha.

dindi.a2 kt [sie] (ardhi/mahali) sink and make dull noise when stepped

on. (tde) dindilia; (tdk) dindika; (tds) dindisha.

dingi nm ma- [a-/wa-] (sio rasmi) father, old man; boss.

dini* nm [i-/zi-] spiritual belief. 2 religion. (Kar)

dipfriza* nm [i-/zi-] deep freezer. (Kng)

diploma* nm diploma. (Kng)

diplomasia* nm diplomacy. (Kng)

dipu* nm [i-/zi-] dip. (Kng)

dira1* nm 1 compass. 2 vision: ~ ya bei za hisa share index. (Kar)

dir.a2* kt [ele] cut or shave hair. (tde) diria; (tdk) dirika; (tdn) dirana; (tds) dirisha; (tdw) dirwa. (Kar)

dirab.u kt [ele] twine, spin. (tde) dirabia, (tden) dirabiana, (tdew)

dirabiwa; (tdk) dirabika; (tds) dirabisha.

diradir.a kt [ele] beat about the bush, evade. (tde) diradiria; (tdk) diradirika; (tds) diradirisha.



direki nm [i-/zi-] haul yard.

dirhamu* nm [i-/zi-] 1 dirhan, drachma. 2 money (in general). (Kar)

diriji nm [i-/zi-] East African coastal dance of men playing with walking sticks and/or swords.

dirik.a kt [sie] meet, encounter; find. (tde) dirikia; (tdk) dirikika; (tds) dirikisha.

dirik.i* kt [sie] 1 dare. 2 venture, attempt. 3 be calm/composed. 4 be in time (for). (tde) dirikia; (tdk) dirikika; (tds) dirikisha. (Kar)

dirisha* nm ma- [li-/ya-] window. (Kaj)

diriz.i1 kt [ele] lead as in a dance.

(tde) dirizia; (tdk) dirizika; (tdn) dirizana; (tdw) dirizwa.

dirizi2 nm [i-/zi-] armour.

diro nm [i-/zi-] public eating place.

dis.a kt [ele/sie] (uume) be erect. (tde) disia; (tdk) disika; (tds) disisha; (tdw) diswa.

dishi* nm 1 dish. 2 (si rasmi) food. (Kng)

disii* nm ma- [a-/wa-] District Commissioner (D.C.). (Kng)

diskaunti* nm [i-/zi-] discount. (Kng)

diski* nm [i-/zi-] disc; ~ ya muziki music disc, breki za ~ disc brakes. (Kng)

disko* nm [i-/zi-] discotheque. (Kng)

dispensari* nm [i-/zi-] dispensary. (Kng)

divai* nm wine. (Kfa)

divisheni* nm [i-/zi-] division. (Kng)

diwani1* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 councillor; elder man. 2 minister, king's advisor. (Kar)

diwani2* nm [i-/zi-] poetry book esp. of one poet. (Kar)

dizeli* nm [i-] diesel. (Kng)

do! ki 1 oh! 2 damn!

doa nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 spot; freckle. 2 blemish.

dobi* nm ma- [a-/wa-] laundry man/woman, dhobi. (Khi)

dod.a1 kt [sie] 1 go stale/bad esp. perishables. 2 stay long without being used or sold. 3 fail to get sth



in several attempts. (tde) dodea; (tds) dodesha.

dod.a2 kt [sie] drip. (tde) dodea; (tds) dedesha.

dodi nm ma- [li-/ya-] fine wire of brass, iron or copper. 2 bracelet of fine wire.

dodo nm ma- [li-/ya-] type of a large mango. 2 (si rasmi) firm breast (of a young woman).

dodoki nm ma- [li-/ya-] loofah fruit.

dodos.a1 kt [ele/sie] 1 drawl, hesitate in speech or reading. 2 cross examine, interview, cross question. (tde) dodosea; (tdk) dodoseka; (tdn) dodosana; (tdw) dodoswa.

dodos.a2 kt [ele] 1 beat. 2 scrape. (tde) dodosea; (tdk) dodoseka; (tdn) dodosana; (tdw) dodoswa.

dodosi kv censorious.

doe.a kt [ele] sponge, scrounge: ~ chakula scrounge a dinner. 2 use cunning ways to get sth from sb. (tde) doelea; (tdk) doeka; (tdn) doeana; (tds) doesha; (tdw) doewa.

dogo kv 1 small: Mtoto m~ a small child; microscopic; midget, miniature. 2 few: Walihudhuria watu ki~ tu few people attended. 3 minor. (ms) Hana ~ she/he blows out trivials.

dogodogo kv piddling, petty: Biashara n~ petty business.

dogori nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 big drum with one drumhead. 2 exorcizing dance.

dogoz.a kt [ele] make small. (tde) dogozea; (tdk) dogozeka; (tdn) dogozana; (tdw) dogozwa.

dohani1 nm [i-/zi-] chimney, flue; smoke-stack.

dohani2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] narrow basket used to carry fruit.

dohani3 nm 1 kind of millet. 2 quality honey used as medicine.

dokez.a kt [ele] 1 allude, give a hint, suggest, tip sb off. 2 apply small

quantity of medicine/liquid. (tde)

dokezea; (tdk) dokezeka; (tdn) dokezana; (tds) dokezesha; (tdw) dokezwa.



dokezo nm ma- [li-/ya-] hint, sign, suggestion: ~ dhahiri/la wazi broad hint.

doko.a kt [ele] 1 filch, snaffle, snatch. 2 bite/break off small portions. (tde) dokolea; (tdk) dokoka; (tdn) dokoana; (tds) dokoza; (tdw) dokowa.

dola1 nm [i-/zi-] state, government, polity: Jumuiya ya Ma~ Commonwealth Countries.

dola2* nm [i-/zi-] dollar; buck. (Kng)

dole nm ma- [li-/ya-] a single banana in a cluster.

doli* nm ma- [li-/ya-] doll. (Kng)

dominika* nm [i-/zi-] (Kikristo) Sunday. (Kla)

domo nm ma- [li-/ya-] (simo) idle talk, gossip. (nh) Piga ~ idle talk to pass time; Mpiga ~ flibbertigibbet, chatterbox.

domokaya nm ma- [a-/wa-] blabber, chatterbox.

don.a1 kt [ele] peck, pick at, pick up bit by bit with the beak. (tde) donea; (tdk) doneka; (tdn) donana; (tds) donesha; (tdw) donwa.

dona2 nm whole meal flour, whole corn/maize flour.

donda nm ma- [li-/ya-] lesion, sore, ulcer: ~ ndugu spreading, persistent ulcer.

dondakoo nm [li-] diptheria.

dondo1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 large tiger cowrie-shell used by tailors to smoothen seams. 2 starch used to give a good surface and of appearance to inferior material.

dondo2 nm [a-/wa-] kind of inedible sea crab.

dondo3 nm [i-] size, polishing glue.

dondo.a kt [ele] pick one at a time like grains or insects on a body. 2 quote. (tde) dondolea; (tdk) dondoka; (tdn) dondoana; (tds) dondosha; (tdw) dondowa.

dondoandume nm ma- [a-/wa-] man who likes to act like a woman.

dondok.a kt [sie] 1 drip, dribble. 2 fall down. 3 (ms) fall in love. (tde) dondokea, (tden) dondokeana,



(tdew) dondokewa; (tdk) dondokeka.

dondola nm ma- [a-/wa-] hornet.

dondosh.a kt [ele] cause to fall, drip. (tde) dondoshea; (tdk) dondosheka; (tdn) dondoshana; (tdw) dondoshwa.

dondoo1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 quotation, excerpt. 2 item of an agenda.

dondoo2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] (samaki) act of catching bait.

dondoo3 nm ma- [li-/ya-] promiscuity.

dondoro nm ma- [a-/wa-] steinbuck.

done.a kt [ele] kiss, peck at. (tde) donelea; (tdk) doneka; (tdn) doneana; (tds) donesha; (tdw) donewa.

donge nm ma- [li-/ma-] 1 small round mass, lump, ball: ~ la uzi ball of thread. 2 (damu) clot. 3 (ms) lumpsum (of money), income, salary.

dongoa nm ma- lumps of dried mud falling from a wall.

dono.a kt [ele] 1 peck, pick bit by bit with the beak; (zeze) thrum. 2 bite bit by bit esp. for fowls/birds. (tde)

donolea; (tdk) donoka; (tdn) donoana; (tds) donosha; (tdw) donowa.

dopa* nm ma- thimble. (Kar)

dopo.a kt [ele] bore a hole. (tde) dopolea; (tdk) dopoka; (tdn) dopoana; (tds) dopoza; (tdw) dopowa.

dorati nm precious stone, jewel.

doria1* nm white muslin, organdie. (Khi)

doria2* nm [i-/zi-] security patrol.(Kar)

doriani nm ma- [li-/ya-] durian.

doror.a1 kt [sie] drip saliva/mucus. (tde) dororea; (tdk) dororeka; (tds) dororesha.

doror.a2 kt [sie] (bidhaa) stay long without selling. (tde) dororea; (tdk) dororeka; (tds) dororesha.

dosari* nm blemish, defect, fault, flaw; short-coming, (ya jicho) astigmatism. (Kar)



doti* nm set of two pieces of two yard materials such as khanga. (Khi)

doy.a kt [ele] 1 spy, reconnoitre. 2 sponge, frequent people's houses at meal time in the hope of being invited. (tde) doyea; (tdk) doyeka; (tdn) doyana; (tds) doyeza; (tdw) doywa.

drafti* nm game of draughts, checkers. (Kng)

dragoni* nm [a-/wa-] dragon. (Kng)

drama* nm drama. (Kng)

dramumeja* nm ma- drum major. (Kng)

drili* nm [i-/zi-] drill. (Kng)

dua* nm [i-/zi-] prayer. (nh) Pigwa ~ be cursed, be casted a spell. (Kar)

duara* nm 1 circle: ~ kamili la

umeme complete circuit (of electricity). 2 aureola. (Kar)

duaradufu nm [ li-] ellipse.

dub.a kt [sie] be half full. (tde) dubia; (tdk) dubika; (tds) dubisha.

dubu* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 bear; bruin. 2 foolish person. (Kar)

dubwana nm ma- [li-/ma-] 1 zombi(e); giant, monster, ogre. 2 any unknown gigantic thing, animal etc.

dubwasha nm ma- [li-/ya-] worthless or unknown thing.

dude nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 unknown massive thing. 2 despicable thing/person, contemptible thing/ person.

dudi.a kt [ele] inflate. (tde) dudilia; (tdk) dudika; (tdn) dudiana; (tds) dudiza; (tdw) dudiwa.

duduik.a kt [ele] be disfigured by illness/disease: ~ uso have a face pitted/marked as by small-pox. (tde) duduikia; (tdk) duduikika; (tds) duduikisha; (tdw) duduikwa.

duduish.a kt [ele] cause to be disfigured. (tde) duduishia; (tdk) duduishika; (tdn) duduishana; (tdw) duduishwa.

dudumi nm ma- [li-/ya-] big horn.

dudumi.a kt [ele] 1 perforate by force, pierce. 2 drink forcefully, gulp. (tde) dudumilia; (tdk) dudumizi


dudumika; (tdn) dudumiana; (tds) dudumisha; (tdw) dudumiwa.

dudumizi nm ma- [a-/wa-] white-browed coucal.

duduvule nm ma- [a-/wa-] white coloured stinging insect which bores wood.

dufi nm ma- [a-/wa-] sea tortoise.

dufu kv worthless, valueless, good for nothing: Mtu ~ stupid/dull person; (sabuni) wishy-washy.

dugi kv blunt: Kisu ki~ blunt knife.

dugik.a kt [ele] 1 become blunt. 2 (kwa kitu kilicho ndani ya chombo) knock against the walls. (tde) dugikia; (tdk) dugikika; (tds) dugikisha.

dugu nm ma- [li-/ya-] round mat.

dugud.a kt [ele] shake sth inside another thing. (tde) dugudia; (tdk) dugudika; (tdn) dugudana; (tds) dugudisha; (tdw) dugudwa.

duhuli nm [i-/zi-] (biashara) capital.

duhus.i kt [ele] spy. (tde) duhusia, (tden) duhusiana, (tdew) duhusiwa; (tdk) duhusika; (tds) duhusisha.

dui.a kt [ele] curse. (tde) duilia; (tdk) duika; (tdn) duiana; (tds) duisha; (tdw) duiwa.

duizo nm ma- [li-/ya-] curse.

duka nm ma- [li-/ya-] shop, (Marekani) store; supermarket: ~ la jumla wholesale shop; ~ la rejareja retail shop; ~ la maziwa na bidhaa za maziwa dairy.

dukiz.a kt [ele] 1 intrude. 2 eavesdrop. (tde) dukizia; (tdk) dukizika; (tdn) dukizana; (tdw) dukizwa.

dukizi nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 eavesdropping. 2 eavesdroppers.

duko nm ma- [li-/ya-] partially deaf or deaf person. (Kar)

dukuduku nm ma- [li-/ya-] grudge, bitterness; anxiety.

dulabu nm [i-/zi-] spindle.

duma1 nm [a-/wa-] cheetah.

dum.a2 kt [ele] capture (esp. in war).

(tde) dumia; (tdk) dumika; (tdn) dumana; (tds) dumisha; (tdw)




duma.a kt [sie] 1 fail to develop fully, be stunted in growth. 2 lack intelligence. (tde) dumalia; (tdk) dumaka; (tdn) dumana; (tds) dumasha; (tdw) dumawa.

dumaz.a kt [ele] stunt, inhibit. (tde) dumazia; (tdk) dumazika; (tdn) dumazana; (tds) dumazisha; (tdw) dumazwa.

dume nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 male: Mbuzi ~ he goat. 2 brave/courageous person. 3 (karata) king.

dumbi nm ma- [li-/ya-] trench (for draining rain water).

dumi.a kt [ele] sip esp. during shortage of water. (tde) dumilia; (tdk) dumika; (tds) dumisha; (tdw) dumiwa.

dumiliz.a kt [ele] make blood friendship by mutual incision. (tde) dumilizia; (tdk) dumilizika; (tds) dumilizisha; (tdn) dumilizana; (tdw) dumilizwa.

dumish.a kt [ele] perpetuate, maintain. (tde) dumishia; (tdk) dumishika; (tdn) dumishana; (tdw) dumishwa.

dum.u1 kt [sie] last, be permanent: Daima ~ (last) forever. (tde) dumia; (tdk) dumika; (tds) dumisha.

dumu2 nm ma- [li-/ ya-] pitcher; jerry can; jar; jug.

dumuzi nm [a-/wa-] corn borer.

dund.a kt [ele] knock against with force, bounce; dribble: ~ mpira bounce a ball/dribble a ball.

dundadunda kt [ele] pulsate.

(tde) dundiadundia;

(tdk) dundikadundika;

(tdn) dundanadundana;

(tds) dundishadundisha;

(tdw) dundwadundwa.

dundu1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] big dried gourd used for carrying & storing water & other liquids.

dundu2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] bale; heap of


dundu3 nm ma- [a-/wa-] scavenger beetle.



dunduiz.a kt [ele] 1 collect little by little. 2 get small amounts of food by taking manial jobs. (tde) dunduizia, (tden) dunduiziana; (tdk) dunduizika; (tds) dunduizisha; (tdw) dunduizwa.

dundumio nm ma- [li-/ya-] larynx, Adam's apple.

dung.a1 kt [ele] pierce, bore: ~ sindano inject. (tde) dungia; (tdk) dungika; (tdn) dungana; (tds) dungisha; (tdw) dungwa.

dunga2 nm [i-/zi-] covered bamboo basket.

dunga3 nm [i-/zi-] witchcraft, sorcery, magic. (nh) Piga ~ bewitch.

dunge nm ma- [li-/ya-] unripe cashew apple.

dungu1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] watchtower, tribune.

dungu2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] (eropleni) cockpit.

dungudungu nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 anything of unusual shape/quality. 2 deformed persons.

dungumaro nm 1 kind of evil spirit.

2 dance that expels such evil spirits. 3 any heavy big thing.

duni* kv abject, inferior, mediocre; low, worthless; ignoble: Maisha ~ lowlife; Hali ~ abject condition. (Kar)

dunia* nm [i-/zi-] (sayari) earth; world. 2 life: Fariki ~ die. (Kar)

dunish.a kt [ele] debase, cause to be abject, inferior, low or worthless. 2 disgrace, dishonour, shame. (tde) dunishia; (tdk) dumishika; (tdn) dunishana; (tdw) dunishwa.

duodeni* nm [i-/zi-] duodenum. (Kng)

dup.a kt [ele] 1 step over. 2 press

forward, press upon, rest heavily on. (tde) dupia; (tdk) dupika; (tdn) dupana; (tds) dupisha; (tdw) dupwa.

dura* nm [a-/wa-] parrot. (Kar)

duri nm [i-/zi-] pearl. (Kar)

dur.u1 kt [sie] 1 rotate. 2 go round in

turn. (tde) duria, (tden) duriana, (tdew) duriwa; (tdk) durika; (tds)


duru2 nm [i-/zi-] turn, round; circuit: ~ yangu it is my turn.

durufu* nm [i-/zi-] tarpaulin. (Kar)

dururi nm [zi-] pearls.

durus.u kt [ele] 1 study a book; read with concentration. 2 revise (lesson, book). (tde) durusia, (tdew) durusiwa; (tdk) durusika; (tds) durusisha.

dusumali nm [i-/zi-] colourful headscarf worn by women as turban.

dutu1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 small hill, anthill. 2 shape, appearance. 3 wart; pimple.

dutu2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] big volume (of

a book).dutu nm [i-/zi-] substance.duvi nm ma- [li-/ya-] conch blown to signal a leaving vessel: Piga ~ blow the signal. duwa.a kt [sie] be dumbfounded, be speechless because of astonishment. (tde) duwalia; (tdk) duwalika; (tds) duwaza.duwaz.a kt [ele] non plus, (habari) stagger. (tde) duwazia; (tdk) duwazika; (tdn) duwazana; (tds) duwazisha; (tdw) duwazwa.duwazi nm ma- [li-/ya-] arthralgia.duzi nm [a-/wa-] 1 eavesdropper. 2 gossip-monger, slanderer.


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