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f.a kt [sie] 1 die, perish, depart. 2 be benumbed, loose strength, paralyse: Ku~ ganzi be benumbed. 3 stop to function, come to an end, become defunct, become disused: Biashara imeku~ the business has stopped; Mashine imeku~ the machine is not functioning; Njia imeku~ the path is disused. 4 fall deeply in love. (nh) (1) Ku~ kingoto persevere, hang on; (2) Ku~ kiofisa continue to do sth which is a burden to you; (3) Ku~ maji be drowned; (4) Ku~ moyo lose heart, despair.

(tde) fia, (tden) fiana; (tdew) fiwa; (tds) fisha.

fa.a kt [sie] 1 be of use, be proper/useful, befit, meet, pertain to: Lugha isiyo~ improper language; Kozi ime~ the course has been useful to him/her. 2 be attractive: Nyumba ina~ the house is attractive. 3 assist, help: Mchango ume~ sana the contribution helped very much. 4 be sufficient, suffice. (tde) falia;

(tdn) faana.

fadhaa* nm [i-] confusion, perplexity, neurosis, dismay, disquiet, trouble: Shikwa na ~ be caught up in confusion. (Kar)

fadhaik.a kt [sie] be confused/perplexed/dismayed/

troubled/ demented. (tde) fadhaikia.

fadhaish.a kt [ele] bemuse, chill, discomfit, disquiet, overawe, be flurried. (tde) fadhaishia;

(tdk) fadhaishika;

(tdn) fadhaishana;

(tdw) fadhaishwa.

fadhila nm [i-/zi-] 1 kindness, generosity, charity; accommodation, boon, favour: Siku za ~ grace period. 2 benefaction, thankfulness, gratitude: Mtu asiye na ~ ungrateful person.

fadhili kv benignant.

fadhil.i* kt [ele] 1 render kindness, befriend, accommodate, offer, confer favour (on). 2 sponsor.

(tde) fadhilia, (tden) fadhiliana,


(tdew) fadhiliwa; (tdk) fadhilika; (tds) fadhilisha. mfadhili nm. ufadhili nm. (Kar)

fafanu.a kt [ele] 1 explain, elucidate explicitly/clearly/at length/ in depth, annotate. 2 interpret, read, gloss, elaborate, delineate, portray. (tde) fafanulia, (tden) fafanuliana, (tdew) fafanuliwa; (tdk) fafanuka.

fafaruk.a kt [sie] 1 have a fit; be thrown into convulsions. 2 talk foolishly, babble. (tde) fafarukia; (tdk) fafarukika; (tds) fafarukisha.

fagi.a kt [ele] 1 sweep. 2 finish completely, polish off. (tde) fagilia; (tdk) fagika; (tdn) fagiana; (tds) fagisha; (tdw) fagiwa.

fagositi* nm [i-/zi-] phagocyte. (Kng)

fahali* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 bull. 2 man of courage. (Kar)

fahami.a kt [sie] lie on the face.

(tde) fahamilia; (tdk) fahamika; (tds) fahamisha.

fahamian.a kt [sie] know each other.

fahamik.a kt [sie] be known, be famous.

fahamish.a* kt [ele] 1 inform, instruct. 2 introduce sb.

(tde) fahamishia;

(tdk) fahamishika;

(tdn) fahamishana;

(tdw) fahamishwa.

fahamivu kv intelligent, quick to comprehend, resourceful.

faham.u1 kt [ele] 1 know, perceive, penetrate, grasp, savvy, understand, comprehend, catch, follow. 2 remember, recollect, recognize.

3 comprehend; appreciate,


fahamu2 nm [zi-] 1 recollection, discern, memory: Hana ~ nzuri he has no good memory. 2 consciousness, recognition: Amepoteza ~ he has lost consciousness: Pata ~ gain consciousness. 3 appreciation, comprehension: Ana~ nzuri he has good comprehension.

faharasa nm [i-/zi-]1 table/list of contents. 2 glossary. 3 gazetteer. 4 index.

fahari1 nm [i-] 1 pride. 2 glory,


nobility, majesty, honour, grandeur. 3 pomp, arrogance, pomposity, pompousness, conceit.

fahari2 kv 1 arrogant, pompous. 2


fahir.i kt [sie]1 take pride in. 2 play the grandee, live in grandeur.

(tde) fahiria; (tdk) fahirika;

(tds) fahirisha.

fahuwa ku all the same, makes no difference: Akija asije kwangu ~ whether he comes or not it is all the same to me/it makes no difference to me.

faida* nm [i-]1 interest, profit, gain, benefit. 2 advantage, blessing; treasure, asset: ~ kubwa privilege. (Kar)

faid.i* kt [ele] 1 profit, benefit. 2 enjoy. 3 amuse oneself. 4 advantage. (tde) faidia,

(tden) faidiana, (tdew) faidiwa; (tdk) faidika; (tds) faidisha. (Kar)

faidik.a* kt [sie] profit from.

(tde) faidikia; (tdk) faidikika;

(tds) faidikisha. (Kar)

fail.i1* kt [ele] file (correspondence, records etc). (tde) failia,

(tden) failiana, (tdew) failiwa;

(tdk) failika; (tds) failisha. (Kng)

faili2* nm ma- [li-/ya-] file (for keeping paper). (Kng)

fain.i1* kt [ele] fine. (tde) fainia, (tden) fainiana, (tdew) fainiwa; (tdk) fainika, (tds) fainisha. (Kng)

faini2* nm [i-/zi-] fine. (Kng)

faitik.a kt [sie] dally. (tde) faitikia; (tdk) faitikika; (tds) faitikisha.

faitisha kt [ele] delay.

fakiri* nm [i-/zi-] fakir. (Kar)

fala nm [a-/wa-] (si rasmi) imbecile, unwise, unreasoning, witless,

falankisi* nm [i-/zi-] phalanx. (Kng)

fali nm [i-/zi-] omen.

faliji nm [i-/zi-] apoplexy.

falka nm [i-/zi-]1 hold (of a vessel).

falsafa nm [i-/zi-] 1 philosophy. 2 wisdom: ~ asili naturalism.

faluda nm [i-/zi-] custard; jelly.

fatka pia fatika nm [i-/zi-] strip of sail cloth.

famasia* nm [i-/zi-] pharmacy. (Kng)


familia* nm [i-/zi-] family. (Kng)

fan.a kt [sie] be good, be enjoyable,

be successful (of a trip, ceremony, party, plan etc).

fanaka* nm [i-] prosperity, success, comfort: (ms) Heri na ~ with

comfort and prosperity.

fanan.a kt [sie] be similar, resemble, correspond (with/to). (tde) fanania (tds) fananisha.

fanani nm [a-/wa-] 1 actor. 2 narrator in oral literature / dancer.

fananish.a kt [ele] 1 compare, liken. 2 confuse (with). (tde) fananishia, (tdk) fananishika;

(tdn) fananishana;

(tdw) fananishwa.

faneli* nm [i-/zi-] funnel. (Kng)

fani1 nm [i-/zi-] discipline, field.

fani2 kv worthy, fitting, prosperous.

fanicha* nm [zi-] furniture. (Kng)

fanid.i kt [sie] think oneself better in comparison with others.

(tde) fanidia; (tdk) fanidika;

(tds) fanidisha.

fanikish.a kt [ele] accomplish.

(tde) fanikishia; (tdk) fanikishika; (tdn) fanikishana;

(tdw) fanikishwa.

fanikiw.a kt [sie] 1 succeed, prosper, flourish. 2 get (what you want/what you were striving for).

fanusi nm [i-zi-] lamp, lantern, hurricane lamp.

fany.a kt [ele] 1 do (sth), act, commit, work. 2 make, render, manufacture. 3 hold. 4 make sth happen. 5 manipulate: ~ doria patrol; ~ embamba attenuate; ~ gwaride parade; ~ kiinimacho juggle; ~ kosa perpetrate; ~ mzaha falter with; ~ ufidhuli hector; ~ ukahaba prostitute; ~ upya recast; ~ urafiki befriend; ~ wakfu hallow; ~ fujo cause trouble; ~ alie cause (sb) to cry.

(tde) fanyia; (tdk) fanyika;

(tdn) fanyana; (tds) fanyiza; fanyisha; (tdw) fanywa.

fanyi.a kt [ele] ill-treat: ~ kiburi defy; ~ mzaha banter, hoax; ~ uchawi bewitch. (tdk) fanyika; fanyiz.a

(tdn) fanyiana; (tds) fanyiza;

(tdw) fanyiwa.

fanyiz.a kt [ele] compose, mend: ~

upya renovate. (tde) fanyizia, (tden) fanyiziana; (tdk) fanyizika; (tdw) fanyizwa.

faradhi nm [i-/zi-] obligation: Swala za ~ obligatory prayers.

faragha nm [i-/zi-] 1 seclusion, privacy. 2 opportunity, chance. kl aside, in private.

faragu.a kt [ele] improvise.

(tde) faragulia, (tdew) faraguliwa; (tdk) faraguka; (tdn) faraguana; (tds) faragusha.

faraja nm [i-/zi-] 1 comfort, relief. 2 consolation, solace. 3 mercy.

faraka1 nm [i-/zi-] 1 separation, detachment. 2 sect, division, section.

faraka2 nm [i-/zi-] loom.

farakan.a kt [sie] 1 become parted, be separated, become estranged, be estranged. 2 be different, be jarred with, rupture. (tde) farakania;

(tdk) farakanika; (tds) farakanisha.

farakish.a kt [ele] alienate, estrange. (tde) farakishia; (tdk) farakishika; (tdn) farakishana;

(tdw) farakishwa.

faranga* nm [i-/zi-] 1 franc. 2 money. (Kfr)

farangi nm [i-/zi-] syphilis.

farao* nm [a-/wa-] pharaoh. (Kng)

farashani nm [i-/zi-] verandah.

farasi1 nm [a-/wa-] horse: ~ mdogo pony; ~ wa kupandwa hackney; ~ mwitu mustang; ~ mzee nag; ~ wa kukodi hack.

farasi2 nm [i-/zi-] 1 cross bar, tie-beam. 2 trestle. 3 bicycle frame.

farasila nm [i-/zi-] 35 or 36 lbs; 16 kgs.

faridh.i kt [ele] be obliged to do something. (tde) faridhia,

(tden) faridhiana,

(tdew) faridhiwa;

(tdk) faridhika; (tds) faridhisha.

faridi kv unique, extraordinary, exceptional. (Kar)

farij.i kt [ele] comfort, console,


relieve, refresh. (tde) farijia,

(tden) farijiana, (tdew) farijiwa; (tdk) farijika; (tds) farijisha. (Kar)

farik.i kt [sie] 1 die, decease, evaporate. 2 depart (from). 3 be secluded. (nh) ~ dunia die.

(tde) farikia; (tdk) farikika;

(tds) farikisha. (Kar)

farikumu* nm [i-/zi-] fulcrum. (Kng)

farish.i kt [ele] 1 make a bed. 2 spread out (over), lay out (on).

(tde) farishia; (tdk) farishika; (tdn) farishana; (tdw) farishwa. (Kar)

farisi nm [a-/wa-] 1 artisan, expert, skilled person. 2 skilled horse rider.

faru nm [a-/wa-] rhinoceros.

faruma nm [i-/zi-] last, block (for hanging caps).

farumi nm [i-/zi-] 1 ballast. 2 weight. 3 cargo.

fasaha kv 1 correct/standard (esp of speech or writing). 2 fluent, elegant (in speech or writing).

fashini1* nm [i-/zi-] 1 beam forming stern post of a vessel fastened to the keel and carrying the rudder post. 2 apron; innerpost. (Kar)

fashini2* nm [i-/zi-] fashion. (Kng)

fashisti* nm ma- [a-/wa-] fascist. (Kng)

fasihi1* kv elegant (in speech or writing). Kar

fasihi2 nm [i-/zi-] literature: ~ andishi written literature; ~ simulizi oral literature.

fasiki nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 fornicator, harlot, adulterer, lecher. 2 slob, immoral, dissolute, vicious person, reprobate.

fasil.i* kt [ele] 1 define, annotate, paraphrase. 2 cut out a garment. (tde) fasilia, (tden) fasiliana, (tdew) fasiliwa; (tdk) fasilika;

(tds) fasilisha. (Kar)

fasir.i1* kt [ele] 1 translate. 2 explain, construe, gloss, interpret, read: ~ ndoto interpret a dream. (tde) fasiria, (tden) fasiriana, (tdew) fasiriwa; (tdk) fasirika;

(tds) fasirisha. (Kar)

fasiri2 nm [i-/zi-] comment,



fashi* nm [i-/zi-] chapter. (Kar)

fataha* nm [i-/zi-] symbol in Arabic script denoting the vowel "a". (Kar)

fataki* nm [i-/zi-] 1 fire work, crackers, rocket, banger, cap, maroon. 2 gun cap.

fatashi kv curious, inquisitive.

fatiha nm [i-/zi-] the first chapter of the Koran preface. (Kar)

fatiish.a kt [ele] probe, search, spy (on), pry into. (tde) fatiishia;

(tdk) fatiishika; (tdn) fatiishana; (tdw) fatiishwa.

fatuma nm [li-/ya-] (si-rasmi) large stone used by thieves in breaking into houses to steal.

fatuwa* nm [i-/zi-] legal decision, judgement (of Islamic matters). (Kar)

fauka* kl ~ ya apart from that; besides. (Kar)

faul.u* kt [ele] 1 be successful, achieve. 2 pass an examination. (tde) faulia; (tdk) faulika;

(tds) faulisha. (Kar)

fawidh.i* kt [ele] 1 make a deposit, give a security. 2 entrust sb. 3 give sb authority to do sth on your behalf. (tde) fawidhia,

(tden) fawidhiana,

(tdew) fawidhiwa; (tdk) fawidhika; (tds) fawidhisha. mfawidhi nm. (Kar)

Februari* nm [u-/i-] February. (Kng)

fedha nm [i-/zi-] 1 silver. 2 money, lucre, (in general) brass, coin: ~ taslimu cash. 3 capital, cover. 4 finances.

fedhaluka nm [i-/zi-] 1 shiny semi-transparent kind of bead. 2 red coral.

fedheha nm [i-/zi-] disgrace, shame, scandal, obloquy, reproach, slur.

fedheh.i kt [ele] dishonour, put to shame, disgrace. (tde) fedhehea, (tden) fedheheana, (tdew) fedhehewa; (tdk) fedheheka; (tds) fedhehesha.

fedhehesh.a kt [ele] abase, dishonour, humiliate, bring sb low. (tde) fedheheshea; (tdk)


fedhehesheka; (tdn) fedheheshana;

(tdw) fedheheshwa.

fefe nm [li-/ya-] 1 thatching grass. 2 short grass.

fefefe kl completely, straight (forward): Amekufa ~ he/she is completely dead.

feki* nm [i-/zi-] fake. (Kng)

felefele* nm [i-/zi-] millet of an inferior kind. (Kar)

feleji* nm [i-/zi-] steel. (Kar)

felet.i* kt [ele] 1 let go, discharge, release. 2 procure release of (esp by paying a bail or debt). 3 run away, abscond. (tde) feletea; (tdk) feleteka; (tdn) feletana; (tds) feletesha; (tdw) feletwa. (Kar)

fel.i1* kt [ele] 1 fail, flunk (an examination or in doing or achieving sth). (tds) felisha. (Kng)

fel.i2* kt [ele] 1 discover a shameful action (e.g. in the act of adultery or nakedess etc). 2 revile, insult, disgrace. (tde) felia, (tden) feliana, (tdew) feliwa; (tdk) felika; (tds) felisha. (Kar)

feli3* nm [i-/zi-] 1 shameful action, misdeed. 2 mischievous act: ~ mbaya bad omen, bad luck. (Kar)

fenesi* nm ma- [li-/ya-] jack-fruit. (Khi)

feni* nm ma- [i-/zi-] fan (for cooling air). (Kng)

feri* nm [i-/zi-] ferry. (Kng)

feruweli* nm [i-/zi-] free wheel. (Kng)

feruzi* nm [i-/zi-] 1 turquoise. 2 sky colour, blue, sky-blue. (Kar)

feuli* nm [i-/zi-] hold (of a ship, dhow etc.) (Kar)

fi* kl times (x), multiply by: Tisa~ tisa nine times nine. (Kar)

fi.a kt [sie] 1 die for a cause. 2 love sb deeply; have a heart set on sth/sb. (tde) filia, (tdek) filika,

(tdes) filisha.

fich.a kt [ele] 1 hide (from), conceal, choke, bury, disguise. 2 refuse/decline to show, explain; expose or reveal. 3 hold.

(tde) fichia; (tdk) fichika;

(tdn) fichana; (tds) fichisha;


(tdw) fichwa.

ficham.a kt [sie] be hidden, lie low. (tde) fichamia; (tdk) fichamika; (tds) fichamisha.

fiche kv latent: Utata ~ latent ambiguity.

fichik.a kt [sie] 1 keep sth for future use. 2 be concealed. (tde) fichikia; (tdk) fichikika; (tds) fichikisha.

ficho nm [li-/ya-] 1 hiding-place, concealment. 2 disguise.

fichu.a kt [ele] uncover, disclose, demystify, discolour, unveil, reveal, expose: ~ siri betray, reveal a secret. (tde) fichulia; (tdew) fichuliwa; (tdk) fichuka; (tdn) fichuana; (tds) fichusha.

fichuo nm ma- [i-/zi-] 1 gift given by the bride-groom to the bride on seeing her face for the first time after the marriage ceremony. 2 gift given to a girl (who has reached puberty) when she comes from concealment. 3 discovery.

fidhuli1* kv 1 audacious, rude. 2 arrogant, insulting, officious, pert, impertinent, impudent, insolent. (Kar)

fidhuli2* nm ma- [a-/wa-] arrogant person, insulting person, coxcomb, boor, puppy, hound. (Kar)

fidhulik.a* kt [sie] be arrogant, bluster. (tds) fidhulikisha. (Kar)

fid.i* kt [sie] 1 compensate, pay fine, pay ransom. 2 be of use. 3 suffice. (tde) fidia, (tden) fidiana,

(tdew) fidiwa; (tdk) fidika;

(tds) fidisha.

fidia1 nm [i-/zi-] fine, ransom, compensation, damages: ~ ya kuchelewa demurrage, offset, recompense.

fidi.a2 kt [ele] compensate, make amends, recoup, redress.

(tdk) fidika; (tdn) fidiana;

(tds) fidisha; (tdw) fidiwa.

fidik.a kt [ele] cover, cover up.

(tde) fidikia, (tdk) fidikika;

(tdn) fidikana; (tds) fidikisha;

(tdw) fidikwa.

fidla* nm [i-/zi-] fiddle, violin. (Kng)

fido nm [i-/zi-] divining stick.


fidu.a kt [ele] 1 uncover, reveal, expose. 2 undo (sth woven, matted, sewn etc.). (tde) fidulia, (tdew) fiduliwa; (tdk) fiduka; (tdn) fiduana; (tds) fidusha.

fifi kv 1 cheap, poor in quality, valueless. 2 fading, trifling.

fifi.a kt [sie] 1 lose strength,

droop, ebb, fizzle, deteriorate

(in health). 2 dwindle, decline, fade, disappear. (tde) fifilia; (tdk) fifika; (tds) fifisha.

fifish.a kt (ele) benumb; (rangi) drain, fade, melt. (tde) fifishia; (tdk) fifishika; (tdn) fifishana; (tdw) fifishwa.

fifiliz.a kt [ele] dilute, dim.

(tde) fifilizia; (tdk) fifilizika; fifilizana; tds) fifilizisha;

tdw) fifilizwa.

figa nm ma- [li-/ya-] cooking stone.

figau nm [li-/ya-] kitchen (in dhows).

figili* nm [i-/zi-] white radish. (Kar)

figo nm [i-/zi-] kidney.

fihi nm [i-/zi-] discord, trouble, evil intension.

fiili* nm [i-] act, deed, way of acting.

fik.a1 kt [sie] 1 arrive (at), reach, find, get (to). 2 be complete: ~ pwani land. (tde) fikia; (tdk) fikika; (tds) fikisha.

fika2 kl completely, absolutely.

fiki.a kt [sie] 1 put up, lodge: Wageni wame~ Hoteli ya Sheraton the guests have put up at the Sheraton Hotel. 2 arrive at, find, hit. 3 range. (tdk) fikika; (tds) fikisha; (tdw) fikiwa.

fikich.a kt [ele] 1 rub, crumb, crumble: ~macho rub the eyes. 2 husk grain by rubbing.

(tde) fikichia; (tdk) fikichika;

(tdn) fikichana; (tds) fikichisha; (tdw) fikichwa.

fikira* nm [i-/zi-] fancy, idea, mentality, notion, illusion, reasoning, reflection. (Kar)

fikir.i* kt [ele] 1 think, ponder. 2 guess, muse, reflect. (tde) fikiria, (tden) fikiriana, (tdew) fikiriwa; (tdk) fikirika; (tds) fikirisha. (Kar)


fikiri.a kt [ele] consider, digest, envisage, excogitate, imagine: ~ kwa mantiki ratiocinate; ~ vibaya misjudge. (tdk) fikirika;

(tdn) fikiriana; (tds) fikirisha; (tdw) fikiriwa.

fikirish.a kt [ele] preoccupy.

(tde) fikirishia; (tdk) fikirishika; (tdn) fikirishana; (tdw) fikirishwa.

fikish.a kt [ele] 1 cause to reach. 2 deliver, bring, convey.

(tde) fikishia; (tdk) fikishika;

(tdn) fikishana; (tdw) fikishwa.

fila* nm [i-/zi-] bad thing. (Kng)

filamu* nm [i-/zi-] film, movie, cinema; celluloid, feature. (Kng)

fileti* nm [i-/zi-] fillet/filet. (Kng)

filifili* nm [i-/zi-] 1 carpenter's square. 2 spices (of diffent kinds of pepper). (Kar)

filihali* kl 1 immediately, at once, just now. 2 while: Anajitia ananijua ~ hanijui she pretends to know me while she does not. (Kar)

filimbi nm [i-/zi-] flute, whistle, fife, flagelet.

filis.i* kt [ele] 1 liquidate, bankrupt, break the bank. 2 sell/take sb's assets to pay debt. (tde) filisia, (tden) filisiana, (tdew) filisiwa; (tdk) filisika; (tds) filisisha.

filisik.a kt [sie] become bankrupt, go into liquidation, be bust, fold up. (tde) filisikia.

filolojia* nm [i-/zi-] philology. (Kng)

fimbi nm [a-/wa-] crowned hornbill.

fimbo nm [i-/zi-] 1 stick, mace: ~ rasmi ceremonial mace. 2 walking stick.

fing.a kt [ele] protect by charms (against thieves, burglars etc.)

(tde) fingia; (tdk) fingika;

(tdn) fingana; (tds) fingisha;

(tdw) fingwa. fingo nm.

finginy.a kt [ele] 1 wring writhe. 2 wriggle. (tde) finginyia;

(tdk) finginyika; (tdn) finginyana; (tds) finginyisha; (tdw) finginywa.

fingirik.a kt [sie] roll round, be rolled along. (tde) fingirikia;

(tdk) fingirikika; (tds) fingirikisha.


fingo nm ma- [li/ya-] charm

(to prevent thieves, burglars etc.)

finiksi* nm [a-/wa-] phoenix. (Kng)

finingi nm [i-/zi-] gizzard.

finy.a1 kt [ele] 1 pinch, nip, press with fingers or nails. 2 make narrow. 3 scowl. (tde) finyia;

(tdk) finyika; (tdn) finyana;

(tds) finyisha/finyiza; (tdw) finywa.

finy.a2 kt [sie] 1 (ngozi) be wrinkled. 2 get thin. 3 be stunted. 4 wither away. (tde) finyalia; (tdk) finyaka; (tds) finyasha. finyo nm.

finyang.a kt [ele] 1 model, make pottery, knead clay (for pottery): ~ vyungu make pots. 2 make balls. 3 (ms) beat/hit severely.

(tde) finyangia; (tdk) finyangika; (tdn) finyangana;

(tds) finyangisha; (tdw) finyangwa.

finyo nm ma- [li-/ya-] pinch.

finyu kv 1 shallow, parochial: Juma anamtazamo ~ Juma is shallow minded. 2 narrow, constricted.

fiod.i* nm [i-/zi-] fiord. (Kng)

fir.a1 kt [ele] sodomize. (tde) firia; (tdk) firika; (tdn) firana;

(tds) firisha; (tdw) firwa.

fira2 nm [a-/wa-] grey poisonous snake.

firaka nm [i-/zi-] penis.

firangi nm [i-/zi-] measles.

firanji nm [i-/zi-] yaws.

firari1 nm [a-/wa-] sb who is sodomized.

firari2 quickly.

firar.i3 kt [ele] serve a rope of a vessel. (tde) firaria,

(tden) firariana, (tdew) firariwa; (tdk) firarika; (tds) firarisha.

firasha nm [i-/zi-] bedding.

firauni nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 Pharaoh. 2 debauchee.

firdansi nm [i-/zi-] paradise, heaven.

firid.i kt [sie] be aromatic.

(tde) firidia; (tdk) firidika;

(tds) firidisha.

firigis.a kt [ele] 1 roll sth on the ground forward and backward. 2 spread (mud, sand) all over. 3 beat up sb. (tde) firigisia; (tdk)


firigisika; (tdn) firigisana;

(tds) firigisisha; (tdw) firigiswa.

firigisi nm [i-/zi-] gizzard.

fisadi nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 seducer, reprobate, lecher. 2 intrigue. kv quarrelling, dissolute, evil, lewd, profligate.

fish.a kt [ele] 1 kill, cause death, dispatch, extinguish. 2 discourage. Kauli ya ku~ discouraging statement. 3 quench. (tde) fishia; (tdk) fishika; (tdn) fishana;

(tds) fishiza; (tdw) fishwa.

fisi nm [a-/wa-] 1 hyena. 2 (ms) greedy person.

fisid.i kt [ele] 1 seduce, destroy, debauch, corrupt quarrel, cause discord. (tde) fisidia,

(tden) fisidiana, (tdew) fisidiwa; (tdk) fisidika; (tds) fisidisha.

fitina nm [i-/zi-] 1 mischief, intrigue. 2 enmity, animosity.

fitin.i kt [ele] 1 cause discord, make mischief. 2 boycott, refuse; be stubborn. (tde) fitinia,

(tden) fitiniana, (tdew) fitiniwa; (tdk) fitinika; (tds) fitinisha.

fitinish.a kt [ele] cause discord among people. (tde) fitinishia;

(tdk) fitinishika; (tdn) fitinishana; (tdw) fitinishwa.

fitiri nm [i-/zi-] 1 (Waislamu) offering given during Id el fitri. 2 grain or money given as offering.

fitokombo nm [i-/zi-] crank.

fiw.a kt [sie] be bereaved.

fiwi nm [i-/zi-] lima beans.

fizikia* nm [i-] physics. (Kng)

fiziolojia* nm [i-/zi-] physiology. (Kng)

flamingo* nm [a-/wa-] flamingo. (Kng)

flora* nm [i-/zi-] flora. (Kng)

floraidi* nm [i-/zi-] fluoride. (Kng)

flotile nm [i-/zi-] dock/ship yard.

florini* nm [i-/zi-] fluorine. (Kng)

foda nm [i-/zi-] provender.

fofofo kl completely, absolutely: Lala ~ be fast asleep; Kufa ~ be completely dead.

fok.a kt [sie] 1 boil over. 2 spurt out, fulminate, erupt, discharge. 3 rant,


rave. 4 bark, blast. (tde) fokea, (tden) fokeana, (tdew) fokewa; (tdk) fokeka; (tds) fokesha.

fokasi* nm [i-/zi-] focus. (Kng)

foke.a kt [ele] rant at sb; scold.

(tde) fokelea; (tdk) fokeka;

(tdn) fokeana; (tds) fokesha;

(tdw) fokewa.

foko1 kl plenty.

foko2* nm [i-/zi-] forklift. (Kng)

fola* nm [i-/zi-] gift given for holding a baby for the first time. (Kar)

foleni nm [i-/zi-] queue: Piga~ fall in, queue.

folio* nm [i-/zi-] folio. (Kng)

fomaika* nm [i-/zi-] formica. (Kng)

fomu1* nm [i-/zi-] form: ~ za kuombea kazi application forms; Jaza ~ fill out a form. (Kng)

fomu2* nm [i-/zi-] form, bench. (Kng)

fondogoo nm [i-] 1 smell of fermenting flour. 2 bad smell, stink, stench.

foni* nm [i-/zi-] phone. (Kng)

fonimu* nm [i-/zi-] phoneme. (Kng)

fonti* nm [i-/zi-] font. (Kng)

fora* nm [i-] win, successs. (nh) Tia ~ excel, be outstanding. (Kar)

foriti nm [i-] children's chasing game.

forodha* nm [i-/zi-] customs: Ushuru wa ~ customs duty.

forodhani nm 1 customs house/office. 2 port, harbour. (Kar)

foroma nm [i-/zi-] last.

foromali* nm [i-/zi-] main yard of a vessel. (Krb)

foronya* nm [i-/zi-] pillow case, slip cover: ~ ya kiti antimacassar. (Kaj)

forosadi* nm [u-/i-] mulberry. (Kar)

forot.a kt [sie] 1 be fast asleep. 2 snore, snort. (tde) forotea; (tdk) foroteka; (tds) forotesha.

fosi* nm [i-/zi-] 1 force, violence. 2 speed, running, fast: Alitoka ~ he left very fast. (Kng)

foto.a* kt [ele] photograph.

(tde) fotolea, (tdew) fotolewa;

(tdk) fotoka; (tdn) fotoana;

(tds) fotosha. (Kng)

fotostati* nm [i-/zi-] photostat. (Kng)


fowadi* nm [a-/wa-] forward player. (Kng)

fremu* nm [i-/zi-] frame. (Kng)

frenolojia* nm [i-/zi-] phrenology. (Kng)

fresko* nm [i-/zi-] fresco. (Kng)

friikiki* nm [i-/zi-] free kick. (Kng)

friji* nm [i-/zi-] fridge, refridgerator. (Kng)

friza* nm [i-/zi-] freezer. (Kng)

fua1 kt [ele] 1 wash clothes, 2 forge: ~ jembe forge a hoe; ~ dhahabu forge gold. 3 husk coconuts. (nh) (1) ~ dafu, be able to do sth; succeed; (2) ~ maji (a) bail out water from a vessel. (b) sponge water on a table or floor.

(tde) fulia, (tden) fuliana,

(tdew) fuliwa; (tdk) fulika;

(tds) fulisha.

fua2 nm brown colour obtained from tree roots used to colour plaited strips of a mat.

fua3 nm ma- [li-/ya-] wooden tray, wooden bowl (for washing).

fuadi* nm [i-/zi-] heart. (Kar)

fuas.a kt [ele] 1 imitate. 2 follow. (tde) fuasia; (tdk) fuasika;

(tdn) fuasana; (tds) fuasisha;

(tdw) fuaswa. mfuasi nm.

fuat.a kt [ele] 1 follow, come after, pursue. 2 imitate, be with sb, be attached to. 3 observe, comply, conform, abide: ~ sheria abide by the law. (nh) ~ nyayo follow someone’s footsteps. (tde) fuatia; (tdk) fuatika; (tdn) fuatana;

(tds) fuatisha; (tdw) fuatwa.

fuatan.a kt [sie] go together, alternate with; follow one another: Juma na Ali wana~ kila mahali Juma and Ali go everywhere together.

fuati.a kt [ele] follow up, go after sth, ensue, pursue: ~ nyuma retrace. (tde) fuatilia,

(tden) fuatiliana; (tdk) fuatika; (tds) fuatisha; (tdw) fuatiwa.

fuatili.a kt [ele] 1 investigate. 2 pursue, follow up: Nita~ barua yako I'll follow up your letter; ~


nyuma retrace; (tdk) fuatilika;

(tdn) fuatiliana; (tds) fuatilisha; (tdw) fuatiliwa.

fuatish.a kt [ele] 1 trace (a drawing, line or letters), make a copy. 2 imitate, emulate. (tde) fuatishia;

(tdk) fuatishika; (tdn) fuatishana;

(tdw) fuatishwa.

fuawe nm [i-/zi-] anvil.

fucham.a kt [ele] 1 conceal, cover up. 2 lie on, sleep on; embrace. (tde) fuchamia; (tdk) fuchamika; (tdn) fuchamana;

(tds) fuchamisha; (tdw) fuchamwa.

fuchu.a kt [ele] pluck hair or feathers. (tde) fuchulia,

(tdew) fuchuliwa; (tdk) fuchuka; (tdn) fuchuana; (tds) fuchusha.

fudifudi kl with face upside down; on stomach: Lala ki~ lie with face down.

fudikiz.a1 pia funikiz.a kt [ele] turn up side down. (tde) fudikizia;

(tdk) fudikizika; (tdn) fudikizana; (tdw) fudikizwa.

fudikiz.a2 kt [ele] cover with fumes. (tde) fudikizia; (tdk) fudikizika; (tdn) fudikizana; (tdw) fudikizwa.

fudo nm [i-/zi-] 1 container that can hold 6 kgs at once. 2 a bag made from tree fibres that can carry more that 6 kg.

fueli* nm [i-/zi-] fuel. (Kng)

fufu.a kt [ele] 1 resurrect. 2 revive, recall, regenerate, revamp: ~ deni revive a debt. (tde) fufulia,

(tdew) fufuliwa; (tdk) fufuka;

(tdn) fufuana; (tds) fufusha.

fufuk.a kt [sie] be resurrected; be alive again, emerge. (tde) fufukia; (tdk) fufukika; (tds) fufukisha.

fufuma.a kt [sie] be dull, be hunched up. (tde) fufumalia;

(tdk) fufumaka; (tds) fufumasha.

fufumavu kv having the tendency of being depressed, speechless or hunched up.

fufurik.a kt [sie] (kuchemka) overflow, boil over.

(tde) fufurikia; (tdk) fufurikika; (tds) fufurikisha.


fufut.a1 kt [ele] hit heavily, beat, ound. (tde) fufutia; (tdk) fufutika; (tdn) fufutana; (tds) fufutisha; (tdw) fufutwa.

fufuta2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] big blow,

severe beating.

fufutende kv lukewarm, tepid.

fufuwele nm [i-/zi-] soft coral stone.

fug.a kt [ele] 1 (wanyama) domesticate, breed, rear, tame, raise: ~ kuku raise chicken; ~ chui tame a leopard; Wanyama wa kufugwa domestic animals. 2 let sth or situation to continue: ~ nywele keep/have long hair; ~ ujinga maintain ignorance; ~ ugonjwa contain illness without going for treatment. 3 keep in confinement, tame, control: ~ mume control a husband: ~ mke confine a wife at home. (tde) fugia; (tdk) fugika; (tdn) fugana; (tds) fugisha;

(tdw) fugwa. fugo nm.

fugo nm ma- [li-/ya-] act of domesticating, or taming.

fuj.a kt [ele] 1 defalcate, dissipate, litter, squander, misuse, misappropriate; waste, fritter: ~ fedha squander money; ~ chakula waste food. 2 disturb. (tde) fujia; (tdk) fujika; (tds) fujisha;

(tdw) fujwa. fujo nm.

fujo nm [i-/zi-] disturbance, chaos, mess, riot, disorder, mayhem, affray, breach of the peace: Mtu wa ~ disturbing person; fanya ~ cause disturbance; fanya kazi kwa ~ do sth carelessly.

fuk.a1 kt [sie] emit smoke; give out smoke. (tde) fukia; (tdk) fukika; (tds) fukiza.

fuka2 nm [i-/zi-] thin porridge made of rice sugar, honey and black pepper.

fuka.a kt [sie] 1 wear out; wither. 2 tingle with excitement. (tde) fukalia; (tdk) fukaka; (tds) fukaza.

fukara1 nm ma- [a-/wa-] destitute person, poor person, lazarus.

fukara2 kv poor, destitute, skint.

fukarik.a kt [sie] be destitute, be poor. (tde) fukarikia;


(tdk) fukarikika; (tds) fukarikisha.

fukarish.a kt [ele] impoverish.

(tde) fukarishia; (tdk) fukarishika; (tdn) fukarishana;

(tdw) fukarishwa.

fuki.a kt [ele] 1 bury, inhume. 2 fill

up a hole. (tde) fukilia;

(tdk) fukika; (tds) fukisha;

(tdw) fukiwa.

fukiz.a kt [ele] 1 spray perfume; burn incense. 2 treat sb with fumes or vapour baths. (tde) fukizia; (tdk) fukizika; (tdn) fukizana; (tds) fukizisha; (tdw) fukizwa.

fukizo nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 act of spraying perfume. 2 incense, fumes, vapour.

fuko1 nm ma- [a-/wa-] mole.

fuko2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] chicken hatchery.

fuko3 nm ma- [li-/ya-] clan, people of the same family.

fuku.a kt [ele] dig up, exhume, disinter. (tde) fukulia, (tdew) fukuliwa; (tdk) fukuka; (tdn) fukuana; (tds) fukusha. fukuo nm.

fukufuku nm [i-/zi-] tendency of looking for reasons as an excuse for annoying sb; tale telling.

fukundi nm [a-/wa-] red herring.

fukuo nm ma- [li-/ya] 1 act of exhuming or digging out. 2 dug up hole.

fukusi nm [a-/wa-] weevils.

fukut.a kt [ele] 1 (kidonda) throb. 2 burn inwardly without flames being seen. 3 blow fire with waterskin. (tde) fukutia; (tdk) fukutika;

(tdn) fukutana; (tds) fukutisha; (tdw) fukutwa.

fukuto nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 heat (of the body), sweat, blaze. 2 distress, sadness, anxiety, worry.

fukuz.a kt [ele] 1 dismiss, rusticate, expell. 2 chase away, oust, repell, drive off, eject from, pursue: ~ jeshini banish; ~ wavamizi expell invaders. 3 hound, course: ~ nchini deport: ~ kazi relieve sb of work; ~ mwizi go in pursuit of a thief, chase a thief. (tde) fukuzia; (tdk) fukuzika; (tdn) fukuzana;


(tds) fukuzisha; (tdw) fukuzwa.

fulana* nm [i-/zi-] undershirt. (Kng)

fulani kv certain: Mahali ~ certain place.

fuli kl very fast, haste.

fulifuli kl very quickly, in haste.

fululiz.a kt [sie] continue, go straight, go directly, bombard.

(tde) fululizia; (tdk) fululizika; (tdn) fululizana; (tds) fululizisha; (tdw) fululizwa.

fulusi1 nm [a-/wa-] fish of the kingfish family.

fulusi2 nm [i-/zi-] money.

fum.a1 kt [ele] 1 weave, knit, crochet, interweave. 2 stab, pierce. (tde) fumia; (tdk) fumika;

(tdn) fumana; (tds) fumisha;

(tdw) fumwa.

fum.a2 [ele] discover, find sth unexpectedly, catch. (tde) fumia; (tdk) fumika; (tdn) fumana;

(tds) fumisha; (tdw) fumwa.

fuma3 nm [i-] maji ya ~ low tide.

fuman.a kt [sie] interweave (with), interlace (with).

fumani.a kt [ele] 1 catch sb red-handed. 2 catch sb commiting adultery. (tde) fumanilia;

(tdk) fumanika; (tdn) fumaniana; (tds) fumanisha; (tdw) fumaniwa.

fumanizi nm [i-/zi-] 1 act of catching sb red-handed. 2 issues pertaining to people caught while commiting adultery. 3 something found unexpectedly: Chakula ~ food found by an univited guest; Sili ~ I do not eat food for which I was not invited.

fumatiti nm [a-/wa-] bird of the night jar family.

fumb.a1 kt [ele] 1 shut, close: ~ macho close the eyes; ~ mdomo close the mouth. 2 complicate, elude. (ms) keep mum, speak in riddles: Ku~ na kufumbua in the twinkling of the eye. (tde) fumbia; (tdk) fumbika; (tdn) fumbana; (tds) fumbisha; (tdw) fumbwa.

fumba2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 sleeping bag made of a mat. 2 burial mat. 3 basket for collecting cloves.


fumba3 nm ma- [li-/ya-] lump: ~ la unga lump of flour. 2 handful: Chota ~ moja la mchele scoop one handful of rice.

fumba4 nm ma- [li-/ya-] foot prints of

an animal.

fumbat.a kt [ele] 1 grasp in the hand. 2 embrace, clasp. (tde) fumbatia; (tdk) fumbatika; (tdn) fumbatana; (tds) fumbatisha; (tdw) fumbatwa.

fumbatio nm [i-/zi-] abdomen.

fumbato nm ma- [li-/ya-] fist.

fumbi1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 small valley which stops rain water. 2 water furrow.

fumbi2 nm ma- [a-/wa-] leader during initiation rites.

fumbo1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 parable: Ongea kwa ma~ speak in parables. 2 puzzle. 3 (hesabu) problem: Hili ni ~ this is a puzzle. 4 riddle, conundrum, mystery. 5 proposition.

fumbo2 nm [i-/zi-] leadership rank.

fumbu.a kt [ele] 1 solve, decipher, elucidate a problem or riddle. 2 open up e.g. a closed hand or eyes. (ms) Kufumba na ku~ suddenly. (tde) fumbulia, (tdew) fumbuliwa; (tdk) fumbuka; (tdn) fumbuana; (tds) fumbusha.

fumbwe nm [a-/wa-] paradise whydah. (ms) Kuwa ~ to have many women.

fume nm ma- [a-/wa-] person wounded by a spear.

fumi nm [a-/wa-] fish of the catfish family.

fumo1 nm [a-/wa-] king.

fumo2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] broad tipped spear.

fumu.a kt [ele] 1 unstitch, unravel, disentangle. 2 undo. 3 remove: ~ moto remove firewood from the fire. 4 beat: ~ ngumi box sb.

(tde) fumulia, (tdew) fumuliwa; (tdk) fumuka; (tdn) fumuana;

(tds) fumusha.

fumuk.a kt [sie] 1 (mshono) be unravelled; come out; be undone. 2 errupt.

fumukan.a kt [sie] be dispersed, be scattered, be disbanded.


(tde) fumukania;

(tdk) fumukanika;

(tds) fumukanisha.

fumukano nm ma- [li-/ya-] act of dispersing.

fumvu nm [a-/wa-] bird resembling a pigeon.

fund.a1 kt [ele] pestle, pound: ~ makopa pound dry cassava.

(tde) fundia; (tdk) fundika;

(tdn) fundana; (tds) fundisha;

(tdw) fundwa.

fund.a2 kt [ele ] instruct especially during initiation rites, inculcate, indoctrinate. (tde) fundia;

(tdk) fundika; (tdn) fundana;

(tds) fundisha; (tdw) fundwa.

funda3 nm ma- [li-/ya-] mouthful, draught: Piga ~ la maji take a mouthful of water.

fundabeka nm ma- [li-/ya-] thighbone.

fundarere nm [a-/wa-] a type of snake.

fundi nm ma- [a-/wa-] craftsman: ~ mchundo artisan; ~ seremala carpenter; ~ mwashi mason; ~ wa reli plate layer; ~ makanika mechanic; ~ bomba plumber.

fundi.a kt [ele] stuff mouth with a lot of food. (tde) fundilia;

(tdk) fundika; (tdn) fundiana;

(tds) fundisha; (tdw) fundiwa.

fundish.a kt [ele] 1 teach, educate, inculcate, indoctrinate. 2 instruct sb to do sth, demonstrate.

(tde) fundishia; (tdk) fundishika; (tdn) fundishana; (tdw) fundishwa.

fundisho nm ma- [li-ya-] 1 lesson, instruction. 2 experience or incidence which is a lesson to sb.

fundo nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 knot, joint. 2 cluster: ~ la maua cluster of flowers, bouquet. 3 money saving knot. 4 (mwili) joint: ~ la mguu ankle. 5 hatred, anger: ~ la moyo ill feeling.

fundu.a kt [ele] 1 untie a knot, disentangle, uncork: ~ chupa uncork the bottle. 2 be sprouted; be in bud. 3 do not worry.

(tde) fundulia, (tdew) funduliwa;


(tdk) funduka; (tdn) funduana; (tds) fundusha.

fung.a1 kt [ele] 1 fasten, tie, bind (up): ~ kwa mbao board; ~ kwa mnyororo chain, enchain; ~

kidonda dress a wound. 2 imprison, intern. 3 immure, lock, close: ~

tunduni encage, envelop, hitch, fold. (nh) (1) ~ choo be constipated; (2) ~ safari start a journey; (3) ~ virago pack and go; (4) Ji~ kibwebwe work hard; (5) ~ hesabu close accounts; (6) ~ mdomo keep quiet; (7) ~ kizazi undergo permanent contraception; (8) ~ uchumba get engaged; be betrothed; (9) ~ ndoa marry.

(tde) fungia; (tdk) fungika;

(tdn) fungana; (tds) fungisha;

(tdw) fungwa.

fung.a2 kt [ele] decide, make a decision: ~ bei make a deal.

(tde) fungia; (tdk) fungika;

(tdn) fungana; (tds) fungisha;

(tdw) fungwa.

fung.a3 kt [sie] fast; abstain from eating: Leo nime~ I'm fasting today. (tde) fungia; (tdk) fungika; (tds) fungisha.

fung.a4 kt [ele] win a game, score a goal. (tde) fungia; (tdk) fungika; (tdn) fungana; (tds) fungisha;

(tdw) fungwa.

funga5 nm [i-/zi-] (dini) fasting: Nimo katika ~ I'm fasting.

fungam.a kt [sie] be squeezed, be pressed. (tde) fungamia;

(tdk) fungamika; (tds) fungamiza.

fungaman.a kt [sie] be allied; be interrelated, be interlocked: ~ na pertain to. (tde) fungamania;

(tdk) fungamanika;

(tds) fungamanisha.

fungamano nm ma- [li-/ya-] alliance, confederation.

fungan.a kt [sie] 1 (magoli, pointi) score. 2 be fastened together. 3 (mawingu) be thick. (tde) fungania; (tdk) funganika; (tds) funganisha.

fungany.a kt [ele] pack things ready for a trip. (tde) funganyia;

(tdk) funganyika;


(tdn) funganyana;

(tds) funganyisha;

(tdw) funganywa.

funganyumba nm [u-/i-] big, much branched and thorny tree with yellow flowers which are used as treatment for snake poison.

fungash.a kt [ele] 1 pack together, bale. 2 pull with a rope from behind

e.g. a boat towing another boat. 3 be followed with sth from behind; tie sth behind another. 4 (ms) possess big buttocks. (tde) fungashia;

(tdk) fungashika; (tdn) fungashana; (tdw) fungashwa.

fungate nm [i-/zi-] honeymoon.

fungi.a kt [ele] bar, ban, confine. (tde) fungilia; (tdw) fungiwa;

(tdk) fungika; (tds) fungisha.

fungo1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 fasting period. 2 style of tying. 3 security, bond.

fungo2 nm [a-/wa-] civet cat.

fungo3 nm [i-/zi-] teething stimulant made from roots of nut grass (cyperus rotundus).

fungu1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 heap, pile, chump, mass. 2 share, portion, slice: ~ la fedha a share of money. 3 paragraph, section, sentence. 4 (biashara) stock, share. 5 (sheria) article, paragraph.

fungu2 nm [u-/i-] plant whose stems and leaves are used as vegetable (celasia orgentea).

fungu.a kt [ele] 1 open, let sth open: ~ mlango open a door. 2 unfasten. 3 let loose. 4 release. 5 inaugurate. 6 relax (bowels): (ms) ~ mashtaka charge, book. (tde) fungulia, (tdew) funguliwa; (tdk) funguka; (tdn) funguana; (tds) fungusha.

funguk.a kt [sie] get, loose, break loose.

fungule nm [i-/zi-] fee paid to a medicineman.

funguli.a kt [ele] 1 open for. 2 release, let out, let go, dismiss. (tdk) fungulika; (tdn) funguliana; (tds) fungulisha; (tdw) funguliwa. kifungulio nm.

fungutenzi nm ma- [li-/ya-] verb



funik.a kt [ele] 1 cover, shroud: ~ chungu cover a pot. 2 bury, jacket, conceal, cover up: ~ kwa ukungu befog: ~ kabisa enshroud; ~ maneno speak ambiguously so as to cover up sth. 3 encompass,

envelop. 4 overwhelm. (tde) funikia; (tdk) funikika; (tdn)

funikana; (tds) funikiza; (tdw) funikwa.

funo nm [a-/wa-] duiker.

funu.a kt [ele] 1 uncover, discover. 2 reveal, bare, disclose, divulge, expose. 3 spread out: ~ mbawa spread out wings. 4 disentangle. (tde) funulia, (tdew) funuliwa; (tdk) funuka; (tdn) funuana; (tds) funusha. kifuniko nm. mfuniko nm.

fununu nm [i-/zi-] rumour, gossip, hearsay, inkling.

funutu nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 grasshopper. 2 small locust.

funz.a1 kt [ele] educate, teach esp good manners. (tde) funzia; (tdk) funzika; (tdn) funzana; (tds) funzisha; (tdw) funzwa.

funza2 nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 jigger, sand fleas. 2 larva, maggot, grub.

funzo nm ma- [li-/ya-] lesson, teaching.

fuo nm ma- [li-/ya-]1 laundry; place where clothes are washed. 2 act of washing. 3 foam, froth.

fupanyonga nm ma- [li-/ya-] pelvis.

fupi kv 1 short, little, low. 2 brief: Hotuba ~ brief speech.

fupish.a kt [ele] contract, abbreviate, clip, compress (ideas), condense, curtail, shorten, summarize, abridge, cut, dock: ~ nywele bob. (tde) fupishia, (tden) fupishiana; (tdk) fupishika; (tdw) fupishwa.

fur.a kt [sie] 1 swell, bulge. 2 swell in anger; be enraged. (tde) furia; (tdk) furika; (tds) furisha.

furaha* nm [i-/zi-] 1 pleasure, delight, enchant, mirth, happiness, joy, cheerfulness: ~ kamili bliss. 2 satisfaction. 3 comfort, delectation: ~ kuu bliss. (Kar)


furah.i kt [sie] 1 feel happy, enjoy, rejoice. 2 be cheerful. 3 be satisfied. 4 enjoy sth. (tde) furahia, (tden) furahiana, (tdew) furahiwa; (tdk) furahika; (tds) furahisha.

furahi.a* kt [ele] rejoice, feel extremely happy, be cheerful, be joyful, be overjoyed with sth, bask.

(tde) furahilia; (tdk) furahika;

(tdn) furahiana; (tds) furahisha; (tdw) furahiwa. (Kar)

furahifu* kv happy, joyful. 2 cheerful. 3 satisfied. (Kar).

furahish.a* kt [ele] 1 be delightful; elate, be enjoyable, beautify, gratify. 2 flatter. 3 ravish. (Kar).

furam.a kt [sie] stoop. (tde) furamia; (tdk) furamika; (tds) furamisha.

furi kv full.

furik.a [sie] overflow, flood, jampack. (tde) furikia;

(tdk) furikika; (tds) furikisha.

furiko nm ma- [li-/ya-] flood; overflowing: Ma~ floods.

furish.a kt [ele] glut (with).

(tde) furishia; (tdk) furishika;

(tdn) furishana; (tdw) furishwa.

furkani nm [i-/zi-] The Holy Koran.

fursa nm [i-/zi-] opportunity, occasion: Kupata ~ to have an opportunity.

furufu kv joyful, cheerful.

furufuru1 nm [i-/zi-] clearing of the weather; cloud

furufuru2 kv copious, plenty.

furuk.a kt [sie] 1 grow up. 2 be happy, be cheerful. (tde) furukia; (tdk) furukika; (tds) furukisha.

furukombe nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 osprey. 2 tortoise.

furukut.a kt [sie] 1 toss about on bed, wiggle out. (tde) furukutia; (tdk) furukutika; (tds) furukutisha.

furukuto nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 state of tossing and turning. 2 act of wiggling out.

furungu1* nm ma- [li-/ya-] shaddock citron fruit. (Kaj).

furungu2* nm ma- [li-/ya-] anklet. (Kaj).


furush.a kt [ele] drive away (birds with stones); rout (an enemy). (tde) furushia; (tdk) furushika; (tdn) furushana; (tdw) furushwa.

furushi nm ma- [li-/ya-] pack, bundle of clothes; parcel.

furutile* nm [i-/zi-] decorticator, sisal processing machine. (Kng)

fus.a1 kt [ele] 1 soften by gentle beating. 2 verbal attack. 3 (ugonjwa) attack: Malaria yalim~

malaria attacked him. 4 (mchezo wa karata au kamari) deflate, win all cards or money. (tde) fusia;

(tdk) fusika; (tdn) fusana;

(tds) fusisha; (tdw) fuswa.

fus.a2* kt [sie] fart noiselessly.

(tde) fusia; (tdk) fusika;

(tds) fusisha. (Kar)

fusah.i* kt [ele] revoke, annul.

(tde) fusahia, (tden) fusahiana, (tdew) fusahiwa; (tdk) fusahika; (tds) fusahisha. (Kar)

fusho nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 fumigant, incense. 2 gun powder.

fusi.a kt [ele] fill up a hole; fill in a foundation. (tde) fusilia;

(tdk) fusika; (tdn) fusiana;

(tds) fusisha; (tdw) fusiwa.

fusik.a kt [sie] 1 injure body nerves (after falling or being hit). 2 stagger, wobble. (tde) fusikia;

(tdk) fusikika; (tds) fusikisha.

fuska nm [i-/zi-] adulterer; fornicator.

fusuli nm [i-/zi-] full information; everything; complete: Kwa ~ in detail.

fususi* nm [i-/zi-] gem, precious stone. (Kar).

fut.a1 kt [ele] 1 clean up, wipe (out/off): ~ vumbi dust. 2 rub, obliterate, remove, efface, delete. 3 cancel, abolish, annul, revoke, disqualify, eliminate, eradicate, erase, extinguish, repeal, rescind, retract, nulify. 4 (kamari) win: Tulicheza kamari akani~ kabisa we played a betting game and he cleaned me out. (nh) (1) ~ mawazo forget about sth; (2) ~ usemi withdraw a statement. (tde) futia; (tdk) futika; (tdn) futana;


(tds) futisha; (tdw) futwa.

fut.a2 kt [ele] draw (knife or sword from a sheath); unsheath: ~ upanga draw a sword. (tde) futia; (tdk) futika; (tdn) futana;

(tds) futisha; (tdw) futwa.

fut.a3 kt [ele] bail water out of a

vessel. (tde) futia; (tdk) futika; (tds) futisha; (tdw) futwa.

fut.a4 kt [sie] (ukuta au mti) fall.

(tde) futia; (tdk) futika;

(tds) futisha.

fut.a5 kt [ele] 1 boycott. 2 hate, abhor, detest. (tde) futia;

(tdk) futika; (tdn) futana;

(tds) futisha; (tdw) futwa.

futa6 nm ma- [a-/wa-] type of a big snake.

futa7 nm [i-/zi-] hatred, animosity.

futa8 nm [i-/zi-] 1 fat, lard, grease. 2 potbelly.

futafut.a kt [ele] kick about legs as of a person dying. (tde) futafutia; (tdk) futafutika; (tdn) futafutana; (tds) futafutisha; (tdw) fufafutwa.

futah.i1 kt [ele] escape, run away from danger. (tde) futahia,

(tden) futahiana, (tdew) futahiwa; (tdk) futahika; (tds) futahisha.

futahi2 nm [i-/zi-] luck.

futari* nm [i-/zi-] 1 food eaten to break a fast. 2 foodstuff such as cassava, yams, bananas, beans used during a fasting period. (Kar).

futi1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] knee.

futi2 nm 1 (kipimo) foot. 2 measuring tape.

futi.a kt [ele] grab, catch.

(tde) futilia; (tdk) futika;

(tdn) futiana; (tds) futisha;

(tdw) futiwa.

futik.a kt [sie] 1 be wiped off, be erased. 2 insert, stick in the belt or wallet. (tde) futikia; (tdk) futikika; (tds) futikisha.

futikamba nm [i-/zi-] tape measure.

fut.u kt [sie] 1 overlook, forget. 2 find solution, solve (a problem). (tde) futulia; (tdk) futuka;

(tds) futusha.

futu.a kt [ele] 1 take out, unsheath. 2


open up/untie a parcel. 3 pluck hair or feathers. 4 reveal, uncover, expose. 5 cause to swell, blow up. (tde) futulia, (tdew) futuliwa;

(tdk) futuka; (tdn) futuana;

(tds) futusha.

futuhi nm [i-/zi-] comedy.

futuk.a kt [sie] 1 feel angry or

indignant. 2 stick out, distend. 3 spring up. (tde) futukia;

(tdk) futukika; (tds) futukisha.

futuri nm [i-/zi-] 1 bitter aloes. 2 piles, haemorrhoids.

futur.u kt [sie] break a fast.

(tde) futuria; (tdk) futurika;

(tds) futurisha.

fututa nm [i-/zi-] hot water, fat and a piece of cloth used to massage an injured person.

futuza nm ma [li-/ya-] 1 baloon. 2 globe.

fuu1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] skull, shell.

fuu2 nm ma- [a-/wa-] cuttle fish.

fuuz.a kt [sie] keep on; continue, go directly. (tde) fuuzia;

(tdk) fuuzika; (tds) fuuzisha.

fuvu nm ma- [li-/ya-] skull, shell.

fuwawe nm [i-/zi-] soft coastal stone whose powder is used for brushing teeth, pumice (stone).

fuwele nm [i-/zi-] crystal.

fuzi nm ma- shoulder tip.

fuz.u kt [ele] succeed, pass.

(tde) fuzia; (tdk) fuzika;

(tds) fuzisha.

fyand.a kt [ele] squeeze, grip, fit tight. (tde) fyandia; (tdk) fyandika; (tdn) fyandana; (tds) fyandisha; (tdw) fyandwa.

fyat.a1 kt [ele] 1 tuck between the legs. 2 shut up, keep quiet. 3 hit (with a stick). (nh) ~ mkia shut up, withdraw out of fear. (tde) fyatia; (tdk) fyatika; (tdn) fyatana;

(tds) fyatisha; (tdw) fyatwa.

fyata2 nm [i-/zi-] catapult, slingshot.

fyatu.a kt [ele] snapshot: ~ matofali make bricks; ~ risasi fire a gun. (tde) fyatulia, (tdew) fyatuliwa; (tdk) fyatuka; (tdn) fyatuana;

(tds) fyatusha.


fyatuk.a kt [sie] go off suddenly: Bunduki ime~ the gun has gone off suddenly. (tde) fyatukia;

(tdk) fyatukika; (tds) fyatukisha.

fyatuo nm ma- [li-/ya-] sudden release of a very tight thing.

fyek.a kt [ele] 1 mow, cut grass or

bush. 2 destroy. (tde) fyekea;

(tdk) fyekeka; (tdn) fyekana;

(tds) fyekesha; (tdw) fyekwa.

fyeko nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 cleared

ground. 2 stroke of grass cutting.

fyeku.a kt [ele] 1 raise sand from behind as in running. 2 move fast. (tde) fyekulia, (tdew) fyekuliwa; (tdk) fyekuka; (tdn) fyekuana;

(tds) fyekusha.

fyo.a kt [ele] hiss at, insult sb, show offensive behaviour. (tde) fyolea, (tdew) fyolewa; (tdk) fyoka;

(tdn) fyoana; (tds) fyosha.

fyokoch.a kt [ele] pass, be able to win. (tde) fyokochea;

(tdk) fyokocheka;

(tdn) fyokochana;

(tds) fyokochesha;

(tdw) fyokochwa.

fyom.a kt [ele] read. (tde) fyomea, (tden) fyomeana; (tdk) fyomeka; (tds) fyomesha; (tdw) fyomwa.

fyond.a kt [ele] absorb; suck.

(tde) fyondea; (tdk) fyondeka; (tdn) fyondana; (tds) fyondesha; (tdw) fyondwa.

fyongo kv off-target, off-course.

fyony.a kt [ele] make a hissing sound

as a sign of contempt.

(tde) fyonyea; (tdk) fyonyeka;

(tdn) fyonyana; (tds) fyonyesha; (tdw) fyonywa.

fyonz.a kt [ele] suck, absorb.

(tde) fyonzea; (tdk) fyonzeka;

(tdn) fyonzana; (tds) fyonzesha; (tdw) fyonzwa.

fyos.a kt [ele] insult, joke, kid.

(tde) fyosea; (tdk) fyoseka;

(tdn) fyosana; (tds) fyosesha;

(tdw) fyoswa. mfyosi nm. ufyosi nm.

fyosi kv insulting.

fyoto nm expression of contempt, or prohibiting to do sth.

fyoto.a kt [ele] say sth that would imply arrogance and contempt. (tde) fyotolea, (tdew) fyotolewa; (tdk) fyotoka; (tdn) fyotoana; (tds) fyotesha.

fyoz.a kt [ele] insult, joke, kid.

(tde) fyozea; (tdk) fyozeka;

(tdn) fyozana; (tds) fyozesha;

(tdw) fyozwa.

fyu.a1 kt [ele] cut the earcorn of millet, rice or wheat; harvest corn.

(tde) fyulia, (tdew) fyuliwa;

(tdk) fyuka; (tdn) fyuana;

(tds) fyusha.

fyuk.a kt [sie] (mtego) spring, go off suddenly. (tde) fyukia;

(tdk) fyukika; (tds) fyukisha.

fyuzi* nm [i-/zi-] 1 fuse. 2 (ms) madness: Amekatika ~ he is mad. (Kng)


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