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ha! ki oh!, utterance of surprise or dismay.

haba1* kv scarce, rare, short of, few, insufficient, scant, spare. (mt) ~ na ~ hujaza kibaba little and little fills the measure. uhaba nm. (Kar)

haba2 nm [i-/zi-] roll-up.

hababi* nm [a-/wa-] 1 beloved. 2 master. (Kar).

habari* nm 1 news, tidings, information: ~ za kubuniwa fiction; ~ motomoto hot news. 2 form of salutation: ~ gani how are you; ~ za asubuhi/mchana/jioni Good morning/afternoon/ evening. (Kar)

habedari! ki look out! beware! make way! (usu. used by coolies in docks).

habi! ki cool down, utterance to appease spirits during exorcism.

habithi* nm ma- [a-/wa-] wicked person, malicious/evil person. uhabithi nm. (Kar)

habta nm [i-/zi-] anchor.

hada.a* kt [ele] cheat, deceive, outwit, hoodwink, play a joke/trick (on sb). (tde) hadaia, (tdew) hadaiwa; (tdk) hadaika (tdn) hadaana. (Kar)

hadhara kl in public, openly: Tangaza ~ni declare publicly. mhadhara nm.

hadhari* nm [i-/zi-] caution, prudence, precaution, vigilance. tahadhari kt. (Kar)

hadhi* nm [i-/zi] status, prestige, honour, respect, dignity: Shushia ~ disparage. (Kar)

hadhira* nm [i-/zi-] audience. (Kar)

hadhiri* kt [sie] lecture, give a talk/lecture. (Kar)

hadi* ku until, up to : Angalia picha ~ asubuhi watch the movie until morning. kl very much, extremely, beyond: Nimefurahi ~ ya kufurahi I am extremely happy. (Kar)

hadia* nm [i-/zi-] present, gift. (Kar)

hadibodi* nm [i-/zi-] hardboard. (Kng)

hadidi* nm [i-/zi-] iron. kv powerful,

solid. (Kar).

hadimu* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 servant,

servitor, attendant, 2 free slave.(Kar)


hadithi* nm story, tale, narrative; parable; fiction: ~ ya mapenzi story of romance. (ms) ~ ~! opening words of a story teller; ~ njoo reply to such opening words.

hadithi.a kt [ele] narrate, tell stories. (tdk) hadithika; (tdn) hadithiana; (tdw) hadithiwa.

hadubini nm [i-/zi-] microscope.

hae! ki! 1 alas! my! 2 aha!

hafidhi* nm diary, note book, jotter. (Kar)

hafifish.a* kt [ele] trifle, make insignificant (Kar)

hafifisho* nm [li-] depreciation (of value). (Kar)

hafifu* kv trifling, mediocre, potty, frivolous, poor in quality; lean. uhafifu nm. (Kar)

hafla* nm reception, party: ~ ya harusi a wedding reception. (Kar)

hafubeki* nm ma- [a-/wa-] half back. (Kng)

hafukasti* nm ma- [a-/wa-] half- caste, half breed, coloured. (Kng)

hafutaimu* nm [i-/zi-] half time. (Kng)

hagali* nm [i-/zi-] agal. (Kar)

hah.a kt [sie/ele] 1 gulp (food), eat voraciously. 2 palpitate. 3 be aggravated, be enraged, be furious. 4 tremor, tremble.

hai1 kv alive; active, live, living.

hai!2 ki appeal for harmony, utterance to quieten an event.

haiba* nm [i-/zi-] charm, attraction, charisma. 2 (tabia) amiable, personality, pleasant: Mwingi wa ~ full of amiable character. 3 beauty. (Kar)

haibiskasi* nm [li-/zi-] hibiscus. (Kng)

haibridi* nm [i-/zi-] hybrid. (Kng)

haidra* nm [a-/wa-] hydra; mythical snake with many heads. (Kng)

haidreti* nm [i-/zi-] hydrate; salt water. (Kng)

haidro* (kiambishi) hydro. (Kng)

haidroliki* nm hydrolics. (Kng)

haidhuru* ku it does not matter, never mind, do not bother, it is all the


haijambo ku it is better; (hali) haikamishna


manageable, tolerable, improving.

haikamishna* nm ma- [a-/wa-] high commissioner, ambassador (Kng)

hailigwa kv inedible.

haima nm [i-/zi-] tent-like tarpaulin cover in a dhow.

hainehaine kl airborne, shoulder high.

hain.i1* kt [ele] betray, deceive. uhaini nm. (Kar)

haini2* nm [a-/wa-] traitor, betrayer, conspirator, renegade. (Kar)

haipotenyusi* nm [i-/zi-] hypotenuse. (Kng)

haja nm [i-/zi-] 1 need, want, requirement, necessity, suit, request. 2 reason, ground. 3 call of nature: Enda ~ kubwa excrete; Enda ~ ndogo urinate.

haji* nm [a-/wa-] 1 hadji/hajji, pilgrim. (Kar)

hajir.i* kt [ele] emigrate, migrate. (tde) hajiria, (tdew) hajiriwa; (tdk) hajirika; (tds) hajirisha. mhajiri nm. uhajiri nm. Hijra nm. (Kar)

hajivale nm ma- [a-/wa-] African Harrier-hawk.

haka* nm [i-/zi-] fine, forfeit; compensation (esp pertaining to breaking traditions). (Kar)

hakahak.a kt [sie] wander. (tde) hakahakia; (tdk) hakahakika; (tds) hakahakisha.

haki* nm [i-/zi-] warrant, right, prerogative, ownership; justice: stahiki ~ be worthy, be fitting; be obligatory; ~ ya kipekee monopoly; ~ ya kupiga kura suffrage. (Kar)

hakika nm certainty, reality, fact. kl certainly, really.

hakik.i kt [ele] ascertain, review critically, criticize; notice. (tde) hakikia; (tdn) hakikiana; (tdk) hakikika; (tds) hakikisha; (tdw) hakikiwa. hakikisho nm.

hakikish.a kt [ele] confirm; certify, make sure, assure, affirm, prove, substantiate. (tde) hakikishia; (tdw) hakikishwa.

hakikishi.a kt [ele] certify to; prove to. (tdk) hakikishika; (tdn)



hakikishiana; (tdw) hakikishiwa.

hakikisho nm [i-/zi-] confirmation.

hakimu* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 magistrate, judge. 2 arbitrator, (Roma ya kale) praetor. (Kng)

hakir.i1* kt [ele] despise, scorn, abase. (tde) hakiria, (tden) hakiriana, (tdew) hakiriwa; (tdk) hakirika; (tds) hakirisha. (Kar)

hakiri2* kv 1 feeble, weak. 2 humble : Mtumishi wako al~ your humble servant. (Kar)

hakikish.a kt [ele] rebuff. (tde) hakikishia; (tdk) hakikishika; (tdn) hakikishana; (tdw) hakikishwa.

hal.a kt [ele] elope with sb's wife. (tde) halia; (tdk) halika; (tds) halisha.

halafa nm [i-] 1 rebellion, disobedience. 2 difference, discord.

halafu* kl afterwards, later, then: ~ akaondoka na babu yake then he left with his grandfather. (Kar)

halahala* kl immediately, promptly, at once. (Kar)

halaiki* nm [i-] 1 much (of), many, abundance, crowd. 2 troops (performing a display), gathering. (Kar)

halali* kv lawful, permissible, rightful; legal, legitimate, licit, valid. nm right: Ni ~ yako it is your right.

halalish.a* kt [ele] legitimize, declare right, warrant. (tde) halalishia; (tdk) halalishika; (tdn) halalishana; (tdw) halalishwa. (Kar)

halambe! pia harambee ki 1 utterance used to charge the spirit of cooperative action in lifting/pushing sth. heavy or in tackling a problem. 2 all together, with all the might/ power : ~ ~ ! forcefully, enthusiastically.

halani kl 1 at once, now, quickly. 2 instantly.

halasa nm [i-/zi-] net salary, payment for ship crew/sailor.

halbaderi* nm [i-/zi] special prayer believed by some Muslims to cast a curse or spell on somebody who has done wrong e.g. stealing, killing etc. (Kar)



haleluya* ki alleluia, hallelujah. (Kya)

halfiya nm [i-/zi-] formal head gear of a headman.

hali1* nm [i-/zi-] state, condition, essence, circumstance, case: ~ ya moyo mood; ~ inayofaa convenience; (commonly used in salutations and address) ~ gani how are you; u ~ gani? how are you; sina ~ I am in poor state; kwa kila ~ ala kuli ~ which ever case, by all means. (Kar)

hali2* kl when, knowingly: Aliagiza chakula ~ hana fedha she ordered food when knowing well that she had no money. (Kar)

halibati* nm [a-/wa-] halibut. (Kng)

halibari* nm [i-] (bahari) rough storm, high wind, huricane, tempest. (Kar).

halib.u kt [ele] darken, tan. (tde) halibia; (tdk) halibika; (tdw) halibiwa.

halinda kl eternally, permanently, for ever.

halifa* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 caliph. 2 head of dancing troop specializing in exorcising. 3 leader of a religious sect.(Kar)

halif.u1* kt [ele] disobey, rebel, oppose, contravene. (tde) halifia; (tdk) halifika; (tds) halifisha. (Kar)

halif.u2* kt [ele] pass on family inheritance to a successor. (tde) halifia; (tdk) halifika; (tds) halifisha. (Kar)

halijoto nm [i-/zi-] temperature.

halili1* nm [a-/wa-] beloved person, respectable person (Kar).

halili2 nm [i-/zi-] (Uislamu) prayer for the dead in which the name of God is chanted a specified number of times.

halili.a kt [ele] chant the special oneness, Islamic creed counting gravels; recant laailaha illallahu.

halilungi nm [i-/zi-] antidiarrhoea.

halimtumwa [i-/zi-] egg-yolk coloured sweet potato, yellowish sweet potato.

halis.i1* kt [ele] 1 be good for the price: Ubora wa redio hii hau~ shilingi elfu ishirini the quality of this radio is not worth price of Tsh. 20,000. 2 be



suitable, be fit: Hai~ wewe kucheza sasa it is not suitable for you to play now. (tde) halisia, (tden) halisiana, (tdew) halisiwa; (tdk) halisika; (tds) halisisha. (Kar)

halisi2 kv real, genuine, unalloyed, true, precise, actual, particular, authentic, literal, positive. (Kar)

haliudi nm [i-/zi-] 1 olive oil. 2 high quality perfume.

halkumu* nm [i-/zi-] jugular vein. (Kar)

halmashauri1* nm [i-/zi-] 1 council: ~ ya jiji city council. 2 board. (Kar)

halo nm [i-] nimbus.

halua* nm [i-/zi-] sweetmeat. (Kar)

halula nm [i-] quinsy.

haluli* nm [i-/zi-] purgative, aperient; epsom salts. (Kar)

halumbe ki expression of appeal urging people to pull together a heavy object.

halwaridi1* nm [li-/ya-] 1 rose. 2 attar. (Kar)

ham.a1 kt [ele] 1 move (to a new place), evacuate. 2 emigrate. (tde) hamia; (tdk) hamika; (tds) hamisha; (tdw) hamwa.

hama2* nm [i-/zi-] (bunduki) hammer. (Kng)

hamadi* ki oops! careful! (int. used frequently when a person stumbles): chukueni chakula safarini msije piga ~ take some food with you in the journey otherwise you will regret. (Kar)

hamak.i1 kt [sie] be enraged, be infuriated. (tde) hamakia; (tds) hamakisha. (Kar)

hamaki2* nm rage, asperity, sudden anger, passion, sudden burst of temper. (Kar)

hamali* nm [i-/zi-] 1 porter, stevedore. 2 freight, load: Gari la ~ a push cart (for carrying loads). (Kar)

hamamu1* nm [a-/wa-] 1 public bath. 2 sauna. 3 bathroom. (Kar)

hamamu2* nm dove, pigeon. (Kar)

hamanik.a* kt [sie] 1 worry over sth. 2 be excited be overwhelmed, mesmerized. (tde) hamanikia;



(tdk) hamanikika.

hamaniko nm [i-] menace.

hamasa* nm [i-/zi-] motivation; determination, ardour. (Kar)

hamasish.a kt [ele] motivate, induce, mobilize, reanimate.

(tde) hamasishia; (tdk) hamasishika; (tdn) hamasishana;

(tdw) hamasishwa.

hamatani* nm [i-] harmattan. (Kng)

hambarar.a kt [sie] prate, blather, gas. (tde) hambararia;

(tdk) hambararika.

hambe nm ma- [a-/wa-] stupid person; imbecile.

hamdi* nm [i-/zi-] 1 praise, commendation, applause. 2 qualifications. (Kar)

hamdia nm formal attire of white robe, trousers, coat and an embroidered skull-cap or tarboosh.

ham.i* kt [ele] 1 protect, insulate, scare away birds from a plantation. 3 help, defend. (tde) hamia, (tden) hamiana, (tdew) hamiwa; (tdk) hamika;

(tds) hamisha. (Kar)

hami.a1 kt [ele] assault, attack.

(tdk) hamika; (tds) hamisha;

(tdn) hamiana; (tdw) hamiwa.

hami.a2 kt [ele] immigrate, move to. (tdk) hamika;

(tds) hamisha; (tdw) hamiwa.

hamio nm ma- [li-/ya-] settlement for migrants; new settlement.

hamira nm [i-/zi-] yeast, ferment, leaven.

hamish.a1 kt [ele] 1 confine a maid. 2 confine patient for special treatment; prevent, inhibit.(tde) hamishia; (tdk) hamishika; (tdn) hamishana; (tdw) hamishwa.

hamish.a2 kt [ele] shift (from), move sb/sth; transfer, evacuate, relocate, remove from. (tde) hamishia;

(tdk) hamishika; (tdn) hamishana; (tdw) hamishwa.

hamishi.a kt [ele] devolve.

(tdk) hamishika; (tdn) hamishiana; (tdw) hamishiwa.

hamishik.a kt [sie] be moveable. (tde)




hamna kt [sie] is nothing; is empty.

hamnazo nm [a-/wa-] negligent/ careless person.

hamrawi* nm [i-/zi-] rope attached to lower or forward end of the yard in a native vessel, to steady it and assist in shifting, when tacking. (Kar)

hamsa* nm [i-/zi-]five: ~ wa ishirini twenty five. (Kar

hamsini* nm [i-/zi-]fifty. (Kar)

hamu* nm [i-/zi-] longing, hankering, desire for sth, hunger for: ~ ya nyumbani nostalgia. (Kar)

hamumi* nm [i-/zi-] tobacco for a hookah. (Kar)

hamuma nm [i-/zi-] (siyo rasmi) stupid person.

hamustaashara* nm [i-/zi-] fifteen. (Kar)

hanali nm [u-/zi-] northerly wind, north monsoon.

hanamu1* kl oblique, slant, sideways; diagonal, slope. (Kar)

hanamu2* nm [i-/zi-] 1 (chombo) cutwater of a vessel. 2 (ubao) rake, the sloping edge or bevel of a board. (Kar).

hanchifu* nm [i-/zi-] handkerchief. (Kng)

handaki* nm trench, ditch. (Kar)

hando1* nm [i-/zi-] copper vessel, like a clay water pot, used chiefly by Indians for carrying and storing water. (Khi)

hando2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] pancake dipped into boiled sugar.

hando3 nm [i-/zi-] short flaring skirt usually won by Mijikenda women.

hangahanga1 kl shoulder-high.

hangahanga2 kt [sie] carry shoulder-high. (tde) hangahangia; (tdk) hangahangika; (tds) hangahangisha.

hangaik.a kt [sie] 1 be busy with affairs. 2 be confused, troubled, excited. (tde) hangaikia; (tden) hangaikiana; (tdew) hangaikiwa.

hangaiko nm ma- [li-/ya-] anxiety, worry (over affairs, much work etc).

hangaish.a kt [ele] trouble, disturb. Hangala


(tde) hangaishia; (tdk) hangaishika;

(tdn) hangaishana; (tdw) hangaishwa.

Hangala nm ma- [li-/ya-] dried banana.

Hangamaji nm [I-/zi-] night entertainment for sailors; journey songs.

Hangungu nm ma- [li-/ya-] short calico robe.

Hangwe nm [I-/zi-] hooked stick.

han.i* kt [ele] pay a visit of condolence. (tde) hania, (tden) haniana , (tdew) haniwa; (tdk) hanika; (tds) hanisha. (Kar)

hanikiz.a kt [sie] interrupt by making excessive noise. (tde) hanikizia; (tdk) hanikizika; (tdn) hanikizana; (tds) hanikizisha; (tdw) hanikizwa.

Hanithi* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 impotent. 2 homosexual. 3 fool. 4 frigid woman.

hanja1 nm brown.

Hanj.a2 kt [sie] loiter, wander (tde) hanjia; (tdk) hanjika; (tds) hanjisha.

Hanjamu nm ma- [I-/ya-] 1 sexual desire; lust, passion. 2 self-praises: tia ~ pretend to be cross.

hanjari nm [I-/zi-] curved dagger.

Hansa nm [I-/zi-] two thick ropes of the main yard.

hanuni nm [I-/zi-] henna plant flowers.

hanzua nm [I-/zi-] dance. 2 two headed drum.

hapa kl here, this place.

hapana kl there isn’t; there is none: ~ sherehe leo there is no party today. 2 no, do not: ~ ruhusa kuingia ndani no entrance; do not enter.

Hapo kl 1 there,just there. 2 used to emphasize the beginning of certain events esp. in story-telling: ~ kale once upon a time.

Har.a1 kt [sie] have diarrhoea: ~ damu have dysentery. (tde) haria, (tden) hariana, (tdew) hariwa; (tdk) harika; (tds) harisha. (Kar)

har.a2 kt [sie] acknowledge the superiority of sb in sth: Tunam~ John kwa hesabu we acknowledge that John is excellent in arithmetic.

Hara3 nm suburb.



haradali* nm mustard. (Kar)

haragwe nm ma- [li-/ya-] bean.

haraka* nm [i-/zi-] haste, hurry, quickness. kl hurriedly, quickly. (Kar)

harakati nm [i-/zi-] struggle, movement: ~ za ukombozi liberation struggle.

harakish.a* kt [ele] hurry, hasten. (tde) harakishia; (tdk) harakishika; (tdn) harakishana; (tdw) harakishwa. (Kar)

haram* nm ma-[li-/ya-] 1 pyramid. 2 exalted area around Madina and other graves of famous people.

harambee! kl heave – ho! yo- heave – ho!.

haramia* nm ma-[a-/wa-] pirate, brigand. (Kar)

haramish.a kt [ele] make unlawful, declare illegal. (tde) haramishia; (tdk) haramishika; (tdn) haramishana; (tdw) haramishwa.

haramu kv illicit, forbidden, illegitimate: Kwa Waislamu kula nguruwe ni ~ it is forbidden for Moslems to eat pork.

harara* nm [i-/zi-] heat, sweat. 2 hot temper, impetuosity, asperity. 3 rash, precipitation. (Kar)

harashi kv (ms) Mwana~ a condemmed person; a disrespectful person.

hari nm [i-/zi-] heat, sweat.

haribifu kv 1 destructive. 2 extravagant.

haribik.a kt [sie] be damaged/spoiled, go bad; be out of order: Gari langu lime~ my car is out of order. (tde) haribikia; (tdk) haribikika; (tds) haribikisha.

harib.u kt [ele] 1 damage, ruin, ravage, impair, destroy, spoil: ~ sura disfigure;~ mimba abort. 2 pervert, lead astray, obliterate, shatter. (tde) haribia, (tden) haribiana, (tdew) haribiwa; (tdk) haribika; (tds) haribisha.

harija1 nm [i-/zi-] business/domestic expenses.

harija2 nm endless arguments: Mzee harij.i


yule ana ~ mno that old man argues


harij.i* kt [ele] spend money, incur expense. (tde) harijia, (tden) harijiana, (tdew) harijiwa; (tdk) harijika; (tds) harijisha. (Kar)

hario! ki hurray!

harioe! ki hip hip hurray!

hariri1* nm georgette; satin. (Kar)

harir.i2 kt [ele] edit, reduct, sub-edit. (tde) hariria, (tden) haririana, (tdew) haririwa; (tdk) haririka; (tds) haririsha.

harish.a* kt [sie] purge. (tde) harishia; (tdk) harishika. (Kar)

harita nm [i-/zi-] foam–producing seeds (used for washing).

haro* nm [i-/zi-] harrow. (Kng)

harubu nm [i-/zi-] 1 discomfort, tediousness. 2 war.

harufu nm [i-/zi-] smell, odour: ~ nzuri nice smell, aroma; ~ mbaya bad smell, pong.

harusi nm [i-/zi-] 1 wedding, nuptials. 2 joy, happiness: Zubeida, kuja

kwetu ni ~ we are happy that Zubeida has visited us.

has.a1 kt [sie] perform rituals (at a place of spirits). (tde) hasia; (tdk) hasika; (tds) hasisha.

hasa2 kl exactly, really: Hiki ndicho kitabu changu ~ this is exactly my book. kv exact, real, lateral most.

hasa3 ku especially, most of all.

hasada nm [i-/zi-] sorghum porridge.

hasaisi nm [i-/zi-] 1 bad things/affairs; wickedness, evil. 2 bad situation; worthlessness.

hasanati nm [i-/zi-] good deeds; goodness, kindness.

hasara nm [i-/zi-] 1 loss, damage: ~ inayofuatia consequent damage. 2 destruction, wastage, detriment; mischief.

hasha! kl no! never! by no means, nope!

hashakum!* pia ashakum ki pardon me for what I am about to say (word used before mentioning sth not usually mentioned, e.g. a vulgar or shameful




hashir.i1 kt [ele] gather people somewhere. (tde) hashiria, (tden) hashiriana, (tdew) hashiriwa; (tdk) hashirika; (tds) hashirisha.

hashir.i2 kt [ele] defile.

hasho nm ma- [li-/ya-] (chombo) plug.

hashuo nm ma- [li-/ya-] sb's favourite place.

has.i1 kt [ele] castrate, geld. (tde) hasia, (tden) hasiana, (tdew) hasiwa; (tdk) hasika; (tds) hasisha. (Kar)

hasi2 kv negative: mtazamo ~ negative attitude.

hasidi nm ma-[a-/wa-] malicious/spiteful person.

hasik.a kt [sie] be unhappy with sth; be angry. (tde) hasikia; (tds) hasikisha.

hasimu1* nm ma- [a-/wa-] enemy, antagonist. 2 backbiter. (Kar)

hasim.u2* kt [ele] 1 contend. 2 be estranged, be parted/separated. (tde) hasimia, (tden) hasimiana, (tdew) hasimiwa; (tdk) hasimika; (tds) hasimisha. (Kar).

hasira* nm anger, wrath, rage, blaze, huff; ire, passion: Kuwa na ~ be angry. (Kar)

hasir.i* kt [ele] damage, inflict loss on; injure, hurt, mar. (tde) hasiria, (tden) hasiriana, (tdew) hasiriwa; (tdk) hasirika; (tds) hasirisha. (Kar)

hasirik.a kt [sie] be hard hit. (tde) hasirikia; (tdk) hasirikika; (tds) hasirikisha.

hasua* nm testicles. (Kar)

hata1 ku 1 until, up to, to, till: Utavumilia ~ lini? Until when are you going to tolerate? 2 even though: Kaa nasi ~ siku moja stay with us even though for a day.

hata!2 ki not so, not at all.

hata3 kl definitely not, absolutely no: Maneno haya si kweli ~ kidogo this statement is absolutely untrue.

hatamu* nm [i-/zi-] bridle, martingale, rein, race. (nh) Shika ~ take control, lead. (Kar)

hatari* nm danger, peril, hazard, risk. (Kar)



hatarish.a* kt [i-/zi-] [ele] endanger,

hazard, jeopardize. (tde) hatarishia; (tdk) hatarishika; (tdn) hatarishana; (tdw) hatarishwa. (Kar)

hataza nm [i-/zi-] patent.

hati* nm [i-/zi-] 1 document; memorandum; certificate. 2 deed: ~ ya kumiliki title deed. 3 handwriting, script. (Kar)

hatia nm [i-/zi-] 1 fault, guilt, culpability: Eliezer hana ~ Eliezer is not guilty.

hatibu* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 speaker; preacher. 2 (kz) councillor, advisor; sb in charge. (Kar)

hatihati* nm [i-/zi-] 1 doubt. 2 suspicion.

hatima* nm [i-/zi-] the end of sth, conclusion. (Kar)

hatimaye* kl finally, at last, in the end. (Kar)

hatimkato nm [i-/zi-] shorthand.

hatinafsi* nm [i-/zi-] habit of going one's own way without asking advice. (Kar)

hatirish.a kt [sie] do sth without fear of its results; endanger. (tde) hatirishia; (tdk) hatirishika.

hatua* nm [i-/zi-] 1 step, pace in walking: ~ mbili mbele two paces forward. 2 progress, advancement. 3 opportunity, time: Nitakuja nikipata ~ I will come if I get the opportunity. 4 action: Chukua ~ take action. (nh) (1) Piga ~ advance, go ahead; Vuta ~ increase the speed, speed up. (Kar)

hau nm ma- [a-/wa-] mother's uncle.

hauli nm [i-/zi-] memorial.

hawaa* nm [i-/zi-] last, passionate desire, infatuation. (Kar)

hawaiji nm [i-/zi-] curry powder, turmeric.

hawala* nm [i-/zi-] money order; cheque. (Kar)

hawara* nm ma- [a-/wa-] paramour, concubine, lover. (Kar)

hawil.i* kt [ele] change, transfer: ~ mwajiriwa transfer an employee. (tde) hawilia, (tden) hawiliana, (tdew)

hawiliwa; (tdk) hawilika; (tds)

hawilisha. (Kar)

hawilishi.a* kt [ele] transfer, convey, remove from; subrogate, transship. (Kar)

hawilisho nm ma- [li-/ya-] sth transferred, sth changed.

hawinde nm ma- [a-/wa-] destitute.

haya1 nm [i-/zi-] 1 shame, modesty, bashfulness. 2 disgrace. 3 humility, respect, compunction reverence. (Kar)

haya!2 kl 1 right, that's that, OK! 2 come on! walk away! make haste. (Kar)

hayati nm [a-/wa-] 1 deceased, departed, the late: ~ Shaaban Robert the late Shaaban Robert. 2 life. (mt) Si ~ si mamati, si mzima si mgonjwa he/she is still unwell.

hayawani nm ma- [a-/wa-]brute, beast.

haz.a kt [ele] forbid sb from doing sth; warn, advise. (tde) hazia; (tdk) hazika; (tdn) hazana; (tds) hazisha; (tdw) hazwa.

hazahaz.a kt [ele] prevent information from spreading. (tde) hazahazia; (tdk) hazahazika; (tdn) hazahazana; (tds) hazahazisha; (tdw) hazahazwa.

hazama* nm [i-/zi-] nose ring or pendant. (Kar)

hazina* nm [i-/zi-] 1 treasure; reservoir; valuables; fund: ~ ya hadithi fund of stories. 2 the treasury. 3 thesaurus.

hazin.i* kt serve as treasurer. (tde) hazinia, (tden) haziniana, (tdew) haziniwa; (tdk) hazinika; (tds) hazinisha. (Kar)

he! ki 1 word used to warn sb. 2 word used to show dissatisfaction/contempt.

heba* nm beauty of countenance, glamour. (Kar)

hebo! pia ebo ki word used to express wonder/amazement.

hebu1 nm [i-/zi-] hub.

hebu!2 ki hey! listen! well then!

hedashara* nm [i-/zi-] eleven. (Kar)

hedhi* nm [i-/zi-] menses, menstruation: kukatika ~

menopause. (Kar)



hedikota* nm [i-/zi-] headquarters.


hedimasta* nm ma- [a-/wa-] headmaster. (Kng)

hedimistresi* nm ma- [a-/wa-] headmistress. (Kng)

hegemonia* nm [i-/zi-] hegemony. (Kng)

hekaheka nm [i-/zi-] 1 hustle and bustle. 2 confusion, disorder, chaos.

hekalu* nm ma- [li-/ya-] temple, pagoda; palace. (Kar)

hekaya* nm [i-/zi-] tale, fable, legend. 2 remarkable incident. (Kar)

hekemu.a kt [ele] 1 stretch oneself as on waking up or getting up from a cramped position. 2 sneeze. (tde) hekemulia, (tdew) hekemuliwa; (tdk) hekemuka; (tds) hekemusha.

hekima* nm [i-/zi-] 1 wisdom, prudence. 2 diplomacy, knowledge gained out of long experience. (Kar)

heko! ki Hurrah! well done! congratulations!

hekta* nm [i-/zi-] hectare. (Kng)

hela1 nm [i-/zi-] money.

hela2 ki well then! come then! make way! (used to call attention). (Kar)

helelez.a kt [ele] leave sb in disarrangement; worry, disturb; do sb dirt, shame sb. (tde) helelezia; (tdk) helelezika; (tdn) helelezana; (tdw) helelezwa.

heliamu* nm [i-/zi-] [i-] helium. (Kng)

helikopta* nm [i-/zi-] helicopter. (Kng)

helmeti* nm [i-/zi-] helmet. (Kng)

hema1* nm ma- [li-/ya] tent; marquee; wigwam: Piga ~ pitch a tent. (Kar)

hem.a2 kt [sie] 1 breathe; gasp, pant for breath. 2 take a break, rest. (tde) hemea; (tdk) hemeka; (tds) hemesha.

heme.a kt [sie] 1 be extremely busy; tire due to heavy workload. 2 fail to do sth. 3 go far away in search of food when hunger strikes. (tde) hemelea, (tden) hemeana; (tdk) hemeleka; (tds) hemesha; (tdw) hemewa.

hemer.a pia heme.a kt [ele] look for food. (tde) hemerea; (tdk) hemereka;

(tdn) hemerana; (tds) hemeresha;

(tdw) hemerwa.

hemk.a kt [sie] be ecstatic, be inspired. (tde) hemkia; (tdk) hemkika; (tds) hemkisha.

hemofilia* nm [i-/zi-] [u-] haemophilia. (Kng)

hendeli nm [i-/zi-] crank.

henezi nm [i-/zi-] gentlesness.

henza* nm [i-/zi-] halyard. (Kar)

henzirani* nm [i-/zi-] cane, canewood. (Kar)

hereni nm [i-/zi-] earing.

heri nm [i-/zi-] 1 tranquillity. 2 happiness, advantage, blessedness, success: Mtu wa ~ a fortunate (happy, enviable) person.

heria1* ki make way! out of the way. (Kre)

heri.a2 kt [sie] anchor, cast anchor. (tde) herilia; (tdk) herikia; (tds) herisha.(Kre)

hero nm [i-/zi-] small wooden dish or container.

heroini* nm [i-/zi-] heroin. (Kng)

herufi* nm [i-/zi-] 1 letter (of alphabet). 2 handwriting. (Kar)

hesab.u1* kt [ele] 1 count, enumerate; calculate; reckon. 2 think, consider. (tde) hesabia, (tden) hesabiana, (tdew) hesabiwa; (tdk) hesabika. (Kar)

hesabu2* nm [i-/zi-] 1 arithmetic: ~ za kichwa, mental arithmetic. 2 sum, number. 3 bill, account: Kitabu cha ~ an account book; Toa ~ give an account; Fanya/ piga ~ calculate; Kagua ~ audit accounts; Tia katika ~ record in the accounts. (Kar)

hesabu3* nm [i-/zi-] reward, deserts. (Kar)

heshima nm [i-] 1 honour, dignity, awe. 2 respect, courtesy, reverence, estimation: Mtoto mwenye ~ a polite, respectful child; wekea ~ treat sb with respect. 3 sth given to sb in his honour: Nakuletea zawadi hii ~ ya wazee I'm bringing you this present in

honour of the senior citizens. (ms) ~ ni kitu cha bure politenes costs heshim.u


nothing. (Kar)

heshim.u* kt [ele] show respect for sb; regard, revere, honour, celebrate. (tde) heshimia, (tden) heshimiana, (tdew) heshimiwa; (tdk) heshimika. (Kar)

hesi nm [i-zi-] thread of a screw: Msumari wa ~ screw.

heti* nm [i-/zi-] hat. (Kng)

hewa* nm air, atmosphere: Hali ya ~ weather; ~ kanieneo air pressure; Punga ~ get some fresh air. kv non existent: Wafanyakazi ~ non existent employees. (Kar)

hewaa pia ewaa! ki Yes, exactly.

hewala! ki alright. (Kar)

hez.a kt [ele] challenge, dare. (tde) hezia; (tdk) hezika; (tdn) hezana; (tds) hezisha; (tdw) hezwa.

hezi* nm [fiz] [i-/zi-] hertz. (Kng)

hiana* nm [i-/zi-] 1 mean. 2 unjust deed, unfair treatment, perfidy. (Kar)

hiar.i1* kt [sie] choose, prefer. (tde) hiaria; (tdk) hiarika; (tds) hiarisha. (Kar)

hiari2* nm [i-/zi-] choice, free will, volition, option; prerogative: ~ yako suit yourself; ~ yangu just as I want; Kazi ya ~ voluntary work; Jambo la ~ an act of grace. (Kar)

hiba* nm [i-/zi-] present, gift given as a sign of love. (Kar)

hib.u* kt [ele] like, love. (tde) hibia, (tden) hibiana, (tdew) hibiwa; (tdk) hibika. mhibu nm. (Kar)

hidaya* nm [i-/zi-] precious gift. (Kar)

hid.i* kt [ele] convert, lead sb the right way. (tde) hidia, (tden) hidiana, (tdew) hidiwa; (tdk) hidika; (tds) hidisha. (Kar)

hifadh.i1* kt [ele] 1 protect, preserve, husband; file: ~ kwenye kompyuta computerize, conserve. 2 remember, commit to memory. (tde) hifadhia, (tden) hifadhiana, (tdew) hifadhiwa; (tdk) hifadhika. (Kar)

hifadhi2* nm [i-/zi-] 1 protected area; conservancy, sanctuary. 2 protection,

observation: ~ za nyaraka archives;

Weka chini ya ~ protect; ~ ya



mazingira environmental conservation; ~ ya taifa national park. (Kar)

Hijra* nm [i-] Hegira/Hejira. (Kar)

hija* nm [i-/zi-] pilrimage: enda ~ make a pilgrimage. (Kar)

hijabu1* nm [i-/zi-] (Uislam) any respectable attire.

hijabu2* nm [i-] 1 neuralgia. 2 tonsilitis, scurvy. (Kar)

hij.i* kt [sie] make a pilgrimage. (tde) hijia; (tdk) hijika.

hieroglifu* nm [zi-] hieroglyph. (Kng)

hila* nm [i-/zi-] trickery, spoof, machination trick, artifice, contrivance, craft, device, practice, deceit: Fanya ~ do a trick;~ kinzani counterplot. (Kar)

hilaki* nm [i-] destruction, calamity, death. (Kar)

hilali* nm [i-] crescent. (Kar)

hilik.i kt [ele] 1 destroy, perish. 2 squander, waste. (tde) hilikia, (tden) hilikiana, (tdew) hilikiwa.

him.a1 kt [sie] halt. (tde) himia; (tdk) himika; (tds) himisha.

hima2 kl quickly, hastly, hurriedly, fast: Fanya ~ hurry.

hima3 nm [i-] haste, zeal, urgency; alacrity: Kuwa na ~ make zeal.

himaya nm [i-/zi-] protection, authority, trusteeship: Kuwa chini ya ~ ya be under protection of.

himid.i1 kt [ele] (Mungu) praise, thank, extol, exault, laud. (tde) himidia, (tden) himidiana, (tdew) himidiwa; (tdk) himidika; (tds) himidisha.

himidi2 nm [i-/zi-] praise, accolade.

himila nm [i-/zi-] pregnancy.

himil.i kt [ele] 1 bear, endure, support, sustain. 2 be pregnant. (mt) Nyumba ya udongo hai ~ mishindo a weak person cannot withstand a strong person. (tde) himilia, (tden) himiliana, (tdew) himiliwa; (tdk) himilika; (tds) himilisha.

himiz.a kt [ele] 1 encourage, urge. 2 hasten, expedite precipitate. (tde)

himizia; (tdk) himizika; (tdn)

himizana; (tdw) himizwa.

hina nm [i-/zi-] 1 henna. 2 leaf of a hindi


lythraceous tree. mhina nm. (Kar)

hindi nm ma- [li-/ya-] cob, corn cob.

hin.i* kt [ele] refuse to give (to), withhold (from), keep back (from), deny (sth to sb). (tde) hinia, (tden) hiniana, (tdew) hiniwa; (tdk) hinika. (Kar)

hinikiz.a kt [ele] interrupt sb speaking, shout down. (tde) hinikia; (tdk) hinikizika; (tdn) hinikizana; (tds) hinikizisha; (tdw) hinikizwa.

hinzirani nm [i-/zi-] cane (usu used for beating).

hinziri nm [a-/wa-] pig.

hipi* nm ma- [a-/wa-] hippy, hippie.

hir.i kt [sie] have menarche. (tde) hiria; (tdk) hirika; (tds) hirisha; (tdw) hiriwa. (Kar)

hirimi.a* kt [sie] intend, resolve, decide. (Kar)

hirimu* nm [i-/zi-] 1 youth/ young age (esp. between 10-25 years). 2 age mate, contemporary age; same age: Vijana wa ~ moja youth of the same age. 3 adolescent boy. (Kar)

hirizi* nm [i-/zi-] charm, amulet, talisman. (Kar)

hisa* nm [i-/zi-] 1 share, stock. 2 portion. 3 (hes) quotient. 4 concern, interest: Ana ~ katika biashara he has a stake in business.

hisabati* nm [i-] mathematics. (Kar)

hisani* nm [i-/zi-] kindness, favour, caring; courtesy: kwa ~ yako by your kindness.

his.i* kt [sie] feel, perceive, sense, envisage. (tde) hisia, (tden) hisiana; (tdew) hisiwa; (tdk) hisika; (tds) hisisha.

hisi* nm [i-/zi-] sense, feeling, sensation. (Kar)

hisia* nm [i-/zi-] feelings; emotion, passion:~ za udhalili inferiority complex; ~ za majikwezo superiority complex. (Kar)

historia* nm [i-/zi-] history. (Kng)

hitaj.i* kt [ele] need, presuppose, want;

exact: ~ msada want assistance. (tde)

hitajia, (tden) hitajiana, (tdew) hitajiwa; (tdk) hitajika;. (Kar)



hitar.i1 kt [ele] prefer, select, choose. (tde) hitaria, (tden) hitariana, (tdew) hitariwa; (tdk) hitarika. (Kar)

hitari2 nm [i-] (hesabu) permutation.

hitilafian.a* kt [sie] be different from; be distinct from each other. (Kar)

hitilafu* nm [i-/zi-] 1 difference, variation, discord; flaw malfunction : Waliona ~ kidogo they noticed a little difference. 2 discrepancy, defect, blemish: Gari haliwaki kwa sababu lina ~ the car does not start because it has a mechanical defect. kv different, defective. (Kar)

hitima* nm [i-/zi-] (Waislamu) prayer for the dead.

hitimish.a kt [ele] conclude. (tde) hitimishia; (tdk) hitimishika; (tdn) hitimishana; (tdw) hitimishwa.

hitimisho nm ma- [li-/ya-] conclusion; epilogue; (mantiki) non-sequitur.

hitim.u kt [ele] 1 graduate. 2 be completed. 3 come to an end. (tde) hitimia; (tdk) hitimika; (tds) hitimisha. (Kar)

hiut.a kt [ele] play and win a class game. (tde) hiutia, (tdew) hiutiwa; (tdk) hiutika; (tds) hiutisha.

hivi kl 1 like this, (in) this way: simama ~ stand in this way. 2 about: Waliondoka saa 7 ~ they left about 1.00 p.m. 3 just: Walikula sasa ~ they ate just recently. ku by the way.

hivi hivi kl/kv so- so.

hivyo kl 1 (in) that way: Nenda ~ go that way; ~ ndivyo ilivyo that's how it is; Usifanye hivyo ~ don't do it that way; Kwa ~ so, in that way; Si ~ not that way; that is not so. 2 those: ~ vitabu those books. kv such: Usiwe mpumbavu ~ don’t be such a fool.

hizaya nm [i-/zi-] 1 curse. 2 disgrace, shame, scandal. (Kar)

hiz.i kt [ele] 1 disgrace, dishonour: mwana amem ~ baba yake the child has disgraced his father. 2 insult. 3

inflict punishment, endanger. (tde)

hizia, (tden) hiziana, (tdew) hiziwa; (tdk) hizika.



hobe! ki oh!

hobelahobela* kl 1 haphazardly, anyhow, higgledy-piggledy. 2 superficially. (Kar)

hodari* kv 1 hard working, active. 2 strong, brave, capable, gallant, mettlesome. (Kar)

hodh.i1 kt [ele] monopolize, pile up, accumulate, hoard. 2 (tde) hodhia, (tden) hodhiana, (tdew) hodhiwa; (tdk) hodhika; (tds) hodhisha.

hodhi2 nm [i-zi-] 1 estate, wasteland and under the ownership of sb. 2 bath tub, footbath. 3 water tank, resrvoir. (Kar)

hodi! ki may I come in! Piga/Bisha ~ knock at the door.

hodiya nm [i-/zi-] song with a special rhythm used to motivate people to work harder.

hof.u1 kt [ele] fear, be afraid: usiwe na ~ dont fear, don't be afraid. (tde) hofia, (tden) hofiana, (tdew) hofiwa; (tds) hofisha.

hofu2 nm [i-] fear, apprehension, cowardice, fright: Shinda ~ overcome fear.

hohehahe kv destitute, poor: Mtu ~ a destitute person.

hoho nm [i-/zi-] pilipili ~ green pepper.

hohos.a kt [sie] talk in sleep. (tde) hohosea; (tdk) hohoseka; (tds) hohosesha.

hoi kv helpless, in a bad state, exhausted; (mgonjwa) critically ill; (mlevi) drunk.

hoihoi nm [i-/zi-] rejoicings, cheering; jubilations: ~ za harusi rejoicings at a wedding.

hoja nm [i-/zi-] 1 argument, subject under discussion. 2 (bungeni) formal motion, proposal: ~ ya serikali government's motion. 3 question: si ~ not necessary

hojaji nm [i-/zi-] questionnaire.

hoj.i kt [ele] question, interview,

interrogate, cross examine. (tde)

hojia, (tden) hojiana, (tdew) hojiwa; (tdk) hojika.

hok.a1 kt [sie] try hard. (tde) hokia;



(tdk) hokika; (tds) hokisha.

hoka2 nm [i-/zi-] hooker, water pipe.

hoki* nm [i-] hockey. (Kng)

holela kv arbitrary.

holografu* nm [i-/zi-] holograph. (Kng)

holwako! ki God forbid!

homa nm [i-/zi-] fever, ague: shikwa na ~ have fever; ~ kali sana high fever; ~ ya malaria malaria fever; ~ ya matumbo typhoid fever; ~ ya njano; jaundice, yellow fever; ~ ya vipindi; recurrent fever; ~ ya uti wa mgongo meningitis.

homo.a kt [ele] 1 enjoy food esp. soft and tasty. 2 cook sth such as potatoes till they become very soft. (tde) homolea; (tdk) homoka; (tdn) homoana; (tds) homosha.

hombo1 kl plentifully, in abundance: Leo kuna samaki ~ today there is fish in abundance.

hombo2 nm [i-/zi-] secret.

homografu* nm [i-/zi-] homograph. (Kng)

homoni* nm [i-/zi-] hormone. (Kng)

homonimu* nm [i-/zi-] homonym. (Kng)

homofoni* nm [i-/zi-] homophone. (Kng)

homu nm [i-] wind blowing in one direction.

hondohondo nm [a-/wa-] crowned hornbill.

hong.a kt [ele] 1 bribe, get at sb. 2 seduce with gifts. 3 pay one's way, pay toll, tribute. (tde) hongea; (tdk) hongesha; (tds) hongeka; (tdn) hongana; (tdw) hongwa.

hongea! ki acknowledge! Thank you (congratulation) ~! congratulations!, acknowledge.

hongera nm [zi-] congratulations.

hongera! ki congratulations! ~ kwa kufaulu mtihani congratulations on passing examination.

hongez.a kt [ele] give sb a present for

an achievement made. (tde) hongezea;

(tdk) hongezeka; (tdn) hongezana; (tdw) hongezwa.

hongo nm [i-/zi-] 1 bribe. 2 sth given to hongwe


seduce a woman. 3 passage toll paid to local chiefs.

hongwe nm [a-/wa-] sea catfish.

honi* nm [i-/zi-] horn, siren. (Kng)

honoraria* nm [i-/zi-] honorarium. (Kng)

honyo.a kt [ele] eat lavishly. (tde) honyolea; (tdew) honyolewa;

(tdk) honyoka; (tdn) honyoana; (tds) honyosha.

honza nm [i-/zi-] arrow made of a millet straw and a wooden head.

hori* nm [i-/zi-] 1 creek, inlet, arm of the sea. 2 trough. 3 sea vessel of the size of a canoe. (Kaj)

hosana* ki hosana. (Kaj)

hospitali* nm [i-/zi-] hospital. (Kng)

hosteli * nm [i-/zi-] hostel. (Kng)

hot.a kt [ele] 1 treat an infertile woman so that she can bear children. 2 treat a child so that teeth may grow faster. (tde) hotia; (tdk) hotika; (tdn) hotiana; (tds) hotisha; (tdw) hotwa.

hoteli* nm [i-/zi-] hotel, inn; restaurant. (Kng)

hoto nm [i-/zi-] fertility medicine.

hotuba nm [i-/zi-] speech, address, discourse, disposition; homily. (Kar)

howa1 nm [a-/wa-] domestic animal.

howa2 ki Hush! Quiet!

hoza nm [i-/zi-] medicine to soothe teething.

hozahoz.a kt [ele] remove doubt, anxiety, or difficulty. (tde) hozahozia; (tdk) hozahozika; (tdn) hozahozana; (tdw) hozahozwa.

hua nm [a-/wa-] dove.

huba* nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 love, affection. 2 favour. (Kar)

hubir.i* kt [ele] 1 preach, sermonize. 2 inform, narrate. (tde) hubiria, (tden) hubiriana, (tdew) hubiriwa; (tdk) hubirika; (tds) hubirisha. (Kar)

hudhurish.a kt [ele] present: ~ visivyo misrepresent. (tde) hudhurishia; (tdk) hudhurishika; (tdn) hudhurishana;

(tdw) hudhurishana.

hudhurungi nm [i-] puce, tan, yellowish brown, (nywele) auburn. 2 light brown cotton cloth.



huduma nm [i-/zi-] 1 service. 2 aid. ~ ya kwanza first aid.

hudumi.a kt [ele] assist, render upon. (tdk) hudumika; (tdn) hudumiana; (tds) hudumisha; (tdw) hudumiwa.

hudum.u kt [ele] serve, wait on, attend to. (tde) hudumia, (tden) hudumiana, (tdew) hudumiwa; (tdk) hudumika, (tds) hudumisha.

huenda kl perhaps, may be.

hu.i kt [ele] revive, rise from the dead. (tde) huia, (tden) huiana, (tdew) huiwa; (tdk) huika; (tds) huisha.

huish.a kt [ele] revive, animate, enliven. (tde) huishia; (tdk) huishika; (tdn) huishana; (tdw) huishwa.

hujaji* nm ma- [a-/wa-] pilgrim. (kar)

hujambo ki (salamu) how are you?

hujuma* nm [i-/zi-] sabotage, attack (of an enemy force). (Kar)

hujum.u* kt [ele] sabotage, attack (by an enemy) destroy. (tde) hujumia, (tden) hujumiana, (tdew) hujumiwa; (tdk) hujumika; (tds) hujumisha. (Kar)

huka nm [i-/zi-] blow pipe.

huku kw here, this way, hither.

hukum.u1 kt [ele] judge, pass sentence, give judgement, adjudicate, adjudge, decide. (tde) hukumia,(tden) hukumiana, (tdew) hukumiwa; (tdk) hukumika; (tds) hukumisha.

hukumu2 nm [i-/zi-] judgement; legal process; decision; verdict order: ~ ya mwafaka concurring judgement; ~ isiyowafiki dissenting judgement.

hulka* nm [i-/zi-] character; innate peculiarity. (Kar)

hul.u* kt [sie] stop (doing sth), cease: Wame~ kuja hapa they have stopped coming here. (tde) hulia; (tdk) hulika; (tds) hulisha. (Kar)

huluk.u* kt [ele] (Mungu) create. (tde) hulukia, (tden) hulukiana, (tdew) hulukiwa; (tdk) hulukika.(Kar)

hulut.i* kt [ele] compound, mix. (tde) hulutia, (tden) hulutiana, (tdew)

hulutiwa; (tdk) hulutika; (tds) hulutisha. (Kar)

humu kw inside here, in here.



humusi* nm [i-/zi-] one fifth. (Kar)

hunde kv hideous, unhandsome.

hundi* nm [i-/zi-] cheque. (Khi)

hun.i kt [sie] 1 wander about, roam around, be a vagebond. 2 abandon a place, boycott. 3 rebel, turn traitor. (tde) hunia; (tdk) hunika; (tds) hunisha. mhuni nm. (Kar)

huntha* nm ma- [a-/wa-] bisexual, hermaphrodite. (Kar)

huree! ki yippee!

huria1* nm [i-] freedom. kv free, independent, open.

huria2 kl ad libitum, freely. (Kar)

huru* kv free, independent: Nchi ~ idependent country: Umoja wa Nchi ~ za Afrika Organisation of African Unity. (Kar)

hurulaini* nm ma- [a-/wa-] houri, sylph, beautiful women believed to live in Paradise. (Kar)

huruma* nm [i-/zi-] 1 sympathy, love kindness, consideration, charity. 2 mercy, pity, compassion: kuwa na ~ be kind, merciful; Mwenye ~ compassionate, sympathetic person. (Kar)

hurumi.a* kt [ele] sympathize with, have mercy on have/take pity on. (tdk) hurumika; (tdn) hurumiana; (tdw) hurumiwa. (Kar)

husian.a* kt [sie] 1 be related, interdepend. 2 interelate, liaise (with/between) be relevant, appertain. (tdk) husianika; (tds) husianisha. (Kar)

husik.a kt [sie] 1 refer to. 2 be involved with; be concerned with. 3 apply, be applicable. (tde) husikia; (tdn) husikana. (Kar)

husikan.a* kt [sie] ~ na be concerned with, be relevant to. (tde) husikania. (Kar)

husish.a* kt [ele] integrate, interrelate, involve, incorporate, associate, connect. (tde) husishia; (tdk) husishika; (tdn) husishana; (tdw)





husishwa. (Kar)

hus.u* kt [ele] 1 concern, relate to, appertain. 2 be responsible: Kazi hii

inani~ I'm responsible for this work. (tde) husia, (tden) husiana; (tdk) husika; (tds) husisha. (Kar)

husuda* pia uhasidi nm [i-] envy, bad, feeling, jealousy, spite, malignity. (Kar)

husud.u* kt [ele] 1 envy, be jealous, grudged. 2 have lust for desire, rhapsodize on. (tde) husudia; (tdk) husudika; (tds) husudisha.

husuma nm [i-/zi-] quarrel, wrangling, contentiousness. (Kar)

husuni* nm [i-/zi-] fortress, fort, castle.

husur.u* kt [ele] 1 besiege . 2 oppress. (tde) husuria, (tden) husuriana, (tdew) husuriwa; (tdk) husurika; (tds) husurisha. (Kar)

hususa* pia hususan kl especially, particularly, substantial. (Kar)

hutubi.a* kt [ele] preach, give a speech, address. (tdk) hutubika; (tdn) hutubiana; (tds) hutubisha; (tdw) hutubiwa. (Kar)

hutub.u* kt [ele] preach, lecture, sermonize. (tde) hutubia, (tden) hutubiana, (tdew) hutubiwa; (tdk) hutubika; (tds) hutubisha. (Kar)

huzuni* nm [i-/zi-] grief, sorrow, mopes, distress, dolour, mourning, sadness. (Kar)

huzunik.a kt [sie] 1 be grieved. 2 be disgraced, be humiliated. (tde) huzunikia; (tds) huzunisha.

huzuniki.a kt [ele] bemoan. (tdk) huzunikika; (tds) huzunikisha; (tdw) huzunikiwa.

huzunish.a* kt [ele] 1 grieve, mope; mourn, sadden, depress. 2 disgrace, humiliate: kifo chake kilitu~ his death saddened us. (tde) huzunishia; (tdk) huzunishika; (tdn) huzunishana; (tdw) huzunishwa. (Kar)


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