Swahili-ENGLISH dictionary

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t.a1 kt [sie] hit, beat. (tde) tia; (tdk) tika; (tds) tisha.

t.a2 kt [ele] lay eggs. (tde) tia; (tdk) tika; (tds) tisha; (tdw) twa.

taa1* nm [i-/zi-] lamp, lantern. (Kar)

taa2 nm [a-/wa-] large flat fish, skate.

taa3 nm [i-/zi-] discipline, obedience.

taa4* kv exalted. (Kar)

taabani* kl in distress, in serious straits: Hali yangu ~ Iím in distress. (Kar)

taabik.a* kt [sie] be in distress, be in a crisis, struggle. (tde) taabikia; (tdk) taabikika; (tds) taabikisha. (Kar)

taabini nm [i-/zi-] narration of remembrance of a deceased (usually delivered forty days after the death of the deceased): Jana tulimfanyia ~ mwenzetu yesterday we performed narration of reme-mbrance to our deceased colleague.

taadab.u* kt [sie] be polite, behave with courtesy. (tde) taadabia; (tdk) taadabika; (tds) taadabisha. (Kar).

taadhima* nm [i-/zi-] honour, glory, respect. (Kar)

taadhim.u* kt [sie] honour, respect. (tde) taadhimia; (tdk) taadhimika; (tds) taadhimisha.

taahar.i* kt [sie] be late, delay. (tde) taahiria; (tdk) taaharika; (tds) taaharisha. (Kar)

taahira1* nm [a-/wa-] mentally retarded person. (Kar)

taahira2* nm [i-/zi-] delay. (Kar)

taala* kv exalted: Allah ~ God is exalted.

taalak.i* kt [sie] be connected with, be affliated to. (tde) taalakia; (tdk) taalakika; (tds) taalakisha. (Kar)

taalamik.a* kt [sie] be know-legeable. (tde) taalamikia; (tdk) taalamikika; (tds) taalamikisha. (Kar)

taal.i* kt [sie] come. (tde) taalia; (tdk)

taalika; (tds) taalisha. (Kar)

taalimu* nm [i-/zi-] education. (Kar)

taamal.i* kt [sie] think, comp-rehend. (Kar)

taamuli* nm [i-/zi-] thought, meditation. (Kar)

taanis.i* kt [sie] please, give pleasure to, entertain. (tde) taanisia; (tdk) taanisika; (tds) taanisisha. (Kar)

taanusi* kv enjoyable, loveable, attractive. (Kar)

taarabu* nm [i-/zi-] Arabian/Indian melody. (Kar)

taaradh.i* kt [sie] inquire, investi-gate. (tde) taaradhia; (tdk) taara-dhika; (tdn) taaradhiana; (tds) ta-aradhisha; (tds) taaradhiwa. (Kar)

taarifa* nm [i-/zi-] information, report. (Kar)

taarif.u* kt [ele] inform, report. (tde) taarifia, (tden) taarifiana; (tdk) taarifika; (tds) taarifisha; (tdw) taarifiwa. (Kar)

taashira* nm [i-/zi-] sign, symbol, indication. (Kar)

taasisi* nm [i-/zi-] institute. (Kar)

taata.a* kt [sie] be worried, fret, be confused. (tde) taatalia; (tdk) taatalika; (tds) taatalisha. (Kar)

taathira* nm [i-/zi-] 1 scar. 2 defect.



3 influence. (Kar)

tabahar.i* kt [sie] become expert, specialize. (tde) taabaharia; (tdk) taabaharika; (tds) taabaharisha. (Kar)

tabaini* nm [i-/zi-] antithesis. (Kar)

tabaka* nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 layer, stratum. 2 social class, class: ~ tawala ruling class. (Kar)

tabakero* nm [i-/zi-] snuff box, tobacco case. (Kre)

taban.a kt [sie] gabble a spell. (tde) tabania; (tdk) tabanika; (tds) ta-banisha; (tdw) tabanwa.

tabang.a kt [ele] adulterate, spoil. (tde) tabangia; (tdk) tabangika; (tds) tabangisha; (tdn) tabangana; (tdw) tabanganwa.

tabano nm [i-/zi-] special words said to wish a sick person well.

tabarad.i* kt [sie] be calm, become cool. (tde) tabaradia; (tdk) tabaradika; (tds) tabaradisha. (Kar)

tabaruku* kt [ele] bless, join together in prayer/conversation. (tde) tabarukia; (tdk) tabarukika; (tds) tabarukisha; (tdw) taba-rukiwa. (Kar)

tabasam.u1* kt [sie] smile. (tde) tabasamia; (tdk) tabasamika; (tdn) tabasamiana; (tds) tabasa-misha; (tdw) tabasamiwa. (Kar)

tabasamu2* nm [i-/zi-] smile. (Kar)

tabasur.i* kt [sie] become wise, become prudent. (tde) tabasuria; (tdk) tabasurika; (tds) tabasu-risha.

tabawal.i* kt [sie] urinate. (tde) tabawalia; (tdk) tabawalika; (tds) tabawalisha; (tdw) tabawaliwa.


tabenakulo* nm [i-/zi-] tabernacle. (Kng)

tabia* nm [i-/zi-] habit, character. (Kar)

tabibu* nm [a-/wa-] clinical officer, doctor; healer. (Kar)

tabi.i kt [ele] imitate. (tde) tabilia; (tdk) tabika; (tdn) tabiana; (tds) tabisha; (tdw) tabiwa.

tabik.i* kt [sie] be equal to. (tde) tabikia; (tdk) tabikika; (tds) tabi-kisha. (Kar)

tabir.i* kt [ele] forecast, prophesy; interpret dreams. (tde) tabiria; (tdk) tabirika; (tds) tabirisha; (tdw) tabiriwa. (Kar)

tabu nm [i-/zi-] distress, difficult circumstances, misery.

tabu.a kt [sie] beat a sisal leaf till the fibres can be seen. (tde) tabulia; (tdk) tabuka; (tds) tabusha.

taburu* nm [i-/zi-] 1 parade. 2 drill. (Kar)

tabwatik.a kt [ele] soften, be soft; be loose.

tabwatabwa kv soft.

tadarak.i* kt [sie] undertake, take responsibility. (tde) tadarakia; (tdk) tadarakika; (tds) tadara-kisha. (Kar)

tad.i1* kt [sie] transgress, offend, be

rude. (tde) tadia; (tdk) tadika; (tds) tadisa. (Kar)

tadi2* nm [i-/zi-] transgression, offence, rudeness.

tadibiri nm [i-/zi-] good mana-gement.

tafadhali* kl please. (Kar)

tafadhalish.a* kt [ele] request kindly. (tde) tafadhalishia; (tdk) tafadhalishika; (tdn) tafadhali- tafakar.i

shana; (tdw) tafadhalishwa. (Kar)

tafakar.i* kt [ele] think (over carefully), meditate (upon), ponder. (tde) tafakaria; (tdk) tafakarika; (tds) tafakarisha. (Kar)

tafakuri* nm [i-/zi-] thought, meditation. (Kar)

tafir.i* kt [ele] disrupt, trouble, bother, disturb. (tde) tafiria; (tdk) tafirika; (tds) tafirisha; (tdn) tafiriana; (tdw) tafiriwa. (Kar)

tafish.i kt [ele] vex, bother, disturb. (tde) tafishia; (tdk) tafishika; (tdn) tafishiana; (tdw) tafishwa. (Kar)

tafit.i* kt [ele] 1 research. 2 investigate. (tde) tafitia; (tdk) tafitika; (tdn) tafitiana; (tds) tafitisha; (tdw) tafitiwa. (Kar)

taflisi nm [i-/zi-] confiscation.

tafrani* nm [i-/zi-] bother, distur-bance, trouble, fuss. (Kar)

tafrija* nm [i-/zi-] party, reception. (Kar)

tafsir.i1* kt [ele] translate. (tde) tafsiria; (tdk) tafsirika; (tdn) taf-siriana; (tds) tafsirisha; (tdw) tafsiriwa. (Kar)

tafsiri2* nm [i-/zi-] translation. (Kar)

tafu nm [i-/zi-] muscle.

tafun.a kt [ele] chew, nibble, gnaw. (tde) tafunia; (tdk) tafunika; (tdn) tafunana; (tds) tafunisha; (tdw) tafunwa.

tafut.a kt [ele] search, look for, search out, find, obtain. (tde) tafutia; (tdk) tafutika; (tdn) tafu-tana; (tds) tafutisha; (tdw) tafutwa.

tag.a1 kt [ele] lay eggs.

taga2 nm [i-/zi-] bifurcated


taga.a1 kt straddle. (tde) tagalia; (tdk) tagalika; (tds) tagalisha.

taga.a2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] branch.

taghayar.i kt [sie] decompose. (tde) taghayaria; (tdk) taghayarika; (tds) taghayarisha; (tdw) tagha-yariwa.

tahabibu nm [i-/zi-] speed (of a dagger when shaken).

tahadhar.i* kt [sie] be wary, be cautious. (tde) tahadharia; (tdk) tahadharika; (tds) tahadharisha. (Kar)

tahadhari* nm [i-/zi-] precaution. (Kar)

tahafifu* nm [i-/zi-] 1 betterment, improvement. 2 low, insignificant: Mgonjwa amepata ~ the patient is feeling better; Bei ya nyama ni ~ the price of meat is very affordable. (Kar)

tahajia* nm [i-/zi-] spelling, ortho-graphy. (Kar)

tahakiki* nm [i-/zi-] review, critique. (Kar)

tahalili* nm [i-/zi-] dirge. (Kar)

tahamak.i* kt [sie] take a quick notice, observe. (tde) tahamakia; (tdk) tahamakika; (tds) tahama-kisha. (Kar)

tahanani kv irreparable.

tahania nm [i-/zi-] congratulation.

taharak.i* kt [sie] be upset, be confused. (tde) taharakia; (tdk) taharakika; (tds) taharakisha. (Kar)

tahariri* nm [i-/zi-] editorial co-mments. (Kar)

taharizi* nm [i-/zi-] side pieces of a rob. (Kar)


taharuki* nm [i-/zi-] 1 excitement, disquiet.2 anxiety. (Kar)

tahayari* kt [sie] feel ashamed, feel shy. (tde) tahayaria; (tdk) tahaya-rika; (tds) tahayarisha. (Kar)

tahayuri* nm [i-/zi-] shame. (Kar)

tahin.i* kt [ele] test, examine. (tde) tahinia; (tdk) tahinika; (tds) tahinisha; (tdw) tahiniwa. (Kar)

tahir.i* kt [ele] circumcize. (tde) tahiria; (tdk) tahirika; (tds) tahi-risha; (tdw) tahiriwa. (Kar)

tahiyatu* nm [i-/zi-] (Uislamu) 1 recitation after second or last bow. 2 style of sitting when praying. (nh) Kaa ~ be ready to leave. (Kar)

tai1 nm [a-/wa-] eagle.

tai2* nm [i-/zi-] tie, necktie. (Kng)

taibu1* ki good! certainly! very well! (as a rejoinder of approval).

taibu2* kv good. (Kar)

taifa* nm ma- [li-/ya-] nation. (Kar)

taifish.a* kt [ele] nationalize. (tde) taifishia; (tdk) taifishika; (tdw) taifishiwa. (Kar)

taifodi* nm [i-/zi-] typhoid. (Kng)

taip.u1* kt [ele] type. (tde) taipia, (tden) taipiana, (tdew) taipiwa; (tdk) taipika; (tds) taipisha. (Kng)

taipu2* pia taipureta* nm [i-/zi-] typewriter. (Kng)

taire ki 1 attention (word used by a magician to call for attention). 2 exactly, okay (an expression of agreement with what the magician has said).

tairi* nm [i-/zi-] tyre. (Kng)

taiti* nm [i-/zi-] skin-tight clothes.


taj.a kt [ele] mention. (tde) tajia;


(tdk) tajika; (tdn) tajana; (tds) tajisha; (tdw) tajwa.

tajamala* nm [i-/zi-] favour. (Kar)

tajamal.i* kt [sie] favour, do a favour. (tde) tajamalia; (tdk) tajamalika; (tds) tajamalisha; (tdw) tajamaliwa. (Kar)

taji* nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 crown, diadem. 2 championship. (Kar)

tajiri* nm ma- [a-/wa-] 1 rich/ wealthy person. 2 business-man/woman. 3 employer. kv rich, wealthy. (Kar)

tajiriba* nm [i-/zi-] experience. (Kar)

tajirik.a* kt [sie] become rich. (tde) tajirikia; (tds) tajirisha. (Kar)

tajuwidi* nm [i-/zi-] good reading of the Koran. (Kar)

taka1 nm [i-/zi-] dirt, filth, rubbish.

tak.a2 kt [ele] wish, want, need. (tde) takia; (tdk) takika; (tdn) takana; (tds) takisha; (tdw) ta-kwa.

tak.a3 kt [sie] be on the verge of, be inclined, have a desire for: Mtoto ali~ kuanguka the child almost fell down. (tde) takia; (tdk) takika; (tds) takisha.

takabal.i* kt [sie] assent/accept a prayer/request (used only in reference to God): Dua yako ime~wa your prayer has been accepted. (tde) takabalia; (tdk) takabalika; (tdw) takabaliwa. (Kar)

takabar.i* kt [sie] be proud, put on airs. (tde) takabaria; (tdk) taka-barika; (tds) takabarisha. (Kar)

takadam.u* kt [sie] precede, start, go before, lead the way. (tde)


takadamia; (tdk) takadamika; (tds) takadamisa. (Kar)

takariri* nm [i-/zi-] repetition. (Kar)

takas.a kt [ele] cleanse, purify. (tde) takasia; (tdk) takasika; (tdn) takasana; (tds) takasisha; (tdw) takaswa.

takat.a1 kt [sie] be clean: Nguo zime~ clothes are clean. (tde) takatia; (tdk) takatika; (tds) takatisha.

takat.a2 kt [sie] spread on playing board ready to play (after your counters have been taken by an opponent). (tde) takatia; (tdk) takatika; (tds) takatisha; (tdw) takatwa.

takataka nm [i-/zi-] rubbish, filth, dirt.

takatifu kv holy, sacred: Roho M~ Holy Ghost/Spirit.

takbira* nm [i-/zi-] expression of glorifying God (in Islam). (Kar)

takdiri* nm [i-/zi-] God's power, grace of God. (Kar)

taki nm [i-/zi-] coconut dregs.

takia* nm ma- [li-/ya-] cushion. (Kar)

takikan.a kt [sie] be needed, be wanted. (tde) takikania; (tdk) takikanika; (tds) takikanisha.

takilifu* nm [i-/zi-] discomfort, annoyance, trouble. (Kar)

tako nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 buttock, behind, rump. 2 butt, base (of something).

takribani* kl almost, about: Ilikuwa ~ saa tatu it was about 9.00 hours. (Kar)

takrima* nm [i-/zi-] 1 reception, hospitality, feast. 2 festive enter-


tainment. (Kar)

takriri* nm [i-/zi-] 1 repetition. 2 chorus. (Kar)

taksiri* nm [i-/zi-] defect, fault; deficit. (Kar)

takua nm [i-/zi-] piety, devoutness.

takwimu* nm [i-/zi-] statistics. (Kar)

talaka* nm [i-/zi-] divorce. (Kar)

talasimu* nm [i-/zi-] charm, talisman. (Kar)

talibisi* nm [i-/zi-] matting bulwark aboard a vessel. (Kar)

tali.i1* kt [ele] peruse. (tde) taliia; (tdk) taliika; (tds) taliisha; (tdw) taliiwa. (Kar)

tali.i2* kt [sie] tour. (tde) talia; (tdk) talika; (tds) talisha; (tdw) taliwa. (Kar)

talik.i1* kt [ele] divorce. (tde) talikia; (tdk) talikika; (tdn) tali-kiana; (tds) talikisha; (tdw) talikiwa. (Kar)

taliki2 nm [i-/zi-] rope used to lift the foot of a sail or cargo.

taliz.a kt [ele] plaster sth with mortar to make smooth. (tde) talizia; (tdk) talizika; (tds) talizisha; (tdw) talizwa.

talkini* nm [i-/zi-] reading per-formed after burial according to Islamic traditions. (Kar)

talo nm [i-/zi-] 1 stick throwing game. 2 six inch long stick used in a stick throwing game.

tama1 kl really, truly, truthfully.

tama2* nm [i-/zi-] conclusion, end. (Kar)

tama3 nm cheek: Shika ~ rest the cheek on the hand; Piga ~ fill mouth with fluid.

tamaa* nm 1 lust, longing. 2 tamakan.i

expectation, ambition.

tamakan.i kt [sie] settle. (tde) tamakania; (tdk) tamakanika; (tds) tamakanisha.

tamalak.i* kt [ele] rule, exercise authority. (tde) tamalakia; (tdk) tamalakika; (tdn) tamalakiana; (tds) tamalakisha; (tdw) tama-lakiwa. (Kar)

taman.i* kt [ele] desire, want, long for, covet, like, crave. (tde) tamania; (tdk) tamanika; (tdn) tamaniana; (tds) tamanisha; (tdw) tamaniwa. (Kar)

tamathali* nm [i-/zi-] figure of speech. (Kar)

tamasha* nm [i-/zi-] show, spectacle, pageant, festivity, carnival. (Kar)

tamati* kt [i-/zi-] end, conclusion. (Kar)

tamauk.a* kt [sie] despair, lose hope. (tde) tamaukia; (tdk) tamaukika; (tds) tamaukisha. (Kar)

tamb.a1 kt [sie] walk in a conceited way, strut proudly. (tde) tambia; (tdk) tambika; (tds) tambisha.

tamb.a2 kt [ele] narrate. (tde) tambia; (tdk) tambika; (tdn) tambiana; (tds) tambisha; (tdw) tambiwa.

tamba.a1 kt [sie] crawl, creep. (tde) tambalia; (tdk) tambalika; (tds) tambalisha.

tambaa2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] rag, threadbare clothes.

tambara nm ma- [li-/ya-] rag, threadbare clothes.

tambarajik.a kt [sie] become weak/slack. (tde) tambarajikia;


(tdk) tambarajikika; (tds) tamba-rajikisha.

tambarare nm [i-/zi-] flat land.

tambavu nm [i-/zi-] thread/rope or belt hung on the shoulders or over the chest.

tambaz.a kt [ele] drawl. (tde) tambazia; (tdk) tambazika; (tdn) tambazana; (tds) tambazisha; (tdw) tambazwa.

tambazi nm [i-/zi-] extensive swelling of the whole body.

tambi nm [i-/zi-] vermicelli, noodles; pasta.

tambik.a kt [ele] perform rituals to appease the dead. (tde) tambikia; (tdk) tambikika; (tds) tambikisha; (tdw) tambikiwa.

tambiko nm [i-/zi-] offering made to propitiate the spirits of the dead.

tambo1 nm [i-/zi-] puzzle, cryptic saying.

tambo2 nm [i-/zi-] size, amplitude.

tambu.a kt [ele] recall, recognize, realize. (tde) tambulia; (tdk) tambulika; (tdn) tambuana; (tds) tambulisha; (tdw) tambuliwa.

tambuk.a kt [sie] pass over, surmount. (tde) tambukia; (tdk) tambukika; (tds) tambukisha; (tdw) tambukwa.

tambuu* nm [i-/zi-] 1 betel leaf. 2 chewing betel leaf mix. (Kaj/Khi)

tambuz.a kt [ele] weld. (tde) tambuzia; (tdk) tambuzika; (tds) tambuzisha; (tdw) tambuzwa.

tambuzi kv intelligent, shrewd, clever: Ana akili ~ he is intelligent.

tami.a kt [sie] be charming, be pleasing, be attractive, be


delightful. (tde) tamilia; (tdk) tamika; (tds) tamisha.

tamk.a kt [ele] pronounce, state. (tde) tamkia; (tdk) tamkika; (tds) tamkisha; (tdw) tamkwa.

tamko nm ma- [li-/ya-] pro-nuncement, statement, procla-mation.

tamrini* nm [i-/zi-] 1 mental exercise, exercise: ~ za sarufi grammatical exercises. 2 tradition, practice. (Kar)

tamshi nm ma- [li-/ya-] pronunciation.

tamthilia* nm [i-/zi-] drama, play. (Kar)

tamu* kv 1 sweet. 2 delicious. (Kar)

tamviri nm [i-/zi-] branch.

tamw.a kt [sie] enjoy, profit from, feel happy. (tde) tamwia; (tdk) tamwika; (tds) tamwisha.

tanabah.i* kt [sie] become aware/ conscious, realize, remember. (tde) tanabahia; (tdk) tanabahika; (tds) tanabahisha. (Kar)

tanabahish.a* kt [ele] 1 alert sb, caution sb. 2 remind. (tde) tana-bahishia; (tdk) tanabahishika; (tdn) tanabahishana; (tdw) tana-bahishwa. (Kar)

tanadhar.i* kt [sie] beware, take care, be discreet. (tde) tana-dharia; (tdk) tanadharika; (tds) tanadharisha. (Kar)

tanasar.i* kt [sie] convert from Islam to Christianity.(tde) tana-saria; (tdk) tanasarika; (tds) tanasarisha.

tanbihi* nm [i-/zi-] footnote, notabene, note. (Kar)

tand.a kt [ele] 1 extend, spread, lay


out. 2 overcast, spread over. 3 catch fish by spreading net or large calico in water. (tde) tandia; (tdk) tandika; (tds) tandisha/tandaza; (tdw) tandwa.

tandabelua* nm [i-/zi-] uproar, commotion. (Khi)

tandabui nm [i-/zi-] spiderís web.

tandala nm [a-/wa-] greater kudu.

tandam.a kt [sie] spread out, lie stretched out. (tde) tandamia; (tdk) tandamika; (tds) tandamisha.

tandatu nm [i-/zi-] six.

tandawa.a kt [sie] be stretched out. (tde) tandawalia; (tdk) tanda-walika; (tds) tandawalisha.

tandaz.a kt [ele] 1 spread out. 2 reveal. (tde) tandazia; (tdk) tandazika; (tdn) tandazana; (tds) tandazisha; (tdw) tandazwa.

tandik.a1 kt [sie] lay a cover, spread out: ~ meza lay a table; ~ kitanda make a bed. (tde) tandikia; (tdk) tandikika; (tds) tandikisha; (tdw) tandikwa.

tandik.a2 kt [sie] beat, hit: ~ viboko, whip. (tde) tandikia; (tdk) tandikika; (tds) tandikisha; (tdw) tandikwa.

tandiko nm ma- [li-/ya-] bedding, mattress.

tando nm [i-/zi-] fish trap.

tandu nm [a-/wa-] centipede.

tandu.a kt [ele] take off, remove what is laid on, spread out or displayed). (tde) tandulia; (tdk) tanduka; (tdn) tanduana; (tds) tanduza/tandulisha; (tdw) tanduliwa.

tanga1 nm [i-/zi-] sail: Tweka ~ hoist sail; tua ~ lower sail.


tanga2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] formal mourning period.

tang.a3 kt [sie] loiter, wander, stroll about. (tde) tangia; (tdk) tangika; (tds) tangisha.

tanga.a kt [sie]1 be spread. 2 become known, be famous. (tde) tangalia; (tdk) tangalika; (tds) tangaza.

tangalachi nm [i-/zi-] burial mat.

tangaman.a kt [sie] 1 mix, be together. 2 be in agreement with, be in harmony with. (tde) tanga-mania; (tdk) tangamanika; (tds) tangamanisha.

tangamano nm [i-/zi-] 1 toge-therness. 2 harmony.

tangawizi nm [i-/zi-] ginger.

tangaz.a kt [ele] advertise, announce. (tde) tangazia; (tdk) tangazika; (tdn) tangaziana; (tds) tangazisha; (tdw) tangazwa.

tangazo nm ma- [li-/ya-] advertisement, announcement.

tange nm [i-/zi-] cleared forest for farming.

tangi* nm ma- [li-/ya-] tank, cistern. (Kng)

tango1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] cucumber.

tango2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] loitering, wanderings.

tangu kl since: ~ lini? since when?

tangu.a kt [ele] annul, revoke, rescind. (tde) tangulia; (tdk) tanguka; (tdn) tanguana; (tds) tanguza; (tdw) tanguliwa.

tanguli.a kt [sie] take the lead, precede, go ahead. (tde) tangulilia; (tdk) tangulika; (tdn) tanguliana; (tds) tanguliza; (tdw) tanguliwa.

tani1* nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 ton. 2 size


(in strength): Huwezi kupigana naye huyo si ~ yako you cannot fight him, he is not your size. (Kng)

tani2 kl on the back: Lala ~ sleep on the back.

tani.a* kt [ele] joke, chaff. (tdk) tanika; (tdn) taniana; (tds) tanisha; (tdw) taniwa. (Kar)

taniboi* nm [a-/wa-] lad, turnboy. (Kng)

tanji nm [i-/zi-] act of impounding sbís property (in order to recover an unpaid loan): Piga ~ impound.

tano nm [i-/zi-] five.

tanu nm [i-/zi-] fire wood heap.

tanu.a kt [ele] 1 widen, expand. 2 stretch apart, open wide. (tde) tanulia; (tdk) tanuka; (tdn) tanuana; (tds) tanusha; (tdw) tanuliwa.

tanuk.a kt [sie] be expanded, be stretched apart, be wide open. (tde) tanukia; (tdk) tanukika; (tds) tanusha.

tanuri* nm ma- [li-/ya-] kiln, furnace. (Kar)

tanz.a kt [ele] complicate. (tde) tanzia; (tdk) tanzika; (tdn) tanzana; (tds) tanzisha; (tdw) tanzwa.

tanzi nm ma- [li-/ya-] noose, loop.

tanzia* nm [i-/zi-] 1 obituary, death announcement. 2 (tamthiliya) tragedy. (Kar)

tanzu nm [i-/zi-] branch. kv subsildiary: JV Group ina makampuni ~ mengi The JV Group has many subsidiary companies.

tanzu.a kt [ele] 1 solve a puzzle. 2 clarify, elaborate. (tde) tanzulia; tanzuk.a

(tdk) tanzuka; (tdn) tanzuana; (tds) tanzusha; (tdw) tanzuliwa.

tanzuk.a kt [sie] 1 be clarified. 2 be clear weather. (tde) tanzukia; (tdk) tanzukika; (tds) tanzukisha.

tao nm ma- [li-/ya-] arch, curve.

tapa1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] leaf of a Deleb palm.

tapa2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] dried banana stem.

tapaka.a kt [sie] be spread all over, be scattered. (tde) tapakalia; (tdk) tapakalika; (tds) tapakaza.

tapany.a kt [ele] squander, scatter. (tde) tapanyia; (tdk) tapanyika; (tds) tapanyisha; (tdw) tapanywa. tapatap.a kt [sie] fret, be worried, be upset, be confused. (tde) tapa-tapia; (tdk) tapatapia; (tds) tapa-tapisha.

tapeli nm ma- [a-/wa-] swindler, conman, trickster.

tapi.a kt [ele] strive for, pursue, be avid for. (tde) tapilia; (tdk) tapika; (tds) tapisa; (tdw) tapiwa.

tapik.a kt [ele] vomit. (tde) tapikia; (tdk) tapikika; (tds) tapisha; (tdw) tapikwa.

tapish.a1 kt [ele] give final initiation teachings to young girls. (tde) tapishia; (tdk) tapishika; (tdw) tapishwa.

tapish.a2 kt [ele] 1 flash toilet (to get rid of dirt). 2 cause to vomit. (tde) tapishia; (tdk) tapishika; (tdn) ta-pishana; (tdw) tapishwa.

tapisho1 nm [i-/zi-] initiation rites fee (for girls).

tapisho2 nm [i-/zi-] emetic.

tapo1* nm ma- [li-/ya-] troupe, group of people. (Ktu)


tapo2 nm [i-/zi-] areca nut-like fruit whose flour is used to make porridge.

tapo3 nm [i-/zi-] net of a dwarf-palm leaf used to join two strings of a dragnet.

tara nm [i-/zi-] bizarre behaviour, harassment.

taraa ku if, in case: ~ ukimwona daktari mwambie aje In case you see a doctor tell him to come.

tarabe* nm door of two halves.


tarabizuna nm [i-] perfume made from pot-pourri.

tarabushi nm [i-/zi-] fez.

taradad.i kt [sie] wander about, hesitate. (tde) taradiadia; (tdk) taradadika; (tds) taradadisha; (tdw) taradadiwa.

taradhi.a kt [sie] beg, ask for remission. (tde) taradhilia; (tdk)

taradhilika; (tds) taradhilisha.

tarafa* nm [i-/zi-] division. (Kar)

taraghani nm [i-/zi-] boast: Siku hizi ana~ sana. He is boasting these days.

taraj.i* kt [sie] hope, intend. (tde) tarajia; (tdk) tarajika; (tds) tarajisha. (Kar)

taraji.a* kt [sie] expect, hope. (tde) tarajilia; (tdk) tarajika; (tds) tarajisha. (Kar)

tarajio* nm ma- [li-/ya-] expec-tation, hope. (Kar)

tarakany.a* kt [sie] 1 interrupt and disrupt discussion. 2 speak quickly and in a confused manner; talk senselessly. (tde) tarakanyia; (tdk) tarakanyika; (tds) tarakanyisha. (Kar)


tarakimu* nm [i-/zi-] numeral, digit. (Kar)

tarare nm [i-/zi-] weed.

taratibu1* nm [i-/zi-] procedure, formality. (Kar)

taratibu2* kl carefully, orderly, slowly. (Kar)

tarawanda nm mi- [u-/i-] wooden sandal.

tarawehi* nm [i-] long optional prayer during Ramadhan. (Kar)

taraza* nm [i-/zi-] embroidered hem. (Kar)

tarazak.i* kt [sie] earn a living. (tde) tarazakia; (tdk) tarazakika; (tds) tarazakisha. (Kar)

tarazia* nm [i-] coastal dance in which men and women take turns to dance in a circle. (Kar)

tarazo* nm [i-/zi-] terrazzo. (Kng)

tarehe* nm [i-/zi-] 1 date. 2 history. (Kar)

tari* nm m- [i-/zi-] 1 small drum. 2 drum used in exorcising spirits. 3 male stick dance. (Kaj)

tarijama nm [i-/zi-] autobiography.

tarika nm [i-/zi-] 1 creed. 2 brotherhood.

tariki* nm [i-/zi-] way: Shika ~ wende zako Go away. (Kar)

tarishi* nm [a-/wa-] messenger, courier. (Kar)

tariz.i* kt [ele] 1 embroider; weave

a border. 2 roll thread on a spindle. (tde) tarizia; (tdk) tarizika; (tdn) tarizana; (tds) tarizisha; (tdw) tariziwa. (Kar)

tarjumi1 kt [ele] translate. (tde) tarjumia; (tdk) tarjumika; (tds) tarjumisha; (tdw) tarjumiwa.

tarjum.i2 nm [i-/zi-] translation.


taruma* nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 rib, frame (of a boat). 2 railway sleeper. 3 incision, tatoo. (Kar)

tarumbeta* nm ma- [li-/ya-] trumpet. (Kng)

tasa1 adj sterile, barren.

tasa2 odd: Namba ~ Odd number.

tasa3 num [i-/zi-] 1 metal bowl for washing. 2 silver gong used in music.

tas.a4 kt [ele] complicate, perplex. (tde) tasia; (tdk) tasika; (tdn) tasana; (tds) tasisha; (tdw) taswa.

tasaufi nm [i-/zi-] religions education.

tasawar.i kt [sie] 1 be reliable, credible. 2 seem to be good, seem to succeed. (tde) tasawaria; (tdk) tasawarika; (tds) tasawarisha.

tasbihi* nm [i-/zi-] 1 prayer beads. 2 rosary. (Kar)

tashbihi* nm [i-/zi-] simile. (Kar)

tashdidi* nm [i-/zi-] stress. (Kar)

tashihisi* nm [i-/zi-] personification. (Kar)

tashkota nm [i-/zi-] mandolin.

tashtiti1* nm [i-/zi-] satire.

tashtiti2* nm [i-/zi-] instigation, provocation. (Kar)

tashwishi* nm [i-/zi-] uncertainity, doubt. (Kar)

tasi1 nm [i-] oil for cleaning rope/belt which strengthens them.

tasi2 nm [a-/wa-] broad black sea fish.

tasihili kl quickly, hurriedly.

tasinifu* nm [i-/zi-] thesis, disser-tation. (Kar)

taslimu* nm [i-/zi-] cash. (Kar)

tasilit.i* kt [ele] make mischief, tattle on. (tde) tasilitia, (tden) tasilitiana; tasliti

(tdk) tasilitika; (tds) tasilitisha; tdw) tasilitiwa. (Kar)

tasliti nm [i-] wanting desperately.

tasnia* nm [i-/zi-] industry:~ya utalii tourist industry. (Kar)

tasu.a kt [ele] 1 solve. 2 clarify, elaborate. (tde) tasulia; (tdk) tasuka; (tds) tasusha; (tdw) tasuliwa.

taswira* nm [i-/zi-] 1 image, picture, imagery. 2 diagram. (Kar)

tat.a1 kt [sie] be tangled, be complicated. (tde) tatia; (tdk) tatika; (tds) tatiza.

tata2 nm [i-/zi-] 1 tangle. 2 compli-cation. kv compound, complex.

tatag.a kt [sie] cross by holding on to sth. (tde) tatagia; (tdk) tatagika; (tds) tatagisha.

tatanish.a kt [ele] be perplexing, complicate. (tde) tatanishia; (tdk) tatanishika; (tdn) tatanishana; (tdw) tatanishwa.

tatanisho nm ma- [li-/ya-] perplexity, complication.

tatanu.a kt [ele] expand, widen. (tde) tatanulia; (tdk) tatanuka; (tdn) tatanuana; (tds) tatanusha; (tdw) tatanuliwa.

tatarik.a kt [sie] 1 rattle, crackle. 2 chatter, gabble. (tde) tatarikia; (tdk) tatarikika; (tds) tathmin.i

tathmin.i* kt [ele] evaluate. (tde) tathminia; (tdk) tathminika; (tdn) tathminiana; (tds) tathminisha; (tdw) tathminiwa. (Kar)

tatiz.a kt [ele] complicate, perplex, puzzle. (tde) tatizia; (tdk) tatizika; (tdn) tatizana; (tds) tatizisha; (tdw) tatizwa.

tatu nm [i-/zi-] three.


tatu.a kt [ele] 1 solve. 2 disentangle. (tde) tatulia; (tdk) tatulika; (tdw) tatuliwa.

taufiki* nm [i-/zi-] grace of God. (Kar)

taulo* nm [i-/zi-] towel. (Kng)

taumu* nm ma- [li-/ya-] prop, support. (Kar)

tauni* nm [i-/zi-] bubonic plague. (Kar)

tausi* nm [a-/wa-] peacock, peahen. (Kar)

taw.a1 kt [sie] 1 live in seclusion. 2 lead a devout life. (tde) tawia; (tdk) tawika; (tds) tawisha.

tawa2 nm metal frying pan. (Kar)

tawadh.a* kt [sie] 1 wash after toilet. 2 make ablutions before prayers. (tde) tawadhia; (tdk) ta-wadhika; (tds) tawadhisha. (Kar)

tawaf.u* kt [sie] die with honour. (tde) tawafia; (tdk) tawafika; (tds) tawafisha. (Kar)

tawakal.i* kt [sie] trust in God. (tde) tawakalia; (tdk) tawakalika; (tds) tawakalisha. (Kar)

tawal.a* kt [ele] 1 govern, administer, rule. 2 control. (tde) tawalia; (tdk) tawalika; (tdn) tawalana; (tds) tawalisha; (tdw) tawaliwa. (Kar)

tawanyik.a kt [sie] disperse, be scattered. (tde) tawanyikia; (tdk) tawanyikika; (tds) tawanyikisha.

tawany.a kt [ele] spread, scatter, disperse. (tde) tawanyia; (tdk) tawanyika; (tdn) tawanyana; (tds) tawanyisha; (tdw) tawanywa.

tawasal.i* kt [ele] pray to God in collaboration with a religious leader. (tde) tawasalia; (tdk)


tawasalika; (tds) tawasalisha; (tdw) tawasaliwa. (Kar)

tawasifu* nm [ i-/zi-] autobio-graphy. (Kar)

tawaz.a* kt [ele] install in office, enthrone. (tde) tawazia; (tdk) ta-wazika; (tds) tawazisha; (tdw) tawazwa. (Kar)

tawi nm ma- [li-/ya-] branch.

tawili* kv long: Umri ~ long life. (Kar)

taya1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] jaw.

taya2 nm [i-/zi-] piece of sail cloth.

tay.a kt [ele] reproach, rebuke. (tde) tayia; (tdk) tayika; (tdn) tayana; (tds) tayisha.

tayari* kl ready, already. (Kar)

tayo nm ma- [li-/ya-] insult, abuse.

tayu nm [i-/zi-] scales, balance, weighing machine.

tazam.a kt [ele] 1 look at, watch. 2 help, aid. 3 be wary/cautious. (tde) tazamia; (tdk) tazamika; (tdn) tazamana; (tds) tazamisha; (tdw) tazamwa.

tazami.a kt [ele] 1 divine. 2 expect, intend, hope.

tebo* nm [i-/zi-] table. (Kng)

tebwere1 kv soft, loose.

tebwere2 ki expression of empha-sizing softness (of sth).

tebwerek.a kt [sie] be soft. (tde) tebwerekea; (tdk) tembwerekeka; (tds) tembwerekesha.

tefutefu kv soft.

teg.a kt [ele] set a trap, entrap: ~ mtego set a trap. (nh) (1) ~ sikio listen attentively. (2) ~ kazi shirk work. (tde) tegea; (tdk) tegeka; (tdn) tegana; (tds) tegesha; (tdw) tegwa.


tege kv bow legged, bandy legged.

tege.a kt [ele] 1 lay trap for. 2 shirk work. (tdk) tegeka; (tdn) tegeana; (tds) tegesha; (tdw) tegewa.

tegeme.a kt [ele] 1 depend on, rely on. 2 anticipate, expect. (tdn) tegemeana; (tdw) tegemewa.

tegemeo nm ma- [li-/ya-] support, hope, expectation.

tegemezi kv dependent.

tego1 nm [i-/zi-] sexual ailment believed to be caused by running with sbís wife.

tego2 nm [i-/zi-] a circumciserís board.

tegu nm ma- [li-/ya-] tapeworm.

tegu.a kt [ele] 1 disassemble a trap. 2 remove (a pot) from a stove/ cooker. 3 sprain, dislocate. (tde) tegulia; (tdk) teguka; (tdn) teguana; (tds) tegusha; (tdw) teguliwa.

teguk.a kt [sie] be sprained. (tde) tegukia; (tdk) tegukika; (tds) tegukisha.

tehem.u kt [ele] 1 disgrace, belittle. 2 feel ashamed. (tde) tehemia; (tdk) tehemika; (tdn) tehemiana; (tds) tehemisha; (tdw) tehemwa.

teitei nm ma- [li-/ya-] loose pants.

teka1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] mini-sitting room.

tek.a2 kt [ele] scoop up, fetch. (tde) tekea; (tdk) tekeka; (tdn) tekana; (tds) tekesha; (tdw) tekwa.

tek.a3 kt [ele] capture, kidnap, hijack, seize. (nh) ~ nyara kidnap, hijack. (tde) tekea; (tdk) tekeka; (tdn) tekana; (tds) tekesha; (tdw) tekwa.

teke1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] kick. (nh) Piga teke

~ separate, expel, abandon.

teke2 kv tender, soft.

tekelez.a kt [ele] implement, execute. (tde) tekelezea; (tdk) te-kelezeka; (tds) tekelezesha; (tdw) tekelezwa.

tekelezo nm ma- [li-/ya-] imple-mentation, execution.

teketez.a kt [ele] destroy, burn, ravage. (tde) teketezea; (tdk) teketezeka; (tds) teketezesha;

(tdw) teketezwa.

tekeny.a1 kt [ele] tickle. (tde) tekenyea; (tdk) tekenyeka; (tdn) tekenyana; (tds) tekenyesha; (tdw) tekenywa.

tekenya2 nm ma- [a-/wa-] jigger, flea.

tekete.a kt [sie] 1 be burned down, be ravaged. 2 perish. (tde) teketelea; (tdk) teketeka; (tds) teketeza.

teketeke kv soft, squishy.

tekew.a kt [sie] be helpless. (tde) tekewea; (tdk) tekeweka; (tds) tekewesha.

teknolojia* nm [i-/zi-] technology. (Kng)

teksi* nm [i-/zi-] taxi. (Kng)

teku.a kt [ele] 1 push down. 2 uproot forcefully. (tde) tekulia; (tdk) tekuka; (tdn) tekuana; (tds) tekulisha; (tdw) tekuliwa.

tele kv plenty, full. kl fully.

telegramu* nm [i-/zi-] telegram. (Kng)

telek.a kt [ele] set pot on a stove. (tde) telekea; (tdk) telekeka; (tdw) telekwa.

teleka nm [a-/wa-] swallow.

telekevu kv obedient.


telekez.a kt [ele] abandon. (tde) telekezea; (tdk) telekezeka; (tdn) telekezana; (tdw) telekezwa.

teleksi* nm [i-/zi-] telex. (Kng)

televisheni* nm [i-/zi-] television. (Kng)

telez.a kt [sie] 1 slip; be slippery: Usipite hapa pana ~ donít pass here, it is slippery. 2 slide. 3 glide. 4 make a slight mistake un-knowingly. (tde) telezea; (tdk) telezeka; (tds) telezesha.

teli* nm [i-/zi-] gold or silver thread. (Kaj)

telki* nm [i-/zi-] horseís quick trot: Enda ~ run, trot. (Khi)

tem.a1 kt [ele] cut: ~ kuni cut firewood. (tde) temea; (tdk) temeka; (tdn) temana; (tds) temesha; (tdw) temwa.

tem.a2 kt [ele] spit (out): ~mate spit (out) spittle. (tde) temea; (tdk) temeka; (tds) temesha; (tdw) temwa.

tembe1 nm [a-/wa-] pullet, young hen.

tembe2 nm [li-/ya-] flat-roofed house.

tembe3 nm [i-zi-] pill, tablet: ~ya aspirini asprin tablet.

tembe.a kt [sie] 1 walk, move around, travel around. 2 fornicate. (tde) tembelea; (tdk) tembeleka; (tds) tembeza; (tdw) tembelewa.

tembele.a kt [ele] 1 visit. 2 walk with: ~ mkongojo walk with a stick. (tde) tembelea; (tdk) tembe-leka; (tdn) tembeleana; (tdw) tembelewa.

tembez.a kt [ele] take sb around; show around; hawk.

tembo1 nm [a-/wa-] elephant: Mkono tembo

wa ~ a type of big and long plantain.

tembo2 nm [i-/zi-] coconut palm wine.

tembo3 nm [a-/wa-] changu-like fish.

teme.a kt [ele] spit at/on. (tde) temelea; (tdk) temeka; (tdn) temeana; (tds) temesha; (tdw) temwa.

temsi* nm [i-/zi-] filigree.

temu.a kt [ele] hollow out a log. (tde) temulia, (tdew) temuliwa; (tdk) temuka; (tdn) temuana; (tds) temusha.

tena ku, kl again.

tend.a1 kt [sie] 1 do, act, treat: ~ vizuri perform well. 2 treat sb badly. (tde) tendea; (tdk) tendeka; (tds) tendesha.

tenda2* nm [i-/zi-] tender, bid. (Kng).

tende1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] elephantiasis.

tende2 nm [i-/zi-] date.

tendegu nm ma- [li-ya-] bedís leg.

tendek.a kt [sie] be over and done, be accomplished. (tde) tendekea; (tdk) tendekeka; (tds) tendekeza.

tendes.a kt [sie] over do: (tde) tendesea; (tdk) tendeseka; (tds) tendesesha.

tendeti nm [li-/ya-] pastry/doughnut.

tendo ma- [li-/ya-] act, action, deed.

tendwa nm [i-/zi-] cure, treatment, therapy, corrective measure.

teng.a1 kt [ele] separate, isolate, ostracize. (tde) tengea; (tdk) tengeka; (tds) tengesha; (tdn) tengana; (tdw) tengwa.

tenga2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] bamboo basket.

tenga3 nm [a-/wa-] type of ray fish.


tenga4 nm ma- [li-/ya-] animal/bird trap.

tengan.a kt [sie] 1 be separated. 2 be estranged.(tde) tengania; (tdk) tenganika; (tds) tenganisha.

tenge1 nm [i-/zi-] disorder, chaos. kl crooked, out of line: Mambo yamekwenda ~ things have gone to the dogs.

tenge2 nm [i-/zi-] trapezium.

tenge.a kt [sie] be back to normal, be settled down. (tdk) tengeka; (tds) tengeza.

tengenez.a kt [ele] 1 manufacture, assemble, prepare. 2 repair, fix, mend, correct. (tde) tengenezea; (tdk) tengenezeka; (tds) tenge-nezesha; (tdn) tengenezana; (tdw) tengenezwa.

tengu.a kt [ele] 1 annul. 2 sprain, twist, wrench. (tde) tengulia; (tdk)

tenguka; (tds) tengusha; (tdn) tenguana; (tdw) tenguliwa.

tenisi* nm [i-/zi-] tennis: Kiwanja cha ~ tennis court. (Kng).

teo nm [i-/zi-] sling.

tepe* nm [i-/zi-] braid, tape. (Kng)

tepete.a kt [sie] be weak, be listless. (tdk) tepeteka; (tds) tepetesha.

tepetepe1 kv soft, smooth, tender.

tepetepe2 kl too much: Ana maneno ~ he talks too much.

tepetevu kv loose, weak, limp.

tepo nm [i-/zi-] pride, conceit, showing off.

tepu* nm [i-/zi-] tape. (Kng).

tepu.a kt [sie] enervate, make weary. (tde) tepulia; (tdk) tepuka; (tds) tepusha.

terebesha nm [i-/zi-] edge of sth e.g. a table, dhow, boat.

terem.a kt [sie] be at ease, be happy. (tde) teremea; (tdk) teremeka; (tds) teremesha.

teremk.a kt [sie] descend; get off; alight. (tde) teremkia; (tdk) tere-mkika; (tds) teremsha.

teremki.a kt [ele] get off at, alight at, disembark at.

teremsh.a kt [ele] lower; discharge; let off. (tde) teremshia; (tdk) teremshika; (tdn) teremshana; (tdw) teremshwa.

tes.a kt [ele] torture, persecute. (tde) tesea; (tdk) teseka; (tds) tesesha; (tdn) tesena; (tdw) teswa.

tesek.a kt [sie] suffer, be tortured; be persecuted.

tet.a kt [ele] backbite, speak against.

tete1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] reed.

tete2 kl unsteadily, with a stagger: Enda ~ walk unsteadily.

tete3 nm [i-/zi-] slag, dross.

tete.a1 kt [sie] cackle.

tete.a kt [ele] speak up for, defend. (tde) tetelea; (tdk) teteka; (tdn) teteana; (tdw) tetewa.

tetekuwanga nm [i-/zi-] chickenpox.

tetem.a kt [sie] tremble, shake, vibrate. (tde) tetemelea; (tdk) tete-meka; (tds) tetemesha.

tetemek.a kt [sie] tremble, shake, vibrate, quake, quiver, shiver: (tde) tetemekea; (tdk) teteme-keka; (tds) tetemekesha; (tdw) tetemekewa.

tetemeko nm ma- [li-/ya-] tremble, quake. ~ la ardhi earthquake.

tetere nm [a-/wa-] ring-necked dove.

teterek.a kt [sie] 1 stagger, wobble. 2 budge.

tetesi nm [1-/zi-] rumour.


teu.a kt [ele] select, appoint, designate, choose. (tde) teulia; (tdk) teulika; (tdn) teuana; (tds) teulisha; (tdw) teuliwa.

teuk.a kt [sie] belch; burp. (tde) teukia; (tdk) teukika; (tds) teu-sha.

teule kv chosen, elect.

teushi nm [i-/zi-] stinking belch.

tezi1* nm ma- [li-/ya-] stern, poop of a ship. (Kaj).

tezi2 nm [i-/zi-] 1 gland. 2 tumour, glandular, goitre, wen.

tezo nm ma- [li-/ya-] adze.

thabiti* kv 1 firm, rigid, undoubted. 2 truth, with no doubt: Kauli yake ~ what he says is the truth. (Kar)

thakili* nm [i-/zi-] condition that causes trouble, hardship, distress. kv distressing, troublesome, hard-ship. (Kar)

thakilish.a* kt [ele] distress, disturb, trouble. (Kar)

thama* ku except for, likewise. (Kar).

thamani* nm [i-/zi-] value. (Kar)

thamanini* nm [i-/zi-] light cotton cloth. (Kar)

thamin.i* kt [ele] 1 value, appraise. 2 respect, value sb. (tde) tha-minia; (tdk) thaminika; (tds) tha-minisha; (tdn) thaminiana; (tdw) thaminiwa. (Kar)

thamra* nm [i-/zi-] young cloves beginning to form. (Kar)

thaura* nm [a-/ya-] revolution. (Kar)

thawabu* nm [i-/zi-] spiritual reward, gift. (Kar)

thelathini* nm [i-/zi-] thirty. (Kar)

theluji* nm [i-/zi-] snow. (Kar)

theluthi* nm [i-/zi-] one third. (Kar)

themanini* nm [i-/zi-] eighty. (Kar)

themometa* nm [i-/zi-] thermo-meter. (Kng)

thenashara* nm [i-/zi-] twelve. (Kar)

theolojia* nm [i-/zi-] theology. (Kng).

thibit.i* kt be true/authentic. (tde) thibitia; (tdk) thibitika; (tdn) thibitiana; (tds) thibitisha; (tdw) thibitishwa. (Kar)

thibitik.a* kt [sie] be proven. (tde) thibitikia; (tdk) thibitikika; (tdn) thibitikana. (Kar)

thibitish.a* kt [ele] confirm, ratify, prove. (tde) thibitishia; (tdk) thi-bitishika; (tdw) thibitishwa. (Kar)

thibitisho* nm [li-/ya-] proof, confirmation. (Kar)

thori* nm [a-/wa-] impotent. (Kar)

thubutu1* kt [sie] dare, have courage to do sth. (Kar)

thubutu2* ki cannot dare! Je anaweza kunipiga? ~! can he fight me? he cannot dare! (Kar)

thubutu3* kt [sie] come true. (Kar)

thumni* nm [i-/zi-] 1 one eighth of sth. 2 fifty-cent coin. (Kar)

thurea* nm [i-/zi-] 1 chandelier. 2 pleiades. (Kar)

ti kl total black, completely: mweusi ~ completely black.

ti.a1 kt [ele] 1 put sth into, pour into. 2 bring about, cause: ~ kisu makali sharpen the knife. (ms) (1) ~ adabu punish. (2) ~ aibu bring/cause shame, disgrace. (3) ~ hofu frighten. (4) ~ mbaroni put under custody. (5) ~ hatiani convict. (6) ~ moyo encourage.

(7) ~ nanga cast anchor. (8) ~ saini sign, accept. (nh) (1) ~ jeki assist, help. (2) ~ shonga inspire sb to do sth wrong. (3) ~lia maanani consider seriously. (4) ~lia mkazo emphasize. (5) ~lia pondo assist/help to get sth. (tde) tilia, (tden) tiliana, (tdek) tilika; (tds) tilisha, (tdew) tiliwa.

tia2 nm [i-/zi-] kind of traditional dance.

tiabu* nm [i-/zi-] stick throwing

game. (Kar)

tiara1* nm [i-/zi-] kite. (Kar)

tiara2* nm [li-/ya-] crown. (Kar)

tiba nm [i-/zi-] medical treatment, medicine.

tib.u1 kt [ele] cure, treat, heal. (tde) tibia, (tden) tibiana; (tdk) tibika; (tdw) tibiwa.

tibu2 nm [i-/zi] scented ointment.

tibu.a kt [ele] stir up, unsettle. (ms) ~ mambo intrude other peoplesí affairs. (tde) tibulia, (tden) tibuliana; (tdk) tibuka; (tdn) tibuana; (tds) tibulisha; (tdw) tibuliwa.

tibwirik.a kt [sie] 1 be shaky as if one is dancing. 2 be weak, be loose. 3 do sth with anxiety: (tde) tibwirikia; (tdk) tibwirikika; (tds) tibwirikisha.

tifu.a kt [ele] loosen soil, make soil soft. (tde) tifulia; (tdk) tifuka; (tds) tifusha; (tdw) tifuliwa.

tifutifu nm [li-/ya-] loose soil/sand.

tig.a kt [ele] pound, crash, mash sth by using hands or feet. (tde) tigia; (tdk) tigika; (tds) tigisha; (tdn) tigana; (tdw) tigwa.

ti.i kt [ele] obey, conform, be


submissive. (tde) tiia; (tdk) tiika; (tds) tiisha; (tdn) tiiana; (tdw) tiiwa.

tiifu kv obedient, submissive.

tija nm [i-/zi-] 1 productivity. 2 expertise.

tijara nm [i-/zi-] profit, surplus.

tik.a kt [sie] roll, swing. (tde) tikia; (tdk) tikika; (tds) tikisha.

tiketi* nm [i-/zi-] ticket. (Kng)

tiki kl completely: nimechoka ~ I am completely tired.

tikinyik.a kt [sie] laugh stupidly while shaking the body. (tde) tikinykia; (tdk) tikinyikika; (tds) tikinyikisha.

tikis.a kt [ele] shake, wave sth: (tde) tikisia; (tdk) tikisika; (tdn) tikisana; (tds) tikisisha; (tdw) tikiswa.

tikisik.a kt [sie] be shaky, unsteady. (tde) tikisikia; (tdk) tikisikika;

(tds) tikisikisha.

tikit.a kt [ele] enjoy: ~ usingizi enjoy sleep. (tde) tikitia; (tdk) tikitika; (tdn) tikitana; (tds) tikitisha; (tdw) tikitwa.

tikiti nm ma- [li-/ya-] watermelon.

tikitiki kl completely flat/damaged.

tilifik.a kt [sie] perish, be destro-yed.(tde) tilifikia; (tdk) tilifikisha; (tds) tilifikisha.

timamu* kv complete, mature: Akili ~ mature mind; sanity. (Kar)

timazi* nm [i-/zi-] masonís plu-mmet. (Kar)

timb.a1 kt [ele] 1 step on sth e.g. mud or dung. 2 use sth extra-vagantly. (tde) timbia; (tdk) timbika; (tdn) timbana; (tds) timbisha; (tdw) timbwa.


timba2 nm [i-/zi-] string of sth e.g. beads.

timba3 nm [i-/zi-] malt.

timbe nm [i-/zi-] lump of cast or unwrought metal.

timbi nm [i-/zi-] bracelet, armlet, bangle.

timi.a* kt [ele] 1 be completed, be realized, 2 come to term, be concluded. (tde) timilia; (tdk) timilika; (tds) timiza, (tdsw) timizwa. (Kar)

timiry.a kt [ele] assist, help, be useful. (tde) timiryia; (tdk) timiryika; (tds) timiryisha; (tdn) timiryana; (tdw) timirywa.

timiz.a* kt [ele] complete, fulfil: ~ ahadi fulfil a promise. (tde) timizia; (tdk) timizika; (tds) timizisha; (tdn) timizana; (tdw) timizwa. (Kar)

timilifu* kv perfect. (Kar)

timk.a kt [sie] 1 run off, trot away, dash. 2 be ruffled. (tde) timkia; (tdk) timkika; (tdn) timkana; (tds) timkisha; (tdw) timkwa.

timtimu kv ruffled: Amekuja hapa nywele ~ he came here with ruffled hair.

timu* nm [i-/zi-] team. (Kng)

timu.a kt [ele] 1 run away, dash, speed off. 2 disarrange, make ruffle: ~ nywele ruffle the hair. (tde) timulia; (tdk) timulika; (tds) timulisha; (tdn) timuana; (tdw) timuliwa.

tind.a kt [ele] shape eyebrows or hairline: (tde) tindia; (tdk) ti-ndika; (tds) tindisha; (tdn) ti-ndana; (tdw) tindwa.

tindi1 nm [i-/zi-] joint.


tindi2 nm [i-/zi-] spoke.

tindi.a kt [ele] have pains after falling down. (tde) tindilia; (tdk) tindika; (tdn) tindiana; (tds) tindisha; (tdw) tindiwa.

tindiga nm ma- [ li-/ya-] marshgrass.

tindikali* nm [i-/zi-] acid. (Kar)

tindikiw.a kt [sie] run short of, be lacking.

tindo nm [i-/zi-] cold chisel, punch.

ting.a1 kt [sie] swing. (tde) tingia; (tdk) tingika; (tds) tingisha.

ting.a2 kt [sie] encircle, hem in, entwine. (tde) tingia; (tdk) tingika; (tds) tingisha.

ting.a3 kt [ele] get to the net/goal: Mpira ume~ golini the ball got into the goal.

tingatinga1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 bridge made of timber. 2 marsh area.

tingatinga2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] bulldozer.

tinge nm [i-/zi-] competition in leaping.

tingi nm [i-/zi-] strope used in changing sail.

tingish.a kt [sie/ele] shake, shake up. (tde) tingishia; (tdk) tingishika; (tdn) tingishana; (tdw) tingishwa.

tini* nm ma- [li-/ya-] fig. (Kar)

tiny.a kt [ele] cut a small piece e.g. of meat. (tde) tinyia; (tdk) tinyika; (tds) tinyisha; (tdn) tinyana; (tdw) tinywa.

tipitipi nm [a-/wa-] white-browed


tipwatipwa kv soft and plump.

tirir.i kt [ele] annoy sb by repeating the same mistake. (tde) tiriria; (tdk) tiririka; (tdn) tiririana (tds) tiririsha; (tdw) titiriwa.


tiririk.a kt [sie] trickle, flow, drip. (tde) tiririkia; (tdk) tiririkika; (tds) tiririsha.

tisa* nm [i-/zi-] nine. (Kar)

tish.a kt [ele] frighten, terrify, threaten. (tde) tishia; (tdk) tishika; (tdn) tishana; (tdw) tishwa.

tishali* nm ma- [li-/ya-] lighter, barge. (Kar)

tishi.a kt [ele] threaten: ~uhai wa mtu threaten the life of sb. (tdk) tishika; (tdn) tishiana; (tdw) tishiwa.

tishik.a kt [sie] be terrified, be threatened. (tde) tishikia; (tdk) tishikika.

tishio nm ma- [li-/ya-] threat, scare.

tisini* nm [i-/zi-] ninety. (Kar)

tisti* kl firm, unwavering: Simama ~ stand firm. (Kar)

titi nm ma- [li-/ya-] teat, breast.

titi.a kt [sie] sink. (tde) titilia; (tdk) titika; (tds) titisha.

titig.a kt [ele] hit/beat severely. (tde) titigia; (tdk) titigika; (tdn) titigana; (tds) titigisha; (tdw) titigwa.

titik.a kt [sie] carrying a heavy load. (tde) titikia; (tds) titikisha/ti-tikiza.

titim.a1 kt [sie] rumble, roll. (tde) titimia; (tdk) titimika; (tds) titimisha/titimiza.

titim.a2 kt [sie] sink (of land). (tde) titimia; (tdk) titimika; (tds) titimisha/titimiza.

titimu.a kt [ele] squander, misap-propriate. (tde) titimulia; (tdk) titimulika; (tdn) titimuana; (tds) titimulisha; (tdw) titimuliwa.

tiva nm [a-/wa-] Zanzibar bou-



to.a kt 1 put out, remove: ~ uwanjani remove from the ground. 2 publish, produce, generate: ~ mfano give an example; ~ harufu produce bad smell; ~ habari report, give information; ~ sauti produce sound. 3 offer sth to someone. 4 subtract, reduce: (1) ~ moyoni forget. (2) ~ sabili/mhanga sacrifice. (tde) tolea; (tdk) toleka; (tdn) toleana; (tds) tolesha; (tdw) tolewa.

toasi n ma- [li-/ya-] cymbal, large castanet.

toba n [i-/zi-] repentance.

tobo n ma- [li-/ya-] hole.

tobo.a kt [sie/ele] 1 drill, bore,

puncture. 2 speak out, reveal. (tde) tobolea; (tdk) toboleka; (tdn) toboana; (tds) tobolesha; (tdw) tobolewa.

tobok.a kt [sie] be holed, be punctured. (tde) tobokea; (tdk) tobokeka; (tds) tobokesha.

tobosha nm ma- [li-/ya-] sweet fritter made of flour with sugar or honey.

tobwe nm ma- [li-/ya-] hole.

tochi* nm [i-/zi-] torch, flashlight. (Kng)

tofali* nm ma- [li-/ya-] brick. (Kar)

tofauti1* nm [i-/zi-] difference. (Kar)

tofauti2* kl differently. kv different. (Kar)

tofautian.a* kt [sie] differ. (tde) tofautiania; (tdk) tofautianika; (tds) tofautianisha. (Kar)

tofautish.a* kt [sie] differentiate. (tde) tofautishia; (tdk) tofau-tishika. (Kar)

tofy.a kt [sie] press gently. (tde)


tofyea; (tdk) tofyeka; (tdn) to-fyana; (tds) tofyesha; (tdw) to-fywa.

tog.a kt [ele] pierce ears/nose/lips. (tde) togea; (tdk) togeka; (tdn) to-gana; (tds) togesha; (tdw) togwa.

togwa nm [li-/ya-] sweet malt drink.

tohara* nm [i-/zi-] clean, purity; circumcision. (Kar)

toharik.a* kt [sie] be pure/clean. (tde) toharikia. (Kar)

toharisha* kt [ele] cleanse, purify. (tde) toharishia; (tdk) tohari-shika; (tdn) toharishana; (tdw) toharishwa. (Kar)

tohe nm [a-/wa-] reedbuck.

toho.a kt [ele] 1 dilute. 2 adapt/ modify. (tde) toholea; (tdk) toho-leka; (tdn) tohoana; (tds) toho-lesha; (tdw) toholewa.

toj.a kt [ele] incise, scarify, tattoo. (tde) tojea; (tdk) tojeka; (tdn) tojana; (tds) tojesha; (tdw) tojwa.

tojo nm ma- [li-/ya-] tattoo, incision.

toka1 kl from.

tok.a2 kt [sie] get out, go out/leave, exit: ~ damu bleed; ~ jasho sweat; ~ machozi weep; ~ moshi emit smoke; ~ jichoni no more love. (tde) tokea; (tdk) tokeka; (tds) tokesha.

tokan.a kt [sie] result from, stem from; be caused by: Umasikini wake ume~ na ulevi his/her poverty is a result of heavy drinking. (tde) tokania; (tdk) to-kanika; (tds) tokanisha.

toke.a kt [sie] appear, occur, happen, emerge. (tdk) tokeka; (tds) tokeza.

tokeo nm ma- [li-/ya-] result,



tokez.a kt [sie] protrude, be prominent. (tde) tokezea; (tdk) tokezeka; (tds) tokezesha.

tokeze.a kt [sie] appear at, emerge at. (tdk) tokezeka; (tds) toke-zesha.

tokome.a kt [sie] vanish, disappear. (tde) tokomelea; (tdk) toko-meleka; (tds) tokomeza.

tokomeze.a kt [ele] annihilate. (tdk) tokomezeka; (tds) tokomezesha.

tokomire nm [i-/zi-] kind of Zaramo dance.

tokoni nm [u-] pelvic joint.

tokos.a kt [sie] boil. (tde) tokosea; (tdk) tokoseka; (tds) tokosesha.

tokot.a kt [sie] boil. (tde) tokotea; (tdk) tokoteka; (tds) tokotesha.

tokw.a kt [sie] shed, gush out: ~ na machozi shed tears, weep.

tola* nm [i-/zi-] weight of about half an ounce used for weighing silver, gold, oil and perfumes. (Khi)

tolatola nm [i-/zi-] various. different types.

toleo nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 issue. 2 offering. 3 edition.

tom.a kt [sie] burst into, rush into. (tde) tomea; (tdk) tomeka; (tdn) tomana; (tds) tomesha; (tdw) tomwa.

tomas.a* kt [ele] press gently. (tde) tomasia; (tdk) tomasika; (tdn) tomasana; (tds) tomasisha; (tdw) tomaswa. (Kar)

tomb.a kt [sie] fuck, have sex, copulate. (tde) tombea; (tdk) tombeka; (tdn) tombana; (tds) tombesha; (tdw) tombwa.

tombo1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] human



tombo2 nm [li-/ya-] quail.

tombola* nm [i-/zi-] lottery, to-mbola. (Kje)

tombovu nm [i-/zi-] 1 stinking belch. 2 abusive words.

tome.a kt [ele] 1 apply final touches of masonís work, do retouching. 2 write dictionary entries. 3 press grains in a sack to fill to the top. (tde) tomelea; (tdk) tomeka; (tds) tomesha; (tdw) tomewa.

tomo nm [li-/ya-] smoothing stone.

tomoko nm ma- [li-/ya-] custardĖapple.

tomondo nm ma- [li-/ya-] malay apple.

ton.a kt [sie] leak, drip. (tde) tonea; (tdk) toneka; (tdn) tonana; (tds) tonesha; (tdw) tonwa.

tondo nm [a-/wa-] kind of snail.

tondoo nm [i-/zi-] thimble.

tone1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] drop, drip.

tone2 nm [i-/zi-] bad effect.

tone.a kt [ele] plait hair for the first time. (tde) tonelea; (tdk) toneleka; (tdn) toneana; (tds) tonesha; (tdw) tonewa.

tonesh.a kt [ele] re-open a sore. (tde) toneshea; (tdk) tonesheka; (tdn) toneshana; (tdw) toneshwa.

tonesho nm ma- [li-/ya-] act of re-opening a sore.

tonga1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] kind of fruit resembling a coconut.

tonga2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] type of medlar.

tonge nm ma- [li-/ya-] lump/ball of food.

tongo1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] discharge from eye(s).


tongo2 nm [li-/ya-] flock of small


tongo3 nm ma- [li-/ya-] deserted place.

tongo.a kt [sie] speak out, explain clearly. (tde) tongolea; (tdk) tongoleka; (tds) tongonya tongo-lesha/tongoleza; (tdw) tongolewa.

tongonya nm ma- [li-/ya-] type of wild banana.

tongoz.a kt [ele] seduce. (tde) tongozea; (tdk) tongozeka; (tdn) tongozana; (tds) tongozesha; (tdw) tongozwa.

toni* nm [i-/zi-] tone. (Kng)

tononok.a kt [sie] be in fine shape. (tde) tononokea; (tdk) tono-nokeka; (tds) tononosha.

tope nm ma- [li-/ya-] mud, mire.

tope.a kt [sie] 1 sink, be immersed. 2 be expert, specialize. (tdk) to-peka; (tds) topeza.

topetope nm ma- [li-/ya-] custard-apple fruit.

topi1* nm [i-/zi-] tophat. (Kng)

topi2 nm [a-/wa-] hartebeest.

topito* nm [i-/zi-] torpedo. (Kng)

topo.a1 kt [sie] remove from, pull out, rescue from, remove a magic spell.(tde) topolea; (tdk) topoleka; (tdn) topoana; (tds) topolesha; (tdw) topolewa.

topo.a2 kt [ele] mark boundaries. (tde) topolea; (tdk) topoleka; (tdn) topoana; (tds) topolesha; (tdw) topolewa.

topozi nm ma- [li-/ya-] medicine, medicament.

topu* ki full to the brim, completely: Kisima kimejaa ~ the well is full to the brim. Amelewa ~ he is


completely drunk. (Kng)

tora* nm [i-/zi-] small spear. (Kar)

torati* nm [i-/zi-] the Torah. (Keb)

torok.a kt [sie] escape, disappear, abscond. (tde) torokea; (tdk) torokeka; (tdn) torokana; (tds) torosha; (tdw) torokwa.

torosh.a kt [ele] 1 elope, assist to run away. 2 assist a prisoner to run away. (tde) toroshea; (tdn) toro-shana; (tdw) toroshwa.

toroli* nm ma- [li-/ya-] trolley. (Kng)

tos.a1 kt [sie] dip, immerse, plunge into. (tde) tosea; (tdk) toseka; (tds) tosesha; (tdn) tosana; (tdw) toswa.

tosa2 kl nearly ripe: Embe ~ a mango nearly ripe.

tosh.a kt [sie] be enough, be sufficient: Chakula hiki hakija~ this food is not enough; Nguo hii inam~ this cloth fits her: (tde) toshea; (tdk) tosheka; (tdn) toshana; (tds) tosheza; (tdw) toshwa.

toshek.a kt [sie] be satisfied, be satiated: Nime~ I have had enough. (tde) toshekea; (tdk) to-shekeka.

toshelez.a kt [sie] be adequate, be sufficient, satisfy. (tde) toshe- lezea; (tdk) toshelezeka; (tdn) to-shelezana; (tdw) toshelezwa.

tosi* nm [i-/zi-] toast. (Kng)

tot.a kt [sie] be drenched: ~ sink in water. (tde) totea; (tdk) toteka; (tds) totesha.

totam.a kt [ele] squat. (tde) totamia; (tdk) totamika; (tds) totamisha; (tdw) totamwa.

toto.a kt [ele] hatch out. (tde)


(tdk) totoleka; (tds) totolesha; (tdw) totolewa.

totoro kl completely: Giza ~ complete darkness.

totov.a kt [sie] be speechless, be dumbfounded. (tde) totovia; (tdk) totovika; (tds) totovisha.

totovu nm [a-/wa-] swelling fish.

tovi nm [a-/wa-] breeding bull.

tovu1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] navel like ornament.

tovu2 kl mannerless: M~ wa adabu he/she is mannerless, he/she is indisciplined.

towashi* nm ma- [a-/wa-] eunuch. (Kaj)

towe.a kt [ele] use as a relish. (tde) towelea, (tdek) toweleka, (tdes) toweleza, (tdew) towelewa.

towek.a kt [sie] disappear, vanish. (tde) towekea; (tdk) towekeka;

(tds) towekeza.

toz.a1 kt [ele] fine. (tde) tozea; (tdk) tozeka; (tdn) tozana; (tds) tozesha; (tdw) tozwa.

toza2 nm [i-/zi-] tobacco pipe.

trafiki* nm ma- [a-/wa-] traffic. (Kng)

transfoma* nm [i-/zi-] transformer. (Kng)

trekta* nm ma- [li-/ya-] tractor. (Kng)

trela* nm ma- [li-/ya-] trailer. (Kng)

treni* nm ma- [li-/ya-] train. (Kng)

tropiki* nm [i-/zi-] tropic. (Kng)

tu kl only, just: Alikuja mtu mmoja ~ only one person came; Sawa ~ it is okay.

tu.a1 kt [sie] 1 stop at, stop over, camp. 2 set, land on/at: Jua lime~ the sun has set. 3 put down: ~


mzigo set the luggage down.

tu.a2 kt [sie] 1 be calm, be settled. 2 be understood: Kama methali hiyo imeku~basi umeupata ujumbe wangu. if you understood that proverb you got my message.

tua3 nm [i-/zi-] disgrace, shame.

tuam.a kt [sie] be nice, calm; precipitate. (tde) tuamia; (tdk) tu-amika; (tds) tuamisha; (tdw) tuamwa.

tubi.a kt [sie] repent. (tdk) tubika; (tds) tubisha.

tub.u kt [ele] repent, be penitent, confess. (tde) tubia; (tdk) tubika; (tds) tubisha; (tdw) tubiwa.

tubwiki.a kt [sie] tumble into water, plunge into water: (tde) tubwi-kilia; (tdk) tubwikika; (tds) tubwikisha.

tufaha nm ma- [li-/ya-] apple.

tufani* nm ma- [li-/ya-] hurricane, tempest, typhoon, storm. (Kar)

tufe nm ma- [li-/ya-] globe.

tuf.u kt [sie] visit a Holy place.

tuguu nm ma- [li-/ya-] grain-drying mat.

tuhuma nm [i-/zi-] suspicion; accu-sation.

tuhum.u kt [ele] suspect, accuse. (tde) tuhumia, (tden) tuhumiana; (tdk) tuhumika; (tds) tuhumisha;

(tdw) tuhumiwa.

tui nm ma- [li-/ya-] coconut milk.

tuil.i* kt [sie] take long time to complete a task. (tde) tuilia; (tdk) tuilika; (tds) tuilisha.

tuka1 nm [i-/zi-] verandah post.

tuka2 nm [i-/zi-] 1 bunch of seedlings. 2 dry land.

tukan.a kt [ele] abuse, insult, call tukano

bad names. (tde) tukania; (tdk) tukanika; (tdn) tukanana; (tds) tukanisha; (tdw) tukanwa.

tukano nm ma- [li-/ya-] insult, abuse.

tuki.a kt [sie] happen, occur. (tde) tukilia; (tdk) tukika; (tds) tukiza; (tdw) tukiwa.

tukio nm ma- [li-/ya-] event, happening, occurrence.

tukizi nm [i-/zi-] rarity, scarcity.

tuku nm [a-/wa-] kind of poisonous diodon fish.

tukufu kv glorious, exalted.

tuku.ka kt [sie] be exalted/revered. (tde) tukukia; (tds) tukukisha.

tukut.a1 kt [ele] shake, be petulant. (tde) tukutia; (tdk) tukutika; (tdn) tukutana; (tds) tukutisha; (tdw) tukutwa.

tukut.a2 kt [sie] be jumpy/uptight. (tde) tukutia; (tdk) tukutika; (tds) tukutisha.

tukutiko nm ma- [li-/ya-] tremor, tremulous movement, nervous excitement. (ms) ~ la moyo fluttering of the heart, excited feeling.

tukuto nm ma- see tukutiko.

tukutu kv mischievous, naughty.

tukwa nm ma- [i-/zi-] tonsil.

tule* kv 1 unpleasant: Tabia ~ unpleasant behaviour. 2 weak, poor. (Kar)

tuli kl calm, tranquil, serene. (ms) Ametulia ~ kama maji mtungini he is calm.

tuli.a kt [sie] be calm, be settled, be quiet: Upepo ume~ the wind is calm. (tdk) tulika; (tds) tuliza.

tulivu kl quiet, peaceful: Mtoto m~


a quiet child.

tuliz.a kt [ele] 1 calm sb/sth. 2

placate. (tde) tulizia; (tdk) tuli-zika; (tdn) tulizana; (tds) tuli-zisha; (tdw) tulizwa.

tulizan.a kt [sie] comfort one another, be calm, be quiet. (tde) tulizania; (tdk) tulizanika; (tds) tulizanisha.

tulizo nm ma- [li-/ya-] consolation, comfort.

tum.a kt [ele/sie] send e.g. a letter, a message. (tde) tumia; (tdk) tumika; (tdn) tumana; (tds) tumisha; (tdw) tumwa.

tumain.i1 kt [sie] hope, expect, trust. (tde) tumainia; (tdk) tumainika; (tdn) tumainiana; (tds) tuma-inisha; (tdw) tumainiwa.

tumaini2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] expe-ctation, hope.

tumba1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] pod.

tumba2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] bud.

tumba3 nm [i-/zi-] moonís halo.

tumba4 nm [i-/zi-] type of small long drum.

tumba5 nm mi- [i-/zi-] bale, large bundle.

tumbaku* nm [i-/zi-] tobacco. (Kng)

tumbawe nm ma- [li-/ya-] soft coral/rag.

tumbi1 nm mi- [i-/zi-] basket used for carrying fish.

tumbi2 kl a lot, many: Ameniletea maembe ~ nzima he brought me a lot of mangoes.

tumbo1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] 1 stomach. 2 belly, abdomen. 3 womb: Wamezaliwa ~ moja they are born from the same mother; ~la kuhara diarrhoea.


tumbo2 nm [i-/zi-] literary work e.g. poetry, songs etc.

tumbu.a kt [ele] disembowel, rip open. (ms) ~ macho gaze at. (tde) tumbulia; (tdk) tumbulika; (tdn) tumbuana; (tdw) tumbuliwa.

tumbuiz.a kt [ele] entertain with music or songs. (tde) tumbuizia; (tdk) tumbuizika; (tdn) tumbu-izana; (tdn) tumbuizwa.

tumbuizo nm ma- [li-/ya-] crooning, humming, a lullaby, a soothing

melody, entertaiment.

tumbuki.a kt [sie] 1 fall into. 2 get into trouble. (tdk) tumbukika; (tds) tumbukiza.

tumbukiz.a kt [ele] 1 drop into, throw into, push into. 2 cause sb

get into trouble. (tde) tumbukizia; (tdk) tumbukizika; (tdn) tumbu-kizana; (tds) tumbukizisha; (tdw) tumbukizwa.

tumbuli.a kt [ele] stare at (eyes wide open), gaze.

tumburujik.a kt [sie] be deco-mposed, decay, rot. (tde) tumbu-rujikia; (tdk) tumburujikika; (tds) tumburujikisha.

tumbu nm [i-/zi-] iron door lock.

tume1 nm [i-/zi-] commission: ~ ya bei price commission; ~ ya kudumu permanent commission; ~ ya uchaguzi election commission.

tume2 nm [i-/zi-] restless condition.

tumi.a kt [ele] use, utilize, apply: (tdk) tumika; (tdn) tumiana; (tds) tumisha; (tdw) tumiwa.

tumiki.a kt [ele] serve, be at the service of. (tdk) tumikika; (tdn) tumikiana; (tds) tumikisha; (tdw) tumikiwa.


tumikish.a kt [ele] make sb work for you. (tde) tumikishia; (tdk) tumi-kishika; (tdn) tumikishana; (tdw) tumikishwa.

tun.a kt [sie] 1 swell, inflate. 2 show anger. (tde) tunia; (tdk) tunika; (tdn) tunana; (tds) tunisha; (tdw) tunwa.

tund.a1 kt [ele] pick/pluck fruits. (tde) tundia; (tdk) tundika; (tds) tundisha; (tdw) tundiwa.

tunda2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] fruit.

tundik.a kt [ele] hang. (tde) tundikia; (tdk) tundikika; (tdn) tundikana; (tdw) tundikwa.

tundu1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] hole, hollow.

tundu2 nm ma- [li-/ya-] nest, den.

tundui.a kt [sie] keep an eye on, watch out for. (tde) tunduilia; (tdk) tunduika; (tds) tunduiza.

tunduizi kl watchful.

tunduwa.a kt [sie] be flabbergasted, be dumbfounded. (tde) tundu-walia; (tdk) tunduwalika; (tdn) tunduwana; (tds) tunduwalisha; (tdw) tunduwaliwa.

tung.a1 kt [ele] string. (tde) tungia; (tdk) tungika; (tdn) tungana; (tds)

tungisha; (tdw) tungwa.

tung.a2 kt [ele] form matter, suppurate: ~ mimba get pregnant; ~ usaha suppurate. (tde) tungia; (tdk) tungika; (tdn) tungana; (tds) tungisha; (tdw) tungwa.

tung.a3 kt [ele] compose: ~ hadithi compose a story; ~ hotuba write a speech; ~ shairi compose a poem. (tde) tungia; (tdk) tungika; (tdn) tungana; (tds) tungisha; (tdw) tungwa.

tungaman.a kt [sie] tie together,


glue together, stick together. (tde) tungamania; (tdk) tungamanika; (tds) tungamanisha.

tungat.a kt [ele] pick up, carry on the shoulder: (tde) tungatia; (tdk) tungatika; (tdn) tungatana; (tds) tungatisha; (tdw) tungatwa.

tungi nm ma- [li-/ya-] lamp.

tungo nm [i-/zi-] composition e.g. of poems, songs etc.

tungu.a kt [ele] 1 take down sth which was hanged. 2 knock/shoot down. (tde) tungulia; (tdk) tunguka; (tdn) tunguana; (tds) tungulisha; (tdw) tunguliwa.

tunguja nm [i-/zi-] small roundish tomato.

tungule nm ma- [i-/zi-] cherry tomato.

tunguri nm [i-/zi-] magical manís gourd.

tunguridi nm [a-/wa-] weaver finch.

tuni nm [i-/zi-] tune.

tunu nm [i-/zi-] 1 gift/valuable fit. 2 rarity: ~ ya maisha the precious gift of life; Maembe yamekuwa ~ siku hizi mangoes are rare nowdays.

tunuk.a kt [ele] 1 set oneís heart on, value sth. 2 award. (tde) tunukia, (tden) tunukana; (tdk) tunukika; (tds) tunukisha; (tdw) tunukwa.

tunuki.a kt [ele] award. (tde) tunukilia; (tdk) tunukika; (tdn) tunukiana; (tds) tunukisha; (tdw) tunukiwa.

tunuk.u kt [ele] award. (tde) tunukia; (tdk) tunukika; (tdn) tunukiana; (tds) tunukisha; (tdw)


tunutu nm [a-/wa-] locust larvae.


tunz.a1 kt [ele] care for, take care of look after, maintain, preserve, conserve, provide for. (tde) tunzia; (tdk) tunzika; (tdn) tunzana; (tds) tunzisha; (tdw) tunzwa.

tunz.a2 kt [ele] award, reward. (tde) tunzia; (tdk) tunzika; (tdn) tunzana; (tds) tunzisha; (tdw) tunzwa.

tunzo nm [li-/ya-] reward, award.

tup.a1 nm [i-/zi-] rasp.

tup.a2 kt [ele] 1 throw, throw away. 2 abandon. (tde) tupia; (tdk) tupika; (tdn) tupiana; (tds) tupisha; (tdw) tupwa.

tupu1 kl 1 empty: Chupa ~ an empty bottle. 2 unmixed, mere: Waliohudhuria walikuwa wana-wake wa ~ women only attended.

tupu2 kl naked: Amekaa ~ he is naked.

tupu3 nm [i-/zi-] sex organ: ~ ya mbele penis or vagina; ~ ya nyuma the anus.

tura nm [i-/zi-] wild tomato.

turubai* nm ma- [li-/ya-] canvas, tarpaulin. (Kar)

turufu* nm [i-/zi-] trumps in cards: Kura ya ~ veto. (Kar)

turuhani1* nm [i-/zi-] tare. (Kaj)

turuhani2* nm [i-/zi-] prestige, respect: Toa ~ damage a good name. (Kaj)

turusi nm [i-/zi-] wooden chisel.

turuturu nm [i-/zi-] pimple, acne.

tusi1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] insult, abusive remark, bad word.

tus.i2 kt [ele] insult, abuse. (tde) tusia; (tdk) tusika; (tdn) tusiana; (tds) tusisha; (tdw) tusiwa.

tusi3 nm [i-/zi-] coffin, bier.


tuta1 nm ma- [li-/ya-] terrace, hillock, dune, bump: Piga ~ prepare terrace.

tuta2 kt [ele] 1 carry heavy loads. 2 pick/take things without any arrangement. (tde) tutia; (tdk) tutika; (tdn) tutana; (tds) tutisha; (tdw) tutwa.

tut.a3 kt [sie] grope. (tde) tutia; (tdk) tutika; (tdn) tutana; (tds) tutisha; (tdw) tutwa.

tuta4 nm [a-/wa-] scavenger beetle.

tuti.a kt [ele] fill up a pit or hole with rubbish, level a road. (tdk) tutika; (tdn) tutiana; (tds) tutisha; (tdw) tutiwa.

tutik.a kt [ele] put/pile many things together. (tde) tutikia; (tdk) tuti-kika; (tdn) tutikana; (tds) tuti-kisha; (tdw) tutikwa.

tutu1 nm [i-/zi-] pimple.

tutu2 nm [a-/wa-] small dove like bird.

tutu3 nm [i-/zi-] dish of cow peas and maize or millet and coconut milk.

tutuk.a kt [sie] form small swellings. (tde) tutukia; (tdk) tutukika; (tdn) tutukana; (tds) tutukisha; (tdw) tutukwa.

tutum.a kt [sie] swell up; bubble up, boil up with anger. (tde) tutumia; (tdk) tutumika; (tdn) tutumana; (tds) tutumisha; (tdw) tutumwa.

tutumu.a kt [sie] swell, brag, boast. (tde) tutumulia; (tdk) tutumuka; (tds) tutumusha.

tutumvi nm [i-/zi-] insect bite, grass rash.

tutuo nm ma- [li-/ya-] avidity,

burning desire, a passion for



tutus.a1 kt [sie] beat, throb as of the heart. (tde) tutusia; (tdk) tutusika; (tdn) tutusana; (tds) tutusisha; (tdw) tutuswa.

tutus.a2 kt [sie] grope about in the dark, looking for something or way: (tde) tutusia; (tdk) tutusika; (tdn) tutusana; (tds) tutusisha;

(tdw) tutuswa.

tutwe kl quietly. Kaa ~ stay without saying anything, keep mum.

tuwazi nm [u-/i-] copper platter used in music.

tuzo nm [i-/zi-] prize, reward.

tuzu.a kt [ele] ashame, disgrace. (tde) tuzuia; (tdk) tuzuka; (tdn) tuzuana; (tds) tuzusha; (tdw) tuzuwa.

twa.a kt [ele] take, pick up, take over, capture, occupy. (tde) twalia; (tdk) twalika; (tdn) twaana; (tds) twaisha; (tdw) twawa.

twaibu kt yes!, it is true, exactly.

twang.a kt [ele] pound. (tde) twangia; (tdk) twangika; (tdn) twangana; (tds) twangisha; (tdw) twangwa.

twali.a kt [ele] take up for sb; take over for, seize from.

twaz.a kt [ele] vaunt, be proud/arrogant. (tde) twazia; (tdk) twazika; (tdn) twazana; (tds) twazisha; (tdw) twazwa.

twek.a1 kt [ele] hoist e.g. a flag, a sail of a boat, a load on the shoulder. (tde) twekea; (tdk) twekeka; (tdn) twekana; (tds)

twekesha; (tdw) twekwa.

tweka2 nm [i-/zi-] load.

twesh.a1 kt [sie] 1 greet elders e.g. father, mother. 2 (mitara) pay unscheduled visit to a co-wife.

twesha2 nm [i-/zi-] load.

twet.a kt [sie] gasp, pant for breath. (tde) twetea; (tdk) tweteka; (tdn) twetana; (tds) twetesha; (tdw) twetwa.

twez.a kt [ele] humiliate, belittle, degrade. (tde) twezea; (tdk) twe-zeka; (tdn) twezana; (tds) twe-zesha; (tdw) twezwa.

twiga nm [a-/wa-] giraffe.

twik.a kt [ele] lift a load, put on a head-load. (tde) twikia; (tdk) twikika; (tdn) twikana; (tds) twikisha; (tdw) twikwa.

twinga nm [i-/zi-] kind of a big kite.

twish.a kt [ele] hoist, shoulder a

load, place a head-load. (tde) twishia; (tdk) twishika; (tdn) twishana; (tdw) twishwa.

tyubu* nm [i-/zi-] tube. (Kng)


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